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NTSPP – 105 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 105

A Puzzle by eXternal

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After three crosswords published on the DIY COW site, eXternal makes a welcome debut in the NTSPP series. This was an excellent crossword and I hope that it will be the first of many from him. I have highlighted my favourite clues in blue.


1a Tribe’s overthrown champion lacking power (7)
{MOHICAN} – The name of a native American tribe comes from an anagram (overthrown) of CHAMPION after removing the letter P (power).

5a Heartless quibble about nothing to start with becomes tortuous (7)
{OBLIQUE} – A word meaning tortuous comes from an anagram (about) of QUIBBLE with the middle letter removed after (to start with) an O (nothing).

9a Fast time, nothing slow (5)
{LENTO} – A word meaning slow (used by musicians) comes from the time in the Christian year associated with fasting followed by an O (nothing).

10a Smell of European capital is a distinctive feature (5,4)
{ROMAN NOSE} – A distinctive facial feature comes from a phrase that might described the smell of the capital of Italy.

11a Get lost novel appraised (9)
{DISAPPEAR} – A word meaning get lost comes from an anagram (novel) of APPRAISED.

12a Able to sting (5)
{SMART} – A double definition of a word meaning able (as in clever) and a word meaning sting.

13a Fetch affluent guards worthless material (5)
{CHAFF} – A word for worthless material is hidden inside (guards) FETCH AFFLUENT

15a Talk sexy without boundaries with similarly affected Serb military leader (9)
{ALEXANDER} – The name of an ancient great military leader comes from the inner letters (without boundaries) of [T]AL[K] [S]EX[Y] followed by a word meaning with and the inner letters (similarly affected) of [S]ER[B].

18a Main partner to join forces with religious community (4,5)
{SIDE ORDER} – An item that may accompany the main part of your meal comes from a word meaning to join forces with followed by a word for a religious community.

19a Carry out punishment brought about by head of teaching (5)
{ENACT} – A word meaning carry out comes from a word for a form of corporal punishment reversed (brought about) followed by the first letter (head of) teaching.

21a Jerk briefly with minute expression (5)
{IDIOM} – A word meaning expression comes from a word meaning jerk (as in a fool) minus its last letter (briefly) followed by the abbreviation for minute.

23a Delivery is key, what a six for us! (9)
{BEHAVIOUR} – A word for delivery (as in how you present yourself to others) comes from a musical key followed by a word meaning what (as an expression for I don’t understand) followed by the Roman numerals for six and the pronoun for “for us”.

25a It’s fantastic being wonderful girl’s love (9)
{SUPERHERO} – A word for a fantastic being (like the Green Lantern perhaps) comes from a word meaning wonderful followed by the pronoun for girl’s followed by an O for love.

26a Annoyed European admitted to returning obscenity (5)
{TRIED} – a word meaning annoyed comes from reversing (returning) a word for obscenity with an E for European included.

27a Mechanical device resulting from engineering chatter (7)
{RATCHET} – A word for a mechanical device comes from an anagram (engineering) of CHATTER.

28a Virgin cradling child in craft (7)
{MASONRY} – A word for a type of building craft or skill comes from putting the word for a male child inside the name of the mother of Jesus.


1d Pleasant sounding doctor has look internally (7)
{MELODIC} – A word meaning pleasant sounding comes from a five letter word for a doctor with a two letter word meaning look inside (internally).

2d Balance worker’s bronze on centre of ledge (9)
{HANDSTAND} – A word for an acrobatic form of balance comes from a four letter word for a worker followed by a word meaning bronze (as in take the sun) and the middle letter of the word ledge.

3d Church representative conceals love bite (5)
{CHOMP} – A word meaning bite comes from the abbreviations for church and a representative (politician) with a O (love) included between them (conceals).

4d Woman’s to manage upbringing accepting one carer (9)
{NURSEMAID} – A word for a carer comes from taking the American name for a woman (with the S added from the ‘s in the clue) and a word meaning to manage. Reverse the resulting words and include an I (one) inside.

5d Long-gone headless sea creature (5)
{ORMER} – A type of sea creature comes from removing the first letter (headless) from a word meaning long gone.

6d Son’s wearing net garment to enhance natural features (9)
{LANDSCAPE} – A word meaning to enhance natural features (as may be done by gardeners such as Capability Brown) comes from a word meaning net (as in capture or bring ashore) and a type of garment with an S for son in between (wearing).

7d Endlessly repeat a whack (5)
{QUOTA} – A word meaning whack (as in a share of something) comes from a word meaning repeat with the final letter removed (endlessly) followed by the A from the clue.

8d Justice for Liberal voter, gaining seat (7)
{EJECTOR} – A type of seat used by pilots comes from a word for a voter replacing the L (liberal) with a J (justice).

14d Push forward and bug lover to get married with chief (9)
{FROGMARCH} – A word meaning push forward comes from an animal that loves bugs followed by the abbreviation for married and a word meaning chief.

16d Spineless creature harassed war hero clutching last of retirement money (9)
{EARTHWORM} – A type of spineless creature comes from an anagram (harassed) of WAR HERO with a T included (last of retirement) followed by the abbreviation for money.

17d Severe don in a car crashed (9)
{DRACONIAN} – A word meaning severe comes from an anagram (crashed) of DON IN A CAR

18d Cut futuristic film’s lost provided backing, upsetting movie reviewer (7)
{SCISSOR} – A word meaning cut comes from the term used to describe futuristic files removing the final part of the description (lost provided backing) and following this with the name of a movie reviewer that has been reversed (upsetting).

20d Reject it, day in bank, while being taxed (7)
{TIREDLY} – A word meaning taxed (as in

22d Enter, one bearing plonk (5)
{INPUT} – A word meaning enter comes from an I (one) followed by one of the compass bearings and a word meaning plonk (as in place something down).

23d Worn out clothes line causing complaint (5)
{BLEAT} – A word meaning complaint from a word meaning worn out (as in exhausted) around (clothes) the abbreviation for line.

24d Very old place turned upside down to uncover exes? (5)
{VOTES} – What Xs (exes) may represent comes from the abbreviations for very and old followed by a word meaning place (as in put) reversed (upside down).

6 comments on “NTSPP – 105 (Review)

  1. I loved this! When I first read through all the clues my first thought was “Oh dear – I can’t do this” (or rather less lady like words to the same effect!!) Then I got a couple, then another couple and before I knew where I was I’d finished it, apart from the bottom right corner – have now resorted to the hints as we have a daughter and a sister-in-law for the weekend and it’s not exactly sociable (although they have both been working all day, in different rooms!) Too many brilliant clues to pick out all of them but, for starters, 9, 12 and 15a and 1 and 3d. Best of all, for me, was 14d. With thanks to eXternal and Prolixic. I still don’t quite understand 23a – sorry to be dim, again.

    1. You need to split the wordplay up as Prolixic has given – B (musical key), EH (what!), A from the clue, VI (Roman numerals for six) and OUR (for us)

      1. Thanks BD – now I do understand. Sorry to be so slow on the uptake – think that the cold has got to my brain, again!! It’s -8.5C and forecast to go down lower than that.

  2. Ah – had a go – did some (not a lot!) resorted to hints, tried to understand the answers – VERY lateral thinking. Obviously “could do better if tried harder” to quote very ancient school reports. Never say die – wil have another go next week…… Perhaps??….

  3. I was fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview of this one, and enjoyed it a lot. I think that eXternal is going places…

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