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Email Subscriptions

Email Subscriptions

*** UPDATE ***

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Unfortunately it was not possible to transfer email subscriptions across to the new site, so it is necessary to resubscribe using the Email Subscription widgert in the sidebar.

Those of you who have resubscribed do not seem to be getting their emails.  If you get this one then please leave a comment here to let me know.

Update – 6th May 2012

The email subscription service that was launched with the new site is the “official” one, and is hosted offsite, back on  It is obviously not fit for purpose, so I am going to trial a new one.  This new service will enable me to transfer all existing subscribers, so if you have already subscribed the only action you need to take will be to unsubscribe from the old one – just go to any email produced by that service and click the link to manage your subscriptions.  You can identify the old emails as they will be sent from “Big Dave’s Crossword Blog <>”.  If you have deleted all of these then just use the next one that you receive.

More details of the new subscription service will be posted here soon.

22 comments on “Email Subscriptions

  1. I have just got this message but I have not been getting daily notifications that that the daily hints have been posted.

  2. Received. I had notification of yesterday’s Toughie but nothing today.

  3. Haha, this predictive stuff, I meant nothing else, sometimes a bit itchy too!

  4. The email asking for a reply received and hopefully I will be getting new posts from tomorrow.

  5. Hi Dave, I got yeterday’s toughie but nothing else till this one, I must say though that the new layout of the hints on my Blackberry is brilliant and 100% better especially as it comes up as Big Dave’s Mobile Crossword on the header and it fits to the screen perfect, on the old one I either had to zoom in or out onn different days. :D.

  6. Hi BD…

    Not an email subscription problem but a login problem from me…

    I registered for this site on Wednesday (4th may). I even have an email to prove it! Today I tried to log in and the site will not accept my credentials. When I try the “lost password” link it asks me for my email. I put in the one that the system sent me the confirmation to on 4/5/12 and it says there is no record of that address!

    I can’t seem to re-register either. I’m sure it’s a PEBKAC* problem, but what should I do?



    1. Mea culpa.

      After transferring the site on Wednesday, I left the box ticked to allow people to register for the site. This is only applicable if the site is restricted to registered users, which this site will never be. When I saw several users set up I thought they were spam and deleted them, only realising later why they were there. There are no benefits attached to registering with the site.

  7. just re-subscribed!! Phew – thought you’d started boycotting those of us who are too lazy to make a comment but read avidly what everyone else says!!

  8. I got this post but the only other new posts that I receiverd were gazza 1st May for DT26854 and gazza 3 May for Toughie 766.

  9. Got this one Dave, but I subscribed to New Posts & Follow-up comments, which was too much. So I deled both from WordPress, and will now just re-subcribe to New Posts.

  10. No notification of today’s ST hints received though I see that the blog is up.

  11. no notifications for ST hints today for me as well. albeit I am getting all the thread on this page

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