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DT 26720

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26720

A full review by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Don’t worry, your eyes are not deceiving you! Snow will be falling on the blog until after Christmas (for the third year running).

In return for Crypticsue’s preparation of last Saturday’s hints, I offered to write the full review. I hope you enjoyed being looked after by someone else for a change!

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1a    Sent down in due course? (5,4)
GIVEN TIME – a double definition – sent down to prison and a phrase meaning in due course

9a    Address where one left ripening peaches (6)
SPEECH – this address is an anagram (ripening) of PE(A)CHES without the A (one)

10a    Isn’t money in Moscow easy! (2,7)
NO TROUBLE – split this as NOT ROUBLE and it could mean is not money in Russia, but it actually means easy

11a    Get back about 100 publishers (6)
RECOUP – this verb meaning to get back is a charade of RE (about), C (100 in Roman numerals) and the Oxford University Press (publishers)

12a    Brilliant but wayward anti-Fascist is leaving (9)
FANTASTIC – this adjective meaning brilliant is an anagram (wayward) of ANTI-FASC(IS)T without IS (is leaving)

13a    Without a key that’s found in coat on a line (6)
ATONAL – a musical term meaning without a key or not referred to any scale or tonic is hidden inside the last four words of the clue

17a    Second person who never can tell (3)
YOU – the second person pronoun is part of the well-known phrase “you never can tell”

Cue for some music!

ARVE Error: need id and provider

19a    Certainly at home everyone has to study a school subject (2,3,10)
IN ALL CONSCIENCE – this phrase meaning certainly comes from a charade of IN (at home), ALL (everyone), CON (to study) and SCIENCE (a school subject)

20a    Worker has no end of meat (3)
BEE – this worker insect comes from BEE(F) without the final letter (no end of meat)

21a    Former wife’s wrong to gain illegally (6)
EXTORT – a charade of EX (former wife) and TORT (a wrong) gives a verb meaning to gain illegally

25a    Little devil’s one lousy criminal, in an irreverent way (9)
IMPIOUSLY – run together IMP (little devil), I (one in Roman numerals) and an anagram (criminal)of LOUSY to get an adverb meaning in an irreverent way

26a    River police invited in to settle the issue (6)
DECIDE – start with the River DEE and insert CID (Criminal Investigation Department / police) to get a verb meaning to settle the issue

27a    Explained how margins were aligned (9)
JUSTIFIED – a double definition – explained and how both right and left margins are aligned in printing

28a    Cape maybe concealing Oriental floral display (6)
WREATH – our old friend Cape WRATH (a headland at the north-western tip of the mainland of Scotland) makes a return, with the required capitalisation of Cape being disguised by being at the start of the clue – insert E (Eastern / Oriental) to get a floral display

29a    Hired the red car out (9)
CHARTERED – a verb meaning hired, usually applied to the hiring of boats, is an anagram (out) of THE RED CAR


2d           Line on map is round and local (6)
ISOBAR – this line on a map showing places with equal pressur is a charade of IS, O (a round letter) and BAR (local pub)

3d           In time, deserter makes mistakes (6)
ERRATA – inside an ERA (time) put RAT (deserter) to get mistakes in a book

4d           Commonplace tourism misguided, nothing less (6)
TRUISM – this commonplace or platitude comes from an anagram (misguided) of T(O)URISM without the O (nothing less)

5d           Minute hot lemons in fudge taste very good (4,2,4,5)
MELT IN ONE’S MOUTH – an anagram (in fudge) of MINUTE HOT LEMONS gives a phrase meaning taste very good

6d           Have to do with apparent confusion about one (9)
APPERTAIN – a verb meaning have to do with comes from an anagram (confusion) of APPARENT into which I (one) is inserted

7d           Getting back into society? (9)
REJOINING – a slightly cryptic definition of joining a society or club again – the surface reading alludes to society as a whole rather than a specific society

8d           Heels, pair becoming more elegant (9)
SHAPELIER – an anagram (becoming) of HEELS PAIR gives an adjective meaning more elegant

14d         Duck on paper cover (9)
EIDERDOWN – a charade of an EIDER duck and DOWN as in I have it on paper / I have it down, gives a cover for a bed

15d         Removed case under dish in some shallow water (6,3)
BALTIC SEA – put an anagram (removed) of CASE after (under in a down clue) a curry dish to get some shallow water – the maximum depth of the Baltic Sea is 459 m (1506 ft) compared with 5,267 m (17,280 ft) in the Mediterranean Sea

16d         Redness evident in Florida city lacking air-conditioning (9)
FLORIDITY – this redness is derived by removing a/c (lacking air-conditioning) from FLORID(A C)ITY – a simple construction that floored many!

17d         Lout bringing lad up (3)
YOB – this lout is created by reversing (up in a down clue) a lad – and that was how the word was originally derived from back-slang!

18d         Exploit said sheep (3)
USE – a verb meaning to exploit sounds like (said) ewes (sheep)

22d         End of snow cover for three months (6)
WINTER – the final letter (end) of snoW is followed by a verb meaning to cover or bury to get this three-month season

23d         Most of garment used to deaden sound (6)
MUFFLE – most of a MUFFLE(R) gives a verb meaning to deaden sound

24d         State’s wholly on edge after large number left (6)
ALLEGE – this verb meaning to state is naughtily defined as a noun – to get it run together ALL (wholly) and E(D)GE after dropping D (500 in Roman numerals / large number left)

This was the kind of pleasant Saturday diversion that we have come to expect from Cephas.

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