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NTSPP – 088

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 088

An Alphabetical Jigsaw by Radler

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Welcome to the latest in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have an Alphabetical Jigsaw by Radler.

The puzzle is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 088

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6 comments on “NTSPP – 088

  1. I do recommend having a go at this one. If you haven’t done an alphabetical puzzle before, the best way to start is to list the alphabet on a separate piece of paper and writethe solutions beside the letters. I found it quite easy to spot where the A and D words had to go and that will give you enough of a start to fit in some of the other words. The rest is a mix of wordplay solving and jigsaw puzzle but very entertaining.

    Thanks to Radler for yet another super Saturday puzzle – as I said to you the other day, I wouldn’t know where to start even writing a clue, let alone a whole puzzle’s worth.

    1. My way of starting these is to look for the letters with two separate clues (K and T in this one) then use the enumeration of these to find the only possible places where those four answers can go.

  2. I do enjoy alphabetical puzzles and this was one of the very best, thoroughly enjoyable and with a lot of laughs so many thanks to Radler. Favourite clues: P and Y.

  3. Thanks to Radler for the crossword. As a personal preference this is not the type of crossword that I enjoy but this is no reflection on the cluing – simply that I do not like this form of solving. I shall, however, prepare the usual review.

  4. We’re just off to the local to have a go at this. Never done one before so it should be interesting!

  5. Well, what a great puzzle – really enjoyed the tussle! Wouldn’t mind some more of these but they must be fiendishly difficult to compile!

    Took Gazza’s tip and homed in on the K and T clues and, of course the D as it is the only 13 letter answer.

    Thanks to Radler for the new experience.

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