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Puzzles for Sunday 16th of October

Puzzles for Sunday 16th of October

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Today’s puzzles have kindly been provided by Phil McNeill, the Telegraph’s Puzzles Editor.

They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Sunday Cryptic and GK puzzles

ST 2610 + GK 987

Quick and Codewords puzzles

Quick 177 + Codewords

EV puzzle

EV 989

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this facility.  Please don’t leave comments on this post about the puzzles themselves.

5 comments on “Puzzles for Sunday 16th of October

  1. 3rd morning in a row that I have got on the DT site first time of trying. The printing took a while though but that’s probably more to do with my 6 year old PC!

  2. Gosh…bit of a tricky one today. No answers sprang to mind until right towards the bottom. Then gradually clawed my way back and now just two left…and I think I know the answer to one BDKW (but don’t know why). 21 is my favourite.

    1. You need to save this comment until BD has the hints and tips up . This page is just for people to comment on the availabilty of the crosswords thanks to Phil M.

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