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DT 26630 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26630 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select an assortment of clues and provide hints for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

Could new readers please read the Welcome post before asking questions about the site.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


1a           Sung or spoken at church (6)
Part of a service sung by the whole choir is created by putting a word meaning spoken, as in a spoken examination, after the abbreviation for CH(urch)

ARVE Error: need id and provider

17a         Third person takes fitting for Mainwaring maybe (7)
Start with eldest son raised by Adam and Eve then insert a word meaning fitting or appropriate to get the rank held by Mr Mainwaring in Dad’s Army

23a         With this there’s no clear way to trade stuff (7,3)
Stationary or very slow-moving traffic mean that there is no clear way along the road – a charade of to trade, drugs maybe, and a word meaning to stuff tightly into a specified space

26a         I am leaving messy liniment for flighty creature (6)
An anagram (messy) of LIN(IM)ENT after I’M (I am abbreviated) has been dropped (leaving) gives a common finch


2d           Line of people who are connected? (5,5)
A not-very-cryptic definition of a number of people passing something from one to another in a line

3d           Control on inside (4)
This control or restraint is a charade of two-letter words meaning on or concerning and inside

15d         Initially trees to be chopped down (5,2,3)
If a phrase meaning initially were to be split (4,2,4) it could mean evergreen coniferous trees are to be chopped down

24d         Cockney friend missing a feature (4)
Take the Cockney rhyming slang for mate and drop (missing) the final A to get a facial feature for which Jimmy Hill and Bruce Forsyth are renowned

The Crossword Club opens at 10.00am.  Feel free to leave comments.

Please don’t put whole or partial answers or alternative clues in your comment, else they may be censored!

The Quick crossword pun: {knew} + {Clee} + {ear} = {nuclear}

127 comments on “DT 26630 (Hints)

  1. Done and dusted early today, pretty straightforward but need explanations for 11a and 22a.
    Also tried to make anagram out of 14a at first but had a rethink when checking letters didn’t fit down clues.
    Thanx to Compiler and to BD for this blog.

  2. Quite enjoyable. Liked 14a and 15d. Thought 23d was barely cryptic, but I usually don’t like 4 letter clues anyway. Thanks to BD and the setter, and have a good weekend all.

  3. Good morning all, I’m Currently stuck on 10a 4d 14a,a gentle nudge would be appreciated. I thought 14 was an anagram as well but almost positive its not, 4 is the opposite of ****, got that, stuck, I think its something along the lines of ******??

      1. Hi Dave,so sorry about that,I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. Mea Culpa sorry!! I did manage,mainly guess work,to figure out 4d 10a thank you for all of your help,it is appreciated. I learn more every time I do these things,this site is fantastic for the comments and banter,very amusing and more importantly,friendly and informative.14 a left! Thanks again everyone !

        1. You have been warned Nutty, naughty corner for you next time, don’t worry you will probably find a few of us there, sharing lemon drizzle cake :-)

    1. 4d Depressed with side view that doesn’t reveal much (3-7)
      A word meaning depressed is followed by a head or portrait in a side view to give a word meaning doesn’t reveal much or, as Chambers puts it, “A manner or attitude revealing very little of one’s feelings, intentions, activities, etc.”

    2. 10a Chief’s bound to be motivating influence (10)
      A charade of an adjective meaning chief (4) and bound or leap gives this motivating influence

    1. I stared blankly at 22a for a while too, until the penny dropped, and I agree that it was a very pleasant start to a Saturday. As I’m typing this, Jimmy Anderson has struck with his first ball – only eight more to get back in the hutch before we can proclaim that we’re number one in the world.

  4. 22a is going to be the ‘blank’ clue of the day for us all, I think Typical Cephas Saturday so thank you to him and to BD too.

