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NTSPP – 098 (Review)

NTSPP – 098 (Review)

A crossword by Radler

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Welcome back to Radler with a trickier crossword. The clues themselves are not too complicated (with some exceptions) but it is one of those crosswords with a theme that is not directly announced and has to be deduced from the answers to the non-themed clues (and a NINA in the grid). Once the theme is cracked, the rest of the crossword is relatively straightforward.


7a Nobody wanting English period at lunch time (7)
{NOONDAY} – A word meaning at lunchtime comes from a word for nobody with the E removed (wanting English) followed by a word for a period of time equal to 24 hours.

8a Mutual conversion, schillings for German marks (7)
{UMLAUTS} – These German marks (pairs of dots used above vowels) comes from an anagram (conversion) of MUTUAL followed by an abbreviation for schillings.

10a Puzzles how nudist could be in disguise (9)
{WHODUNITS} – These puzzles (a form of murder mystery novel) come from an anagram (could be in disguise) of HOW NUDIST.

11a Lacking wings, searching for flier (5)
{ROBIN} – This bird (a flier) comes from a word for searching minus the first and last letters (lacking wings). The answer is also one of the pair of the heroes of this crossword. The other appears as a NINA (a hidden theme or word) across the top row of the grid.

12a Refusal of some leaders to swap places (3)
{NAY} – A word for a refusal comes from a word for some with the first two letters swapped.

13a Queen left poet at commissioner’s dance (3,7)
{GAY GORDONS} – This dance comes from the name of an English Poet who wrote a famous elegy with the R removed (queen left) followed by the name of the police commissioner in the crossword’s theme.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

16a Nude frolics with some extremely special final applications (3,4)
{END USES} – A phrase for final applications comes from an anagram (frolics) of NUDE followed by the first and last letters (extremely) of SOME and the abbreviation for special.

19a Stores reverberating with broadcast musical composition, and I object (7)
{EMPORIA} – A word for stores (shops) comes from reversing (reverberating) all of the following: a word meaning broadcast, the abbreviation for a work of music and the object pronoun for the first person.

21a Cape Town? (6,4)
{GOTHAM CITY} – The city where the caped crusader from the crossword’s theme is the answer to this clue.

24a One captured 17’s sound effect (3)
{POW} – The abbreviation for a person captured during hostilities gives the sound effect used in fights between the heroes of the crossword and the villains they apprehended.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

26a Villain in a pack (5)
{JOKER} – One of our heroes’ enemies may be found in a pack of cards.

28a The war room could supply tunneller with nothing to spare (9)
{EARTHWORM} – This tunneller comes from an anagram (supply) of THE WAR ROOM with one of the Os removed (nothing to spare).

29a Villain with a screen (7)
{RIDDLER} – One of our heroes’ enemies could describe a person using a screen to sift things.

30a Villain in a suit (7)
{PENGUIN} – One of our heroes’ enemies could describe a type of suit more formally know as black tie.


1d Well-stacked physique grasped, thus getting marks for diameter (6)
{BOSOMY} – A word meaning well-stacked (as describing a woman) comes from a word meaning physique around (grasped) a word meaning thus and then changing the D in the answer to an M (marks for diameter).

2d Pronounces ASA (8)
{ADJUDGES} – A word meaning pronounces, if split 2, 6 would describe the work of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

3d Sum up present condition and survey as discussed (6)
{TYPIFY} – A word meaning to sum up or exemplify comes from a homophone (as discussed) of a word for a present (given to a waiter for good service) a word introducing an condition and a word meaning survey (or look at).

4d Rock and sex maestro with complaint from Spooner (8)
{MUDSTONE} – A type of rock comes from a word meaning a sex maestro (stud) and a word sounding like a complaint (mone) with the initial sounds swapped (from Spooner).

5d Opener for Wayne Rooney’s header after a left foot on target, gutted! (6)
{ALFRED} – This opener for Wayne (the name of the servant in our heroes’ household) comes from an A, the abbreviations for left and for foot and then an R (Rooney’s header) followed by a word for target with the middle letter removed (gutted).

6d Dead man finally unable to speak, decapitated (4)
{NUMB} – A word meaning dead comes from the final letter of MAN followed by a word meaning unable to speak with the first letter removed (decapitated).

7d 17 minus 11 unsurprisingly (2,6)
{NO WONDER} – A phrase meaning unsurprisingly comes from how you might describe the heroes of our crossword without the junior partner (17d minus 11a).

9d Dip down (4)
{SINK} – A double definition: A word meaning dip also means down (in the sense of to drink).

14d Neither direction (3)
{NOR} – A double definition: A word meaning neither also is a shortened form of the direction North.

15d Villain 17 and parent imprisoned? (8)
{CATWOMAN} – One of our heroes’ enemies comes from another word for the answer to 17d and a two letter word for mother (parent) imprisoned (that is put in the CAN).

17d Proudly standing embraces partners (3)
{DUO} – A word describing the heroes of this crossword is hidden and reversed inside the word prOUDly.

18d Order from intelligence chief in mystery novel (8)
{SYMMETRY} – A word meaning order (as may be displayed by a crossword grid) comes from an anagram (novel) of MYSTERY inside which is put the abbreviation for the chief of intelligence in the James Bond stories.

20d Means to converse could make happy individual (8)
{PAYPHONE} – This means to converse comes from an anagram (could make) of HAPPY followed by a word meaning an individual.

22d Crash pain diminished after 2-second amputation (6)
{HURTLE} – A word meaning crash (as in run in a pell-mell fashion) comes from a word meaning pain followed by a word meaning diminished with the final two Ss removed (2-second amputation).

23d Break, in sound of pleasure from the bottom during sex (6)
{IRRUPT} – A word meaning break in comes from the sound of pleasure made by a contented cat reversed (from the bottom) inside a two letter euphemism for sex.

24d Brace for dog (4,2)
{PROP UP} – A word meaning brace (as in to reinforce) comes from a word meaning for (or in favour of) followed by the term used for a young dog.

25d Yawning a little after a drink (4)
{AJAR} – A word meaning yawning (or open) a little comes from the A in the clue followed by a word meaning a drink.

27d Hoax initiation of Stephen Fry (4)
{KIDS} – A word meaning fry (as in youngsters) comes from a word meaning hoax followed by the first letter of Stephen. I dare not tell you what Crypticsue’s first attempt at an answer to this clue was!!

With every blessing for a happy and peaceful Christmas to all those who have set our NTSPP crosswords over the past year, to those who have acted as test solvers and to all those who have solved them and left comments.

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          1. collywobbles, Go to the right hand panel and select NTSPP – 098. (Not the review).

            Are you ‘aving a laugh?

  1. I did enjoy testing this lovely themed puzzle and, following Prolixic’s comment at 27d have revisited my notes. I still think my first thought was very appropriate in the circumstances, although possibly not for publication in a crossword :D

    I have a few more Radlers to look at over the Christmas break and, if you think this is tough, you should see the one I have read through twice now on different days and still have only one three-letter word inserted.

    Thanks to him and Prolixic (and Gazza) for continuing to add fun to my crossword solving life and Merry Christmas to them all.

  2. Thank you to Prolixic for his excellent NTSPP reviews throughout the year.
    Happy Christmas to him, to Big Dave (and Mrs Big Dave), and to all the solvers and test solvers

  3. Thanks to Radler & Prolixic for the review & hints. Managed to get 17d, but had to look at the pictures to get the theme. Most of the clues were too tricky for me. Needed 9 hints to finish and had to look up 4 of those. Still a very enjoyable puzzle with a great NINA at the top. Favourites were 7d & 13a. Merry Christmas to all.

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