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Comments and Mobile devices

Comments and Mobile devices

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Please could everyone read this post.

There have been a number of problems recently on touch mobile devices, particularly with viewing posts which have a large number of comments, like last Saturday’s Hints post (113 at the time of writing).

The authors of the WPtouch Pro theme that I have been using have told me that there is a known problem with such posts, particularly on “older” iPads with lowish memory.  They have made a couple of suggestions, which I have implemented.

One of these is to restrict the number of top-level comments on a page.  From now onwards, if there are more than 25 of these then the subsequent comments will appear on separate page(s) with navigation fields after the last comment.  One unfortunate consequence of this is that the comment number is reset to 1 on each page, making it difficult to refer to earlier comments by just using the comment number, it will have to be page number and comment number in future.  On the brighter side, it should help to reduce page load time.

Please report any problems on this post, giving the title of the post, the type of mobile, the amount of memory, the operating system and a brief description of the problem.  Unless I hear to the contrary, I will assume that all earlier problems have been resolved.  I will let the vendor know about this post, which effectively enable you to address them directly.

Please also note that the comment pagination is a global setting, which means that it affects all platforms including desktop machines.

29 comments on “Comments and Mobile devices

  1. Still having problems! my phone is a samsung genio slide. until about a week ago it worked fine and finally a couple of nights ago i managed to get on the mobile site but i cant seem to do it again. My mobile just seems to load up the computer webpage site which my phone cannot load fully leaving me unable to use you amazing site.

      1. Indeed. i have tried again and again to get it to work and when it did once it looked very good and worked well. i will keep trying and keep you posted :)

  2. Hi Dave,

    I have a Blackberry Storm II and since I took Heno’s advice and changed the view to column view it comes up perfect. Albeit I didn’t receive this post on either my laptop or phone (its set up to receive all my e-mails at the same time as my pc) I found it when I looked via the bookmark on my browser which lists the last 20 posts. :D.

  3. All I know is that ever since the ‘New Site’ came on line my Samsung S5620 has not been able to load it. Before it was perfect.

  4. Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Highlighting answers doesn’t make the text visible, so I open a separate browser with Google and copy the text in there, making it visible. It’s then easy to flip between the screens each time I can’t get an answer.

    1. Update:

      I tried a few pages this morning and yesterday’s back page review only produces a blank white screen now. The Toughie and Saturday Review are OK though. The browser must crash somewhat because the back and bookmark buttons stop functioning too – ‘Internet is not responding. Would you like to close it?’.

      The only thing I can see different today is the large number of comments.

  5. Hi Dave, the site works ok on my iPod using IOS 5. Doesnt work on my Android HTC Desire running 2.2, mobile version won’t respond, cannot switch views as the toggle button doesn’t display properly, can’t highlight within the brackets. Have a message at the top of the screen saying webpage unavailable.

  6. Hi Dave, have you tweaked something? I just tried it again and I was able to switch view. Posting this from my HTC desire on normal view.

  7. Had to submit this twice, the first time I got a fatal error, not enough memory, but I’ve also see this message on my Mac.

  8. Good morning, Dave.

    We have previously exchanged e-mails, but I thought it more appropriate to continue in public.

    For the benefit of those who have not been hacking my e-mails, I have a basic (i.e. cheap) iPad (now known as iPad1). I suffered from the large Saturday thread crashing and also from a black menu column that filled a quarter of the screen on the left.

    Now read on: Yesterday evening I found a link at the bottom of the page saying something like “iPad themes On/Off”. I turned it off and the column disappeared. The link at the bottom then read “Desktop Version/ Switch To iPad Version”, which enabled me to bring it back.

    You must have tweaked something overnight, Dave, as those links are still there, but don’t do anything. Success !

    And, blimey, Saturday’s 26870 thread has just loaded properly without crashing.

    You might be able to sunbathe today, after all.

    BW and thanks.


  9. Toggle button not displaying on HTC this morning , was ok last night.had to use iPod to post this.

  10. Dave. Great site although I try not to come here too early or too often! You might want to add the tip for new folks that to see the answer on an i-phone/pad they should select and then choose define. It’s more intuitive now than before where one had to copy and paste into another app but rather like that BT ad I spent a while on the ‘phone to my super user (known as Mother) to help resolve this request. Keep up the good work.

    1. On my iPad, using the latest software updated 10 days or so ago, there is now an option on the Safari web page to “read”. That discloses the answer.

  11. Hi Dave
    I have an Ipad 2, only a few months old. Recently I have been unable to open Hints and Tips because there is no “Read More” to press. All I get is the one sentence review followed by the stars and number of votes. Nothing else.

  12. Just read Philip Boyden’s post more carefully and followed his instructions and – hey presto! – it works. Thank you Philip.

    1. I noticed on today’s hints, Sue, that there is no “Reader” option at the top of the page. But, if you touch and hold the hidden solution, first a circle appears, a bit like a magnifying glass, and then, when you stop touching, this gives the options “Copy” or “Define”. “Define” will tell you what the word is.

      Useful, again?


  13. Hi
    I’m quite new to the blog and have a couple of questions please. I have the site saved to my ipad desktop as a shortcut, but I followed the facebook link yesterday thinking it was a link to clues. Clearly I should have read the whole post! However, now the link only goes to FB regardless of what I do, be it delete ‘reinstall’ or press thr return to home screen link. Any ideas?
    Also, I’m back to Afghanistan soon and can’t always guarantee good internet. Anyone recommend a good crosswrod dictionary I can get to take with me?
    Great webite, I’m learning loads!
    Many thanks

    1. Welcome Rob. I don’t understand the technology side of life but I am sure someone who does will respond to that bit.

      The best dictionary is the Chambers Dictionary 12th edition but I don’t know whether you will be allowed to take anything that heavy back to Afghanistan. The Chambers Crossword Dictionary is good too with lots of lists of words and synonyms as well as helpful hints.

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