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Cruciverbalists’ Convention (Oct 2011)

Cruciverbalists’ Convention

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It’s time once again for a meeting in London so come along and join us at the The Hamilton Hall, Street-level Concourse, Liverpool Street Station, City of London, EC2M 7PY on the 29th October – any time between 12noon and 7.00pm.

Update:  John Henderson is planning to get there as close to 9:00am as possible to reserve some space by the back (concourse-side) wall upstairs.  As long as my train is on time I should be there by 10:00am.

All are welcome and you can enjoy a host of real ales.  Click on either of the pictures for details of the venue.

Early birds can enjoy breakfast in the same hostelry.

This get-together is a joint Big Dave / Elgar / Jetdoc production.

13 comments on “Cruciverbalists’ Convention (Oct 2011)

  1. Everyone who can please come along and have a beer and a chinwag. It really is quite a lot of fun. The Duke of Uke is not too far away so I will be popping over there at some point as well (if it is still open!)

  2. I’ll be there although not for breakfast :) Looking forward to meeting some of the people l ‘meet’ here

  3. I would love to come – depends a bit on what is happening here – various and unpredictable responsibilities – dog, ancient Mum, husband on call etc. Will have to see what is going on.

  4. No chance for me I fear – but I’ll be at the meeting in Derby though. Hope to see some of you there.

  5. In view of latest post I will try to be there a bit earlier than was the original idea. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone – I have to confess t o also feeling a little tiny bit nervous ….! How feeble – get a grip Kath! :smile:

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