    Mary – I don’t know if you have got the sun back, but I have definitely got your rain :(

      1. If you don’t shut up about the Island Effect – I am not on THAT island – I will come up to your end of Kent and …. well I don’t know what, but I will – possibly just enjoy the sun outside that pub you are always visiting at the weekend :D

    1. It’s ok I’ve got it thanks, a clever clue too, I got a bit distracted from the crossword by trying to enter all my clues on COW, I must not do that on a Saturday!!! needed the hint believe it or not for 1a! as the ‘at’ threw me a bit, thanks for hints Dave, fav clue today 19d took me ages to see it, congrats to Gazza on getting the most coveted place on COW this week :-)

  5. Almost done, just stuck with both 4 letter down clues (6 & 23). Have ideas but don’t know why!

    1. Moosey think of a three letter word for large and put the first letter of Rower inside to give you a type of sailing vessel for 6d

        1. Thanks Mary, afraid I think that one’s a bit feeble – unlike 15d which, as a worker with wood, made me laugh !

          Weather here in Swanage has been typical summer “white cloud” interspersed with bits of drizzle and the occasional threat of sun with a cooling breeze. Beginning to feel sorry for the holiday makers who invade us at this time of year (not too sorry though !!) Roll on September !

  6. 14a just entered…. But only after 10mins staring at it. Very clever :)

    Maybe I had one two many beers last night as banging my head on table trying to get 22a and 19d

    Please! Someone put me out of my misery!

    1. 22a has been explained further up the page. A bit of looking at the clue again should get you 19d.

    2. 22a Think of a word for a tip i.e. where rubbish is taken, this if you add y onto it gives a word for short and thick , thus ‘mostly’

  7. I can highly recommend the NTSPP today – it’s by Gazza and in my opinion it’s brilliant – so do give it a go

  8. Thanks for the welcome, Dave and thanks, Mary for the clue. I really appreciated it.

    Been lurking here for a while, so thought it was about time I said hello :)

    Favourite clue today, 15d

    Least favourite, 9a

      1. Over 2000 people who look every day – how amazing – what chaos could be caused with a concerted effort!

    1. Nice to meet you Gymgirl we are all very friendly here but beware on a Sat and Sunday, these are prize puzzle days, and if we inadvertenly give something away whilst trying to help, Dave has no hesitation in deleting us and sending us to the ‘naughty corner’ :-D

  9. been following for about a year now and find this site very useful – just finished today’s and enjoyed very much!
    particularly liked 4d and struggled with 7d but got there in the end

          1. feel like I know you all anyway as always check in on a Saturday which is the only day I do the crossword

  10. I’m really pleased. Today is the first time I have been able to complete a Saturday crossword in months. I was almost beginning to give up! The Saturday crossword to me is the first part of my weekend and on the rare occasions I have not been able to obtain or get onto this wonderful website I have felt bereft. It goes without saying that I simply would not be able to complete it without the help of of the regulars who contribute this week – so thanks to you all and thanks as always to BD and Cephas.

  11. The only clue that caused me any problem was 19d – I spent a while trying to fit ‘par’ into the middle of the answer.
    Thanks to setter, and to BD for the notes.

  12. I have just got back so will start it now – sounds like it’s a good one.

    Sorry Mary – sun is shining here – was very muggy first thing this morning but nice and bright and clear now.

    Sorry to hear about Kent CS as had hoped the weather there would be good enough to go and visit my grandsons but guess not today.

    1. Good crossword with a few niggles – didn’t like 2d nor 23d but really liked 20a.

      Thanks to BD for review and to setter for puzzle. Going to download Gazza’s NSPP and go and sit in the sunshine.

      1. Thart was quick Lea, I have downloaded Gazzas but have failed miserably, not sure what all the no 9s have got to do with it?

          1. Have tried Dave, going to eat my fish and chips now and maybe try again later, I just can’t figure the theme out!

    1. Thanks – hope you are feeling better now. Haven’t been commenting this week as I am not sure where the time went!!

    1. I didn’t :) Sign seen on a beach hut yesterday ‘But what if the Hokey Cokey IS what it’s all about??’

      1. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote “The Hokey Pokey” died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part, for his family, was getting him into the coffin.

        They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started!

  13. A reasonable challenge for a Saturday IMHO. 15d had the corners of my mouth raised so that must be my favourite. Now it’s on to the foothills of the NTSPP with an ETA at the summit of G&T time.

    Posting this from Mozilla Firefox as me and Safari have had words with regard to PDFs on the NTSPP page so hopefully it will work & if it doesn’t then I’m sure one of our Blogging Guardian Angels will step in to save the day.

  14. Not very impressed with today’s effort, thought 10a and 9a were nasty clues. Did like 17a and 18a though.
    Not my favourite Saturday i’m afraid. The problem for me is that Saturdays setter has to follow Giovanni excellent Fridays offering so often a bit of a let down.
    Thx to BD for the clues esp 1a which really had me foxed.

