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The All New Toughie Crossword Book

The All New Toughie Crossword Book

100 of the most difficult cryptic crosswords

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The Telegraph has just released two books of Toughie Crosswords, covering the first 200 Toughie puzzles.  I was pleased to see that, in his Editor’s Note, Phil McNeill describes Elgar as being “known to his fans as ‘Vlad the Impaler'”.  You read that here for the first time in a comment that I made back in July 2011.

You can order either or both of these books from Amazon by selecting one of the links below:

A word of warning – after No 66 the numbers on the puzzles do not correspond with the numbers originally allocated to the puzzles.  This is because the puzzle after No 66 was an online-only Christmas Day special which was originally numbered 10,000.  I haved added the puzzles numbers from the books to the Toughie Setters page.