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Puzzles for Saturday 15th of October

Puzzles for Saturday 15th of October

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Today’s puzzles have kindly been provided by Phil McNeill, the Telegraph’s Puzzles Editor.

They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Saturday Cryptic and Quick puzzles

DT 26684

Giant GK puzzle

Giant GK 12388

Saturday Sudoku, Codewords and GK Quick puzzles

Sudoku, Codewords and GK Quick

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this facility.  Please don’t leave comments on this post about the puzzles themselves.


6 comments on “Puzzles for Saturday 15th of October

  1. Perhaps the DT may consider letting subscribers know about being able to access a crossword temporarily via this site while they sort out their problems. I was getting really annoyed at the time I spent trying to print off a crossword, but now, knowing I can get a pdf version here, I’m pretty relaxed about the DT site being down. At the end of the day, I just want a crossword!

  2. Second morning in a row that I’ve accessed the site on the first attempt & managed to print the cryptic, the quickie & the codeword with no trouble at all. Dare one hope….

    1. Like spindrift I’ve noticed a welcome improvement over the last two days. I appreciate Phil making puzzles available on this blog but that doesn’t help subscribers who don’t know about it. Couldn’t something like this have been done earler?

      A simple redirection to a .pdf page could have been made as soon as the problems become apparent. It’s not as though the Telegraph doesn’t have a web site of its own!

  3. BD – Please continue to put the puzzles out here. Most of the time the last few days I can’t even get to DT’s Crossword website to get these. I just get a blank page when I try to access it. This is so much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I’ll be publishing them for as long as the editor keeps sending them to me.

      They have been trying to provide links themselves, but there seem to be problems.

      1. you only see them if you log out

      2. the puzzles available today (Saturday) are for Friday




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