    1. There is a new one out soon, I believe so make sure you get that one and not the current version

    2. Hang on I’ve got an old Chambers and you are quite right it is one word. You learn something everyday! Or is that every day?

  15. Managed about 60% before seeking help so feeling quite happy. Still firmly embedded in the CC. I liked 20a and 15d for the groan making capability and 20d because it is one of my favourite words.

    Thank you BD and setter

  16. I enjoyed this and didn’t find it too difficult apart from 19d which seemed to take forever (or is it for ever?) 9a also made for a fair bit of head scratching, as did the second word of 4d. I didn’t know this meaning of 10a but it had to be what it was so looked it up. My favourites today include 14 and 20a and 15 and 24d. Thanks to BD and Cephas. Grey and humid here in Oxford – think “summer” has gone – don’t care – off to France next Friday! :grin:

  17. Finished and I enjoyed it. Oddly, it was 12a that gave me the most trouble. I had the answer since it couldn’t be anything else but didn’t know why. I thought the other word for cliff ended in a “p” – ****p. Hey ho!

  18. Easier than usual? Took me less time, anyway … and I don’t think I’m getting smarter…

    I’m going to say that I’m a little disappointed with this one – looking back through, I can’t see any clues that stand out. Don’t like to be negative, but have to give an honest opinion. OK, 15d is a favourite.

    Thanks to the Setter (Cephas?) and Big Dave.

  19. Good win for Wales. They were totally out-muscled but vastly more inventive than England.

  20. Greetings Each, Nice to see lots of input 7d &14a still a challange.
    For Pommers ..I have just taken my dad for lunch at the “Railway Inn” at Handforth. Eddie from the
    “Church” has relocated there following a handbags situation at the former caravanserai. Anyway the Railway is the Cats Pyjamas.

    I thought 15d was a super clue… enough people have expressed their views on 23d.

    Came home from pub. Sat down to watch the cricket. When the vacuum cleaner woke me up, we had won!

    Thanks to B. D. and setter.

    Regards to all,


    1. Complete now.

      Senior management gone for a swim.

      I could start dinner or finish my doze.

      As EV had it .A bit of a three pipe problem.

      ( BD I hope my remark is not inappropriate on your site)


      D. D.

  21. Just back after a few days in Paris. Nice puzzle to start off agaiin with. Telegraph Puzzles seem to be going through aa rough period, access took ages.
    Thanks to the Setter,woof woof and Big Dave

      1. Thanks BD – never knew that! Must be all the excitement of a tremendous England win today – I was there yesterday – a rare event to see a King Pair plus 700 inning total. Pity Cook missed the 300. Off to take my sons to the Man United game tomorrow – methinks West Brom may struggle.

    1. 12a – An obscure definition for me : a steep rocky outcrop or crag on the side of a hill or mountain; a cliff. A mark (not a Mark) left by accident (with a knife), perhaps?

  22. Quite enjoyed this one here in sunny Plymouth this week. Favourites were 14a & 13d. Thanks to BD for explaining the justification for the second word in 23a.

  23. Favourite clues 20a 15d. Took forever to get the last one 10a. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thanks for help on the last two!

  24. Hi everyone. Not been on here for a long time – well over a year. Lost a bit of confidence if truth be told. You all seem to be SOOOO intelligent and I read the hints and clues and have so many Der moments that I haven’t felt able to comment. But I am desperate for help with 19d. Can anyone help me? Pretty please.

    1. Welcome back.

      19d Second game’s about equal (7)
      Second game is the definition – it’s a charade of the usual two-letter word for “about” followed by a word meaning equal or equivalent

      1. Why thank you sir. Tis my team name at the local pub quiz and seeing as everyone had dead trendy and clever names on here i thought I would use it xxx

  25. Thought 1a was the easiest of all the clues, first in for me, in ‘crosswordspeak’ it was pretty obvious, OOOPS sorry to upset Brian and Mary, thought as regular contributors they would have known better. But whatever……..

  26. It’s me again – a day late as usual – Saturdays tend to be hectic – usually with our grand – daughter. Finished the prize crossword again – only a few times so far though! – thanks for all the hints – it starts Sunday on such a positive note. Lets hope the sun shines for my golf game this afternoon. Thx again.

    1. For 22a see Mary’s reply at comment #9

      20d Really fashionable act (6)
      A short word meaning fashionable followed by a synonym of act.

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