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NTSPP – 106

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 106

A Puzzle by Omnia

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Welcome to the latest in our series of puzzles, which have now been running every week for over two years.

By the time that you read this I will be at a party for a very special person.  If you want to know who and why then you will have to solve this excellent puzzle, which is a joint effort from a number of people: A Clue A Day, Alchemi, Anax, Arachne, Bufo, Elgar, Gazza, Hieroglyph, Prolixic, Qix, Radler and last, but not least, Tilsit who has put the whole project together.  A special welcome to A Clue A Day and Arachne as this is their first appearance in this series of puzzles.

The puzzle is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 106

Feel free to leave comments about this puzzle on this post.  A review will be published in due course.

18 comments on “NTSPP – 106

  1. I hope everyone will have a go at this excellent puzzle today. It is a lovely mix of the straightforward and the slightly more complicated and great fun to solve and then try to work out who set which of the clues! If you get stuck, the hidden message may help and my review will be up later this afternoon –

    Thanks to all the setters and to Tilsit for having the very nice idea in the first place.

      1. He should be at the surprise now and will be presented in due course with a framed copy of this puzzle – unless Prolixic starts reading the blog on his i-Phone, we should be OK!

  2. Greetings to all who are at the event. Very sorry that I’m not able to be there.

    There should be something for everyone in this puzzle – thanks to Tilsit for for coming up with the idea.

  3. Indeed, sorry I’m not there – hope the “very special person” has a cracking day. Happy solving, and well done Tilsit for putting it together :-)

  4. Really enjoyable puzzle. Thanks to Tilsit for arranging it and to all those who participated in its compilation. Greetings to the ‘special person’ and much gratitude for all the years of crossword pleasure you have given.

  5. OK – I get the picture now. A bit slow to catch on!! :sad: I hope that everyone has a really good day. Will have a go at the puzzle later on.

    1. Hurray, it’s been a well kept secret, nearly slipped up once or twice, have a lovely time, hope the sun is shining for you all :-)

  6. I’ve got the message! Looking forward to the review for a few explanations …. I have several where I said to myself: “It must be this…..but Why?

    I have no idea about which setter set which clue.

    Gratias ad Omnes!!!

  7. A splendid puzzle and a great birthday gift for one of the Masters of the cruviverbal art.

    Hope it’s a great party, just sorry I can’t be there.

    Many Happy Returns to Roger. :smile:

  8. I believe we may have to treat someone to a new atlas for thinking Ironbridge was in Staffordshire!

    1. Perhaps he borrowed Gnomey’s special atlas :D (Sorry Gnomey – but if it had been anyone else. you wouldn’t have resisted the temptation either!

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