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NTSPP – 099 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 099 (Review)

A Puzzle by Boaz

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Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Boaz returns with an excellent and cheeky little number. Favourite clues are shown below highlighted in blue.


1a Pass on order to surrender 21? (4,2,3,5)
{GIVE UP THE GHOST} – A phrase meaning to pass on (as in die) could also be an order to surrender the spectral character who is the answer to 21d.

10a Rears more than one idiot (5)
{ASSES} – A word meaning rears (as in bottoms) could also describe a collection of idiots (and no, Parliament has too many letters).

11a Keep flying to reach it? (9)
{NEVERLAND} – A thinly veiled reference to the land that Peter Pan, Wendy and others flew to.

12a Remake Narnia to include minute picture of Tom Cruise (4,3)
{RAIN MAN} – A film starring Tom Cruise comes from an anagram (remake) of NARNIA around the abbreviation for minute.

13a Novel I read in ancient capital (7)
{DENARII} – This ancient capital (in the sense of money) comes from an anagram (novel) of I READ IN.

14a Row about German Hull City player? (5)
{TIGER} – The nickname for Hull City is the plural of a large species of wild cat. Hence one of their players would be the singular. It comes from putting a word for a row (as in a level or line) around the abbreviation for German.

16a A French adjective thought to be no laughing matter (9)
{UNAMUSING} – A word meaning that something is no laughing matter comes from the French masculine version of A, an abbreviation for adjective and word meaning thought.

19a Movie star runs out of lift with award (4,5)
{CARY GRANT} – The movie star comes from a word meaning lift with one of the Rs removed followed by a word meaning award (as in give).

ARVE Error: need id and provider

20a Clean, and well on the way to being erect (5)
{STEEP} – A word meaning clean (be immersing in water) might also describe a slope that is almost perpendicular.

22a Rubber found in the last ice-age (7)
{ELASTIC} – A word meaning rubber is hidden inside the words THE LAST ICE-AGE.

25a Spot clerk drunk in France and Spain (7)
{FRECKLE} – A word for a spot comes from putting an anagram (drunk) of clerk inside the IVR codes for France and Spain.


27a Two gulls and a woodpecker (9)
{SAPSUCKER} – A word for a type of woodpecker comes from joining together two words (3) and (6) of that each mean gull (as in a fool or idiot).

28a Vampire? He’s clean (5)
{BATHE} – A word meaning clean comes from the type of creature of which the vampire is an example followed by the HE in the clue.

29a Routine 9 everything to 5? (3,2,1,4,4)
{ALL IN A DAY’S WORK} – A word meaning routine comes from the position of everything in the time period 9 to 5.


2d Type of ball where wife-swapper may be found? (9)
{INSWINGER} – A type of ball that may be bowled also describes 2,7 where a wife-swapper may be found.

3d Parking in some weird Surrey town (5)
{EPSOM} – This Surrey town comes from an anagram (weird) of SOME with a P for parking inside.

4d Nun with piles ruined a cape (9)
{PENINSULA} – A word for a cape (as a geographical term) comes from an anagram (ruined) of NUN PILES followed by an A.

5d The beginnings of heavyweight division boxing I’ve been saved by the buzzer? (5)
{HIVED} – A word (in the past tense) meaning saved by bees (where they would keep things) comes from putting the IVE from the clue inside the first letters (beginnings of) Heavyweight Division.

6d Pervert measuring some bloomers (9)
{GERANIUMS} – These flowers (bloomers) comes from an anagram (pervert) of MEASURING.

7d Broadcasting scheduled by Sky (2,3)
{ON AIR} – A phrase meaning broadcasting comes from words meaning scheduled and sky.

8d It turned up on its last legs in clearing (7)
{TIDYING} – A word meaning clearing (as in neatening) comes from reversing the word IT inside a word meaning on its last legs. It looks like the Apostropher Royal made a brief visit to this clue.

9d Stick alternative wheels on to go downhill (6)
{CARROT} – A word meaning an alternative to a stick comes some putting a word meaning wheels on a word meaning to go down hill.

15d Order in a drill and plum roll (5-4)
{RIGHT-TURN} – An order given in a drill or parade comes from words meaning plum (as in best or first-class) followed by a word meaning roll (as in a manoeuvre).

17d Posh and Garfunkel create a stink – in two years (4-5)
{ARTY-FARTY} – A phrase meaning posh comes from the first name of Garfunkel and a bodily action that might create a stink each followed by a Y (two years).

18d Glider hits the Duchess of Cambridge right on the bottom (3-6)
{ICE-SKATER} – This person who glides across frozen water comes from a word meaning hits (in the assassin’s context of the word) followed by the first name of the Duchess of Cambridge and a final R (for right) at the bottom.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

19d Clinton’s revolutionary jumble sale (7)
{CHELSEA} – This Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary) comes from the name of the well known revolutionary followed by an anagram (jumble) of sale.

21d Disturbs a Hogwarts resident (6)
{PEEVES} – A word meaning disturbs also is the name of one of the spectral residents of Hogwarts.

23d Ahab’s first mate found under Penny – outrage! (5)
{APPAL} – A word meaning outrage comes from the first letter of Ahab, an abbreviation for a penny and a word meaning mate.

24d Bar steward finally covered (5)
{CAKED} – A word meaning covered comes from another word meaning bar (as in a bar of soap) followed by the final letter of steward.

26d Push what Weebles do after dropping one of the bishops back (5)
{ELBOW} – A word meaning push comes from reversing (back) the word that describes what Weebles (an old toy) do after removing on of the Bs (dropping one of the bishops).

ARVE Error: need id and provider

7 comments on “NTSPP – 099 (Review)

  1. Your explanation for 9D is better than mine; I was looking to use the reverse of a word meaning hill, so I started with TOR … :-)

    Thanks for a fine crossword, which took me rather longer that perhaps it should have. What is the target/limit time? Is it 45 minutes, as for the DT Cryptic?

  2. Hi Steve the Beard,

    No target time, but I do try and pitch my crosswords at the easier end of the spectrum, though of course it’s for others to judge whether I’m succesful. Most of my feedback would on the whole place my style as being slightly easier than a DT Daily but that said, one man’s meat is another man’s potatoes.

    Glad you still seemed to manage to enjoy it though – that’s the main thing obviously!

    1. Hi Boaz
      Not sure about easier than a DT back pager but certainly alot more amusing!
      Thanks again and a Happy New Year to you.

  3. Thanks to Boaz for the puzzle & to Prolixic for the review & hints. Very good puzzle, needed 5 hints to complete. Some great surface reading and clever clues. Favourites were 2& 17d.

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