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ST 2616 (Hints)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2616 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select a few of the more difficult clues and provide hints for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


1a           Show embarrassment about one that’s somewhat indecent? (6)
Start with what someone does when embarrassed and put it around I (one) to get an adjective meaning somewhat indecent

4a           Man on board posted elsewhere (6)
An abbreviation of for a man om board a ship is followed by a word meaning posted to get word meaning elsewhere

10a         Treaty announcement in which leaders of America, China, and England, say, come together (6)
See comment #01 below

13a         Conservative is supposed to, in more mature rebuff (4-8)
C(onservative) is followed by a word meaning supposed to inside an adjective meaning more mature to get this rebuff

25a         Bullying type in authority ran things (6)
This bullying type is hidden inside the last three words of the clue


1d           Better way, we hear, to produce vegetable (8)
What sounds like (we hear) a verb meaning to better and a way is actually a vegetable

3d           Persuasively present a church as source of strength, supposedly (7)
A charade of a verb meaning to present information in a persuasive manner, Afrom the clue and CH(urch) give a source of strength to Popeye

19d         Gold held by John’s successor for members of company (6)
Put the heraldic term for gold inside the book of the Bible that follows the Gospel According to Saint John to get these members of a drama company

21d         Basic fare from Sicily to Milan — no more first class (5)
This basic Italian fare is a charade of a word meaning no more or gone and the letter associated with first class

Thanks to all who asked how yesterday’s meeting in Derby went – a great, but tiring, time was had by all.

If you need further help then please ask and I will see what I can do.

As this is a Prize crossword, please don’t put whole or partial answers or alternative clues in your comment, else they may be censored!

Today it’s Happy Birthday to Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (54)

54 comments on “ST 2616 (Hints)

  1. Hi Dave hope you all had a good time yesterday, really enjoyed todays crossword with lots of favourite clues but am struggling to understand 10a, I know the answer I have is a synonym for ‘treaty’ but just can’t see how it works???

            1. Mary, I believe you play the flute? Is it possible to play more than one note simultaneously on said instrument?

              It is possible on piano, guitar etc. – then you have a ***** which sounds like ******. :grin:

              1. Yes Franco flute and guitar and know exactly what you are saying my mind just won’t accept it Duh!

  2. Probably the gentlest Sunday puzzle for a while, but still excellent!
    Many thanks to Virgilius for my lunchtime entertainment.

  3. Well worth stopping off after my walk through the woods to buy a paper (having failed to get on you-know-where before I set off. Very enjoyable Sunday puzzle, thank you Virgilius and BD too.

    Nubian, Mrs Nubian and others may be slightly perturbed by a conversation I had with my friend on our way through the woods – she informed me that her grandson was coming round as he had a history project to do. Oh, I said, what’s the subject? The 1950s! I know its scary when policemen etc look young but when your childhood is now the subject of school history lessons, there is probably no hope…. !!

    1. My old history master refused to teach any history after 1714. He said that everything after that was current affairs.

  4. Weather glorious but cold here in Massachusetts – tea and toast in bed did not help us secure 14 or 16. Mr T is in the bath, and does not think I can use computers!

  5. Think it must have been a tad easier than other Sunday’s, as have finished it without hints – though, like Mary, I still don’t understand the England bit in 10a???????? Perhaps I have the wrong answer,but it does fit. Favs were 7d and 12 & 13a and, for once (I must be learning!) I managed to find the clues where the answers were there in the letters – if you see what I mean?! Most enjoyable.

    1. If you were to play the first letters of the three countries named in the clue (America, China and England) you would be playing a *****. The answer to the clue (a treaty) sounds like this musical term.

      1. I do appreciate all the feedback, but I STILL can’t come up with an “e” in the answer!! I’ve been into Thesauras and Crossword Solver, and I STILL come up with the answer I have, but it doesn’t have an “e” in it. I must be very thick and missing something?? I’m not at all musical, but I do understand * *****, which sounds like my answer – but where is the “e”????????? Sorry to labour this…….

        1. The initial letters (leaders) of the 3 countries form an example (say) of the musical thingy – there’s no E in the answer.

        2. This one took me FOR EVER to understand. There is no E but if you put three musical notes together eg the first letters of America, China and England and play them together you have a “…..”. If you say that to yourself you have something that sounds a bit like friendship or harmony or a treaty. SO glad that someone else had trouble with this one. Do hope this as helped. :smile:

      1. I’m lost here, not being musical. Is the answer “a” and another word for a rope, which sounds like a musical term for more that one note played together?

        1. Treaty announcement in which leaders of America, China, and England, say, come together :

          If you take the ‘leaders’ of (A)merica, (C)hina, and (E)ngland, and they ‘come together’ (musically), you would produce something which would sound the same as the definition of the clue, which is ‘Treaty’.

          1. Thanks Franco,I’m not tone deaf, but I’ve not been taught which notes make up a ????? But after reading this blog I know my musical knowledge has increased :-)

  6. The usual enjoyable Sunday treat from Virgilius!
    Faves : 10a, 13a, 22a, 3d, 9d & 19d.

    Mixed weather today – dry AM, pouring rain over lunch then a sunny afternoon. Now a beautiful crescent moon in a clear sky.

  7. I agree with everyone who thinks that this is quite an easy crossword, for a Sunday that is. Like Mary I came to a complete halt with 10a – very glad that there were SO many comments going backwards and forwards as I, at last, understand it!! Really took me a while. For some reason 4a and 5d (arguably two of the easier clues today) also took me a long time. I’m still a bit at sea about 9d – have got a four letter word meaning “certain” and a three letter word for “people” but can’t quite explain the first three letters and the last one. Lots of lovely clues today – 16 and 20a and 1, 7, 14 and 18d. With thanks to Virgilius and BD – hope that the day in Derby was good.

      1. Thanks Franco – am sure that you’re right – husband also says it’s OK – just wasn’t totally convinced and thought I could be totally wrong about it all!! OH DEAR!! :smile:

  8. Thanks to Virgilius & Big Dave. Great puzzle, but was mystified by 10a. Hope you had a great day at Derby.

    1. Not sure but think that it might be. If it is what do us poor unsuspecting souls need to look out for … ? Perhaps we should have a bit of a think about it in advance, or is that cheating?!! And even if it is, do we mind? :smile:

  9. Finally caught up with this one…
    Yes, very enjoyable stuff – I liked the hidden word clues, tho’ I’d cite the across clue that wasn’t one of the hints as being my favourite – subtle, and took me a while to see it.
    7d was just great too – a real d’oh moment as I finally saw what was going on.
    Currently have 6d and 22a missing from my grid, and I’m not sure what either of them are, so any hints appreciated, else I’ll wait for the full review…:)

    1. Although Gnomey’s review will be available at noon tomorrow, I thought I would give you some hints as I just happen still to have the puzzle by my computer.

      6d – you need to think about the Roman numeral for 100 and then have three of them (300) which go with an anagram (destroying) of ENTIRE.

      22a is a type of traveller – a ME country (4) is inserted into the much used (well it is in crosswordland) two letter abbreviation for RailwaY

      Hope this helps. If not, Gnomey will explain all in the morning.

      1. Thanks Sue – both in now, and both mind-numbingly obvious now you’ve pushed me in the right direction.
        I need my head examining! :)
        Playing major catch-up on the recent crop of puzzles – I’m about halfway through last Friday’s Giovanni, then it’s just yesterday’s Jay and today’s Ray T to bring me back up to date…it’s been a busy week…
        Thanks once again for your help! 8)

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