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Puzzles for Wednesday 12th of October

Puzzles for Wednesday 12th of October

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Today’s puzzles, courtesy of Phil McNeill, the Telegraph’s Puzzles Editor.  Today we also have the Sudoku, Kakuro, Codewords and Mind Gym puzzles.

They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Wednesday Cryptic and Quick puzzles

DT 26681

Wednesday Toughie puzzle

Toughie 648

Wednesday Sudoku, Kakuro, Codewords and Mind Gym puzzles

Sudoku, Kakuro, Codewords and Mind Gym

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this facility.  Please don’t leave comments on this post about the puzzles themselves.

22 comments on “Puzzles for Wednesday 12th of October

  1. Thank you to whoever needs thanking for making the Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword available here while the regular puzzle site is obviously still not fixed. I live in New Zealand and have missed being able to have access to the crossword enormously. I gave up on the regular site ages ago and am now more than happy to wait for the site to be fixed properly so long as the crossword appears here.

  2. Since returning to Philippines at end of August I have very rarely managed to get the Telegraph Puzzle page and I am delighted to have found your section which means I can once more get my brain working again. Many thanks for putting these on-line.

  3. Many thanks for this, my wife is an avid telegraph crossword fan and up until now it has been my fault that my stupid computer is not working properly. Now we are back to peace and tranquillity once again, in fact I think I might have gone deaf!

  4. Thanks very much for these pdf versions of the Telegraph crosswords. I live in France, and need my daily fix of DT – and Im not talking about delirium tremens! After complaining again this Monday to The Telegraph Crossword editor, I received on Tuesday the “lightning strike” explanation again , and a polite observation that my subs renewal hadn’t worked last January, and due to (another) Telegraph error I’d continued to have free access from then till now. They allowed me the free access I ‘d had, with their compliments, but my access was immediately cut off, and yesterday I renewed my subs. Today….no access to site! Plus ça change….!

  5. Having tried unsuccessfully for an hour to get onto the web site I am resorting to the crossword that Phil has kindly provided. Am I right in saying that they have to be printed off and cannot be used on line?

  6. Thanks once again for organizing this BD. I’ve been trying on & off since 6.00 am to no avail. I’m now starting to get seriously p####d off & I’m now looking to punch somebody’s lights out. Childish I know but come on DT please admit this is an absolute fiasco of the first water! If I pay somebody to supply a service then I expect to receive that service. I wonder if the small claims court will consider this as “taking money under false pretences”? Why the hell should we spend valuable time trying to access a defunct site then resort to this one, then spend more time ar#ing about printing the bloody things off????!!!!

    Rant over – time for a lie down with the nurse.

    1. Lucky you – don’t you just love girls in uniform!
      I’ve given up trying the site now and just come straight here – helps my blood pressure!

  7. What a brilliant facility. As I live in a fairly isolated situation it is great to just be able to log on and get this. Thanks.

  8. I certainly wouldn’t be able to get my daily crossword fix without this facility, so many thanks to BD for arranging it.

    I’ve just seen the Telegraph Technology Editor Matt Warman on Sky News rubbishing Blackberry (Research In Motion) for failing to fix their recent e-mail server problems, and for failing to keep their clients informed on progress.

    Pots and kettles come to mind!

  9. Fantastic! I don’t have to keep logging on to the bl**dy telegraph site to find it still dead – will we get a refund? An apology ? Doubt it. Well done BD I’ve often visited your site when I have given up on a crossword – I used to cheat and look up an answer that neither I or my 90 year old Dad couldn’t get – would tell Dad I’d worked it out ;-). He’s gone now but I still do the cryptic everyday just as he did for about 50 years. Like father like daughter! Hope I’m still up to it in 50 years time! Thanks BD x

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