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NTSPP – 106 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 106

A Puzzle by Omnia

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This week’s NTSPP was a special one – some of our favourite setters, and a couple new to the NTSPP series, collaborated as ‘Omnia’ to mark the 80th birthday of Rufus (Roger Squires). I found it a reasonably straightforward solve, with a couple of headscratchers just to make you think, and had fun trying to work out who set which clue (see the end of the post for the answer).

Surprise party


Rufus (Roger Squires) at his surprise party to mark his 80th birthday. He does not know about the NTSPP yet!

NTSPP – 106

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 106

A Puzzle by Omnia

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Welcome to the latest in our series of puzzles, which have now been running every week for over two years.

By the time that you read this I will be at a party for a very special person. If you want to know who and why then you will have to solve this excellent puzzle, which is a joint effort from a number of people: A Clue A Day, Alchemi, Anax, Arachne, Bufo, Elgar, Gazza, Hieroglyph, Prolixic, Qix, Radler and last, but not least, Tilsit who has put the whole project together. A special welcome to A Clue A Day and Arachne as this is their first appearance in this series of puzzles.

DT 26792 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26792 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.