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Recent Update to Commenting

Recent Update to Commenting

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Some of you have been having difficulty leaving comments recently.  The following has been posted in the WordPress Help Forum.  Please don’t ask why, it’s a mystery to me as well.

*** The Forum post has been updated over ther weekend ***

This site uses a custom domain name (see point 3 below).

  1. Chrisrudzki
    Mar 15, 2012, 3:57 PM


    We’ve recently updated our commenting system.

    Now, if someone tries to comment with an email address that’s attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

    If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:

    Please don’t hesitate to contact our Happiness Engineers if you have any questions. We’re glad to help!

  2. Chrisrudzki

    Mar 17, 2012, 3:48 PM


    We discovered a bug that required some users to use an email address when commenting, even when the blog owner doesn’t require an email address, or might prevent logged-in users from commenting.

    This bug has been fixed. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

  3. nickhamze
    Mar 18, 2012, 2:59 AM

    Update #2

    We discovered another bug that prevented some users from commenting if they attempted to comment on a blog with a custom domain name and had third-party cookies disabled.

    This bug has been fixed as well and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

  4. beau
    Key Master
    Mar 18, 2012, 5:48 AM

    Clarification and accounts are the same thing. Accounts for each service work on the other. So if you’ve only ever used Gravatar, you can log into using your Gravatar account (and vice versa) to post using your registered email address.

48 comments on “Recent Update to Commenting

  1. I’d like to shake a Happiness Engineer by the throat.

    Of all the ridiculous names for inane jobs, that takes the biscuit.

    1. Completely off the topic, but having just twigged your gravatar complete with guitar, are you the Julian who used to work at Eversheds?

          1. you have the advantage, I don’t remember any Dolphins at Senator in my day….julian/

              1. Well! Thanks for that BD, I had to pop to my old photo album and put a face to the name.I left ‘the City’ in 2006, a terrible thing redundancy when you’re 59,so it took a moment to place him. Nice to know he’s still keeping the old firm on the rails….

                  1. What a splendid collection! As my book is over 6 years out of date it took a moment for the penny to drop. Bit like my puzzle solving……. Thanks again.

  2. For the 4th time of asking!
    I can’t do this via IE – have to log in via Mozilla!

    I didn’t even know I had a wordpress account – so when I set that up heaven alone knows.
    Why to technology companies have the muck around with things that ain’t broke!

  3. Thats one “Happiness Engineer” who has not made me happy. Talk about a backwards step.

  4. I’ve contacted wordpress pointing out that since their change my Display name “Wayne” has been replaced by my password “yepmopdog2” and therefore needs modification. After a long and tortuous process I’ve finally found a ‘contact us’ facility and have posted a question.Awaitin response with baited breath.

    1. No response from wordpress, Happiness Engineers bl**dy useless. BD put me on the right track so hope i’ve got my name back.

  5. It seems to work for me using my WordPrss login but for what reason.

    Who are these people who dream up ridiculous non-job names?

    We have plenty over here as well. No doubt there are courses to learn the techniques!

    1. It’s the same people that renamed dustbinmen (a proud and longstanding profession) as ‘Sanitary operatives’ and traveling salesmen (a not so proud profession) as ‘representatives’! :lol:

  6. What a mess, I had tried everything I could think of even contacting wordpress to no avail, what a stupid thing to do, I was almost giving up when I remembered my gmail acct email address, which thank goodness has worked, now I just have to find my little dog!!

      1. ‘Y’s? Hi spindrift yes I think they’ve gone I have had to use a new email address to be able to get back on the site I am now trying to find my little dog, what a stupid mess!!!!

          1. Oh dear Ive already logged in and am waiting reply I hope this doesn’t cause me problems again :-( thanks Dave, I wait in dread

  7. Happiness Engineers, I don’t think so I have been far, far, from happy the last three days!!!!

  8. Reply for Prolixic.

    Yes, I plead guilty as charged to the Eversheds employment!

        1. How did you do that I can’t seem to, when I log back into my other email address it just tells me it’s assosciated with a wordpress gravatar acct and to use back button and log in when I do it just says the same thing again!

        1. Not that lucky – I had to fish you out of the spam filter.

          This change really sucks. There’s another forum thread here which demonstrates how stupid people can be when they try and defend the indefensible (yes, it’s you designsimply that I am talking about!).

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