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NTSPP – 105

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 105

A Puzzle by eXternal

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Welcome to the latest in our series of puzzles, which have now been running every week for over two years.

He’s been cutting his teeth on the DIY COW clue-writing competition, and today you can tackle his first NTSPP puzzle.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The puzzle is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 105

Feel free to leave comments about this puzzle on this post.  A review will be published in due course.

12 comments on “NTSPP – 105

  1. Very enjoyable crossword thank you eXternal, with lots of lovely d’oh moments, including 24d which I makred on my test sheet as “double treble d’oh!!!” Looking forward to more crosswords from you in due course.

  2. Nice one, eXternal, with some great clues. My favourites were 15a (you’ve obviously been studying under Virgilius), 3d, 8d and 23d.

  3. Thanks, eXternal for an enjoyable puzzle. Took a little while to get on your wavelength, but then all went well. Favourites 3d and 24d. Look forward to your next one!

  4. Really eXcellent stuff so thanks eXternal :smile:

    Wasn’t helped in the SE corner by putting INSET in for 22d – well it works for me but it didn’t help with 25a which was consequently my last in, d’oh! :roll:

    Lots of good clues but stand outs for me were 3d,15a and 23a.

    Thanks again eXternal, I too am looking forward to more.

  5. thanks for the positive feedback and thanks to Prolixic for the review and BD for publishing my work. I would love to set another puzzle in this series.

      1. OK OK, it wasn’t perfect. I shall try and avoid a clue leading to two answers in future. I have another one nearly ready, Dave. I’ll send it soon.

        1. Hey, no problem! I’m just a bit miffed with myself because your answer is the better one of the two but I thought the other first! No pasa nada! Of course, if I’d had the sense to spot 25a first it wouldn’t have mattered! :roll:
          Looking forward to another.

          1. So there was! But in that instance I was fortunate to think of the correct tense first! Sometimes the Gods smile and sometimes they . . . :smile:

  6. eXternal that was fantastic fun, cap doffed. Had to complete over two days due to domestic arrangements. Bring more on I say.

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