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DT 26678

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26678

Hints and tips by gnomethang

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Morning All! We had a pleasant challenge from Cephas this week. Not too taxing but a few good charades and a couple of amusing definitions. 27a and 15d were favourite for me this week.

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1a           Bang on the forehead (6)
FRINGE – A cryptic definition. What we call a fringe, our American cousins call a BANG

5a           One million for each? It’s indecent (8)
IMPROPER – A charade or word sum of I (one) M(illion) PRO (for) and PER (for each as in ‘per capita’). The definition is indecent or immoral.

9a           One who finds things hard to grasp (13)
BUTTERFINGERS – A gentle cryptic definition of a Klutz or clumsy person. The cryptic part is the ‘hard to grasp’ as in intellectually.

10a         One from the country taking beer after ten to seven (8)
VILLAGER – One of my favourites from this puzzle. One from the country is a rustic. Take LAGER (beer) after the Roman numerals for 6 (VI) and fifty (L). The nice work here is indicating ‘ten to seven’ as 6-50.

11a         Starfish (6)
PISCES – The fishy star sign.

12a         Principal way plea is amended (6)
STAPLE – Principal or main is the definition. Take ST (an abbreviation of STreet or way), with an anagram (amended) of PLEA.

14a         Co-operative may be compelling (8)
OBLIGING – Two definitions – Co-operative is friendly or amenable and compelling also means forcing or obliging.

16a         Alien goes beyond point, getting cut off (8)
ESTRANGE – Put STRANGE (alien) after E (East, point of the compass) for a verb meaning cut off or divorce.

19a         Warning at thawed rink? (6)
NOTICE – A cryptic definition for a warning. If split as (3,3) it reads NOT ICE I.e. don’t skate on this.

21a         Using maximum effort at end of innings? (3-3)
ALL-OUT – Two definitions here. The first is ‘using maximum effort’ as a racehorse who is going hell for the leather and the second is a description of a cricket team after they are all bowled out.

23a         Comedy with classic car filling empty day (8)
DROLLERY – A slightly antiquated word for comedy or amusement. Place ROLLER (a classic car) inside D_Y (the outside of DAY being empty).

25a         Sounds like this medicine is free (13)
COMPLIMENTARY – To use BD’s hint from the day: “A word that sounds like a type of medicine is an adjective meaning free or without charge”

26a         Chaotic when a new chief’s in charge (8)
ANARCHIC – Another charade of A N(new) ARCH (Chief or main as in arch enemy) and IC (An abbreviation for In Charge) gives an adjective meaning chaotic or contrary to the normal rules.

27a         Going to court? Attorney can start to grill (6)
DATING – ‘Going to court’ is a lovely definition for ‘wooing’. The courtroom theme is continued with DA (District Attorney in Americanese) plus TIN (can) and the forst letter (start to) Grill.


2d           Butler I re-employed did something constructive again (7)
REBUILT – A straightforward anagram (indicated by re-employed) of BUTLER I gives a word meaning reconstructed or ‘did something constructive again’.

3d           Rain at a locale encompassing part of republic (5)
NATAL – A republic or regency in Indonesia is hidden in (encompassing part of) the first four words.

4d           Ivy maybe will make original woman jealous about start of relationship (9)
EVERGREEN – Ivy is an example (maybe) of a plant that has leaves in all seasons. Place EVE (the first woman on the Bible) and GREEN (jealous) around R (the starting letter in Relationship).

5d           Conclude there’s no end for fire (7)
INFERNO – A raging fire is the definition. Take INFER (conclude) and NO. I am unsure of the use of ‘theres’ and ‘end’ here – Its either padding or I am missing something.

6d           One might have a pointed fixation for her (3-2)
PIN-UP – A cryptic definition of a poster girl. We used to stick pins (a pointed fixation) into the corners of the posters.

7d           Lapse in supervision (9)
OVERSIGHT – A double definition. A lapse is an oversight and a manager oversees the work.

8d           Ernest confused about a Pakistani perhaps (7)
EASTERN – A confused anagram of ERNEST around the outside of A is the perennial favourite for a man from the east (a Pakistani perhaps)

13d         Salesman turns up with past actor (9)
PERFORMER – the actor is a reversal of REP (salesman turns up) and FORMER – past.

15d         Drop off for a visit here (4,2,3)
LAND OF NOD – A pleasing cryptic definition. If you go to sleep (drop off) you ‘visit the Land of Nod’>

17d         Trick sounds daft first, it’s elementary (7)
SILICON – An element (described as elementary) comprises a homophone first of SILI (silly) and then CON for trick.

18d         I may leave medicine that’s dispensed for native (7)
ENDEMIC – The definition is native or ‘within the populace’. Remove I (I may leave) from MEDiCINE and then make an anagram (dispensed).

20d         Fuss caused by flirt (5,2)
CARRY ON – A double definition. A fuss is a carry on and also flirting is known as carrying on.

22d         Cultivation of incline on top of hill (5)
TILTH – An unusual word for cultivation or tillage. TILT (inclination or list) on top of (in a down clue) the top letter in Hill.

24d         The Continental worker had an inclination (5)
LEANT – A charade of LE (‘The’ in French – continental style) and ANT (our favourite worker insect) for a word meaning ‘had an inclination

Thanks to Cephas for the challenge – I will see you all next week.

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  1. Thanks to Cephas for the usual gentle fun and to Gnomethang for the excellent review. 15d was best.

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