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Puzzles for Wednesday 26th of October

Puzzles for Wednesday 26th of October

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Today’s puzzles have kindly been provided by Phil McNeill, the Telegraph’s Puzzles Editor.

In view of the improved performance on the Telegraph Puzzles site, this will be the final day that this facility will be provided.

They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Wednesday Cryptic and Quick puzzles

DT 26693

Wednesday Toughie puzzle

Toughie 656

Wednesday Sudoku, Kakuro, Codewords and Mind Gym puzzles

Sudoku, Kakuro, Codewords and Mind Gym

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this facility.  Please don’t leave comments on this post about the puzzles themselves.

14 comments on “Puzzles for Wednesday 26th of October

  1. Oh No! I still think the site is working well below how it should be. I can still only periodically access the site which is so annoying. Anyway, thank you for making a lot of people happy while it lasted.

  2. Thanks for providing this brilliant service BD and Phil. Very much appreciated. Will be sad to say goodbye to it

  3. Thanks for this BD – it was an excellent initiative. Personally I have had no problems with the DT site for over a sennight.

  4. I haven’t even tried the site since the pdfs started appearing here – not looking forward to it!! It’s also very handy having both puzzles on one page. Will miss the pdfs! But thanks to Phil & BD for making life so much easier. :-)

  5. Oh no!! I still haven’t been able to log onto the site from overseas, even though I try every day before resorting to your far more reliable website. Anyway, thank you so much for such a brilliant service while it lasted.

      1. Maybe it *is* an overseas problem. Here in NYC, I’m having as much trouble getting into the site now (almost 2 a.m. in London) as previously. Tried on two different computers and three browsers.

        1. Aha! The site must have an ear here. I just tried again, and the puzzle loaded. It only took 25 minutes.

          1. It must definitely be an overseas thing. It is now 4am UK time on 27th Oct. I have been trying to access the CluedUp puzzles home page for over an hour but with no success. Once I’m onto the site, printing off the puzzles is the easy bit!!.

            1. 0457 uk time. I’m in to the CluedUp home page! Just under 2 hours, so if they think their site has improved, I beg to differ!! At least now I can ‘restart’ my morning.

      2. Thanks for the thought. I already run 2 browsers, but the problem is getting into the home page. I will have to persevere until they really get the site sorted out.

          1. The usual site still doesn’t work for me in New Zealand, but these do. Will use these until the plug is pulled.

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