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ST 2633

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2633

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment *****

Possibly  the Best Puzzle of the Week once again, thank you Virgilius  – all the usual  ‘trademarks’ but this time with the added bonus of  a date-related theme!  

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5a           Fool with strange device heading East (7)
DECEIVE – A verb meaning to fool or cheat –   an anagram (strange) of DEVICE in front of or heading E for east.

7a           Fool financially with nasty piece of work, pocketing 500 pounds (7)
SWINDLE –  To defraud or fool into losing money –  insert (pocketing) D (the Roman numeral representing 500) and L (pound sterling) into a SWINE or nasty piece of work.

9a           Fool filling in part of crossword uncertainly (5)
DUNCE –   A stupid person is hidden, or filling, in part of crossworD  UNCErtainly.

10a         Fool can be amusing or stupid (9)
IGNORAMUS – An ignorant fool is an anagram (stupid) of AMUSING OR.

11a         Fool corruptly dealt with cop (8)
CLODPATE –  Another anagram gives us a term for a stupid fellow or bumpkin.    This time we had to rearrange DEALT and COP.   I had heard this name before and really must find an opportunity to use it!!

13a         Fool’s mocking remark about revered person (6)
JESTER  – A buffoon or court fool –   Insert ST (the abbreviation for a revered person or saint) into JEER (mocking or sarcastic remark).

16a         Time for silliness, unusually old as a folly (3,5,3)
ALL FOOLS DAY –  An anagram (unusually) of OLD AS A FOLLY spells out the reason for this lovely themed crossword.

20a         Fools putting soldiers into WW1 battle (6)
MORONS – Feeble-minded foolish people – simply insert one of the crossword abbreviations for soldiers OR (other ranks) into the First World War battle of MONS.

21a         Fool that is taking in crazy climb across end of ridge (8)
IMBECILE – A foolish, unwise or stupid person –   An anagram (crazy) of CLIMB with E (the end of ridgE) inserted into the middle, and the result then inserted into IE (id est, the Latin for that is).

24a         Fools swim hellish river, we hear (9)
DIPSTICKS  – A slang derogatory term for a foolish person –  DIP (swim or immerse in water) and STICKS (a homophone of the River Styx, which according to classical mythology flowed nine times round the infernal regions of hell).

26a         Fool a couple about doctor (5)
DUMBO – An informal term for a dimwit is simply obtained by inserting MB (Bachelor of Medicine or doctor) into a DUO or couple.

28a         Fools old jailers with no end of deception (7)
TURKEYS – Remove the N (end of deceptioN) from a TUR[N]KEYS or under-jailers and you are left with slow, inept or foolish people.

29a         Fool, perhaps, moving South into wasteland (7)
DESSERT –  The only fool in this crossword that isn’t a person lacking in wisdom, sense or judgement, this type of fool is a delicious pudding or DESSERT made with fruit and whipped cream.   Insert S (moving South into) a DESERT or wasteland.


1d           Religious work I do (4)
ICON –  A religious painting or sculpture – I (from the clue) and CON (deceive, swindle, or even, given the theme, fool!).

2d           Crash after stake’s raised (4-2)
PILE-UP –  A motor accident where several vehicles ‘pile’ into each other –   PILE (a stake driven into the earth to support foundations) and UP (raised).

3d           Two birds died in harbour area (8)
PIERHEAD – The seaward end of a pier in a harbor –  A combination of two birds, a  PIE (a magpie) plus a RHEA (a small flightless South American bird) followed by  D (died).

4d           Man in first union a cause of current stoppage (4)
ADAM –  The first ‘union’ or couple on earth were ADAM and Eve.  A (from the clue) and DAM (an embankment to stop the flow of a current of water).

5d           Logically conclude that daughter’s possessed by devil (6)
DEDUCE –  Insert D (daughter) into DEUCE (an exclamatory term for the devil) and you get a verb meaning to work out logically.

6d           Expulsion as result of foolishly getting into vice (8)
EVICTION  –  As the clue so clearly says, the result of an anagram (foolishly getting) of INTO VICE is a noun meaning the act of expulsion or dispossession from  a house or lands.

7d           Be successful putting offence before king (4)
SINK –  D’oh of the day.   Obvious solution but it depended how you pronounced ‘putting’ before the penny dropped.    SIN (offence) before K (King) –  Being successful putting on a golf course, the ball would ‘sink’ into the hole.

8d           Make secure to follow across river (6)
ENSURE –   To make sure or safe – insert R (across River) into ENSUE (follow).

12d         Going out where walking is wonderful (2,3)
ON AIR –  A double definition  –  Firstly ON AIR means being broadcast live on the radio or television; secondly [WALKING] ON AIR is a figurative expression meaning to be wonderfully happy or elated.

14d         Organs excised from unhealthy mice (5)
THYMI –  The plural of a thymus,  a ductless gland near the root of the neck, is hidden or can be excised or cut out from unhealTHY MIce.

15d         Quickly saw government leader was dishonest about politicians (8)
GLIMPSED   – Part of a verb meaning to catch a momentary view or passing appearance of something – G (the first letter or leader of Government) followed by LIED (was dishonest) into which has been inserted MPS (Members of Parliament, politicians).

17d         Extend part of journey round North, in that case (8)
LENGTHEN –  To extend or make longer.    Insert N (north) into a LEG or stage of a journey and then follow the result with THEN (in that case, therefore).

18d         Against a background of Land’s End, with poor visibility? (6)
AMIDST – An adverb and preposition meaning against a background or in the middle of is obtained by putting the final letter of LanD (land’s end) into A MIST (which would give poor visibility).

19d         Passionate person turning up on time for uprising (6)
REVOLT –  A synonym for an uprising is derived by reversing (up in a down clue)  a LOVER or passionate person and then following this (on) with T (time).

22d         First delivered from cruel destitution (6)
ELDEST – The first delivered , or first born,  child in a family can be delivered from or found hidden inside cruEL DESTitution.

23d         Behaves as John’s follower, in the Bible (4)
ACTS  –  part of  a noun meaning behaves in a specified way also means, when spelled with a capital A the book of the New Testament immediately following the Gospel according to Saint John.

25d         Wine, such as Bordeaux? (4)
PORT  –  Another double definition – Bordeaux is a port.   Port is a type of fortified wine.

27d         Appearance made by one of the Romans, escorted by soldiers (4)
MIEN – An air, look, manner, bearing or appearance.   Insert I (the Roman number one) into MEN (soldiers).

Lucky the blogger who gets to review a Virgilius puzzle and I was doubly lucky to get him with a theme.   Will Gnomey get a chocolate-filled, fluffy bunny of an Easter puzzle next Sunday?   We will just have to wait and see!


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