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Toughie 745

Toughie No 745 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Bufo is unavailable today so I have moved from the back page to the Toughie.

This is a pleasant if unexciting puzzle.

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7a    Suggestion for positive redevelopment of Laos (8)
{PROPOSAL} – this suggestion is derived from a word meaning for, P(ositive) and an anagram (redevelopment) of LAOS

9a    Use of colour not good for cartoon character (6)
{TINTIN} – drop the final G (not Good) from the use of colour to get the cartoon character who owns a dog called Snowy

10a    African country’s former currency (6)
{GUINEA} – this African country was also a unit of currency worth £1.05

11a    Oscillation strength: average (4,4)
{SINE WAVE} – this oscillation comes from a charade of physical strength or muscle and AVE(rage)

12a    Feature of boat vendor brings in sailors to support (5,9)
{SCREW PROPELLER} – to get this feature of a boat put a vendor around (brings in) a company of sailors and a support

15a    He avoids pounds in quantity (4)
{MASS} – drop (avoids) HE from a verb meaning pounds to get this weight

17a    One who’d link love with Italian city (5)
{ROMEO} – put O (love) after an Italian city to get a lover from a different Italian city

19a    Old man elected torture? (4)
{PAIN} – a charade of two-letter words meaning old man or father and elected gives this torture

20a    Badly jolt the reader with note such as this? (4,4,6)
{DEAR JOHN LETTER} – an anagram (badly) of JOLT THE READER with N(ote) gives a note from a woman to her boyfriend ending their relationship

23a    Antiquated dispute recalled in Lords by first of officials (3-5)
{OLD-WORLD} – to get this hyphenated adjective meaning antiquated a dispute is reversed (recalled) in lords by first of officials

25a    Pale rocks, very large, back in US city (2,4)
{EL PASO} – an anagram (rocks) of PALE is followed by the reversal (back) of a very large clothes size to get this US city – popularised by the late great Marty Robbins

ARVE Error: need id and provider

27a    Eccentric party located behind dam (6)
{WEIRDO} – to get this eccentric person start with a party and then put it behind a dam

28a    Chap endlessly cuddling a bird like his mother? (8)
{MATERNAL} – put this chap or man without his final E (endlessly) around (cuddling) A from the clue and a bird to get a word meaning motherlike


1d    A university supporting French union member in Germany (4)
{FRAU} – put A and U(niversity) after (supporting in a down clue) FR(ench) to get a German wife

2d    Marine creature’s scent found in most of ocean (6)
{SPONGE} – this marine creature is created by putting a scent or bad smell inside most of another word for an ocean

3d    Reduction in sumptuous bonus (4)
{PLUS} – drop the final H from (reduction in) an adjective meaning sumptuous to get a bonus

4d    Expert adopting fashion immediately (2,4)
{AT ONCE} – put an expert around a fashion to get a phrasal adverb meaning immediately

5d    Adverse cold weather event beginning to separate new head from spring flower (8)
{SNOWSLIP} – this small avalanche is an adverse cold weather event – the initial letter (beginning to) Separate is followed by N(ew) and a species of primrose with fragrant yellow flowers without its initial letter (head from)

6d    Second-placed team with some beef (10)
{SILVERSIDE} – what could describe the second-placed team in an Olympic event is actually a cut of beef taken from the rump

8d    Quick move beginning to seem more theatrical? (7)
{SCAMPER} – a quick move results from the initial letter of (beginning to) Seem and an adjective meaning more theatrical

13d    Is it involving candle hire? (10)
{CHANDELIER} – this ornamental lighting fixture which is suspended from the ceiling and could hold candles is an anagram (involving) of CANDLE HIRE

14d    Regular payments low but rising, showing enthusiasm (5)
{OOMPH} – take an abbreviation of for regular payments against a loan and a low made by a cow and reverse the lot (rising) to get this enthusiasm or vitality

16d    Famous actor was seen around right film (4,4)
{STAR WARS} – start with a general word for a famous actor and then ass WAS around R(ight) to get this George Lucas film

18d    Most unctuous love stories will be found in it (7)
{OILIEST} – to get this adjective meaning most unctuous start with O (love) and then add some stories or fibs inside (found in) IT

21d    Propel boat, chasing vessel in Northern town (6)
{JARROW} – put a verb meaning to propel a boat with oars after (chasing) a vessel to get this northern town famous for its marchers

22d    Lights positioned around theatre, uplifting (6)
{TAPERS} – to get these long thin spills used to light something put a verb meaning positioned around an abbreviation of a theatre where a variety of plays are performed by a company at regular short intervals and then reverse the lot (uplifting in a down clue)

24d    Have calming effect on power-crazed uprising (4)
{DAMP} – this verb meaning to have a calming effect is derived from P(ower) and an adjective meaning crazed all reversed (uprising in a down clue)

26d    Evidence of wound a source of alarm? Not entirely (4)
{SCAR} – this evidence of a prior wound is most of (not entirely) a source of alarm

Is this the calm before the storm? Find out tomorrow.

8 comments on “Toughie 745

  1. With 3 consecutive gentle toughies, perhaps tomorrow will offer something to get the teeth into.
    My only delay in this puzzle was reading the last word of 15a as ‘quality’.
    Thanks to Kcit, and to BD.

  2. Gentle fare on offer today, favourites being 11a 14d and 15a (last in) thanks to Kcit and to Big Dave for the review.

  3. Rather liked this, but so sat on the stupidity ledge as i spent longer parsing 22d than the rest of the grid. Eeks, but thanks to BD and Kcit

    1. Funny that – I put it straight in with the checking letters and immediately saw the reversal of REP in SAT. I can stare at those for ages sometimes!

  4. Much to admire in this puzzle I think. 11a and 12a were really well observed IMO. I didn’t like 15a much, probably because it took me until lunchtime to convince myself. Thanks to BD and to Kcit for the puzzle.

    Notabilis tomorrow having just checked the DT Puzzle site. Lets see how that goes!

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