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DT 26594

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26594

A full review by Crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

A lovely Saturday puzzle from 23a this week, proving once again that a cryptic can be fairly straightforward to solve without detracting in any way from the level of enjoyment it gives the solver.   Thanks Cephas for the Saturday morning entertainment – I bet 23a was your clue of the day too.  My favourites are highlighted in blue.

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1a           Negotiating off-shore traffic (5-7)
HORSE-TRADING – A noun meaning hard bargaining or negotiating is an anagram (off) of SHORE plus a word meaning traffic, or business.

9a           Salad plant in middle of night shooting up rapidly (9)
ROCKETING –  Rising very rapidly – ROCKET (salad plant) plus IN (from the clue) and G (the middle letter of niGht.

10a         101 runs then caught by Australian, roughly (5)
CIRCA  – the Latin preposition and adverb meaning roughly, about or around –  CI (101 in Roman numerals), R(Runs in cricket),  C (caught – more cricket!) and A (Australian).

11a         Decline to lose a prize (6)
TROPHY – Remove (lose) A from ATROPHY, a noun meaning declining or wasting away, to leave TROPHY, something awarded as a prize in an event.

12a         Rated as befitting celebrity quintet? (4-4)
FIVE-STAR –  The highest grade of hotel rating would be awarded to the sort of hotel where a group of FIVE (a quintet) [of ] STAR celebrities  would stay.

13a         Take off money staff brought in (6)
PARODY – A satirical imitation or take off –   Insert ROD (staff [rod, pole or stick]brought in) into PAY (money given in remuneration).

15a         Gas display where hot air is discharged on set? (4,4)
CHAT SHOW – A charade of CHAT (hot air, gas or talk) and SHOW (display) produces a television programme given over to chats with celebrities of the day.

18a         Receding wave that’s seen in bath? (8)
BACK WASH – the first two words of the clue are the Chambers definition of BACKWASH.   Split 4,4 it means to give your back a good scrub in the bath.

19a         One is character-forming (6)
WRITER –   Character here can be defined two ways –  the actual characters forming the words written by a written or the people involved in the story or narrative.

21a         Gallant gentleman from Vauxhall? (8)
CAVALIER –  Vauxhall Motors have produced many models of car – one of them was named,  presumably, after this gallant gentleman.

23a         St Peter in penitence phase (6)
CEPHAS –  Clue of the day –  Hidden in penitenCE PHASe is the Aramaic name for St Peter – Cephas meaning stone, rock or pillar.  John Chapter 2 v 42 refers.   Cephas is also the alias of Peter C, the ‘pillar’ of Saturday cryptic setting!  We were forbidden to thank him by name in blog posts on Saturday for fear of revealing the answer to this clue.

26a         Grub found where river enters volcanic rock (5)
LARVA – an animal in an immature state – insert R (river) into LAVA (volcanic rock).

27a         Surgeon in bed with spots (9)
BLISTERED – Having or with spots: just do as the clue instructs and insert LISTER (the surgeon who discovered the antiseptic properties of carbolic acid) into BED.

28a         Radio distortion renders Rene frenetic (12)
INTERFERENCE – a noun meaning the distortion of radio signals by natural disturbances is found in an anagram (renders) of RENE FRENETIC.


1d           Drop hat off car roof (7)
HARDTOP – A rigid roof on a motor car is an anagram (off) of DROP HAT.

2d           Page found in correct order (5)
RECTO –  the  printing term for the page found on the right hand side of a book is hidden (found) in corRECT Order.  Just in case it turns up in a future cryptic, you may wish to note that the left hand page is the “verso”.

3d           I heard gloom could be cosmetic (9)
EYESHADOW –  Cosmetic used on the eyelids is a homophone of I (I heard) so EYE plus SHADOW (gloom).

4d           I hurried outside — into this? (4)
RAIN – Being caught outside in RAIN might make you hurry.    RAN (hurried) with I (into) inserted.

5d           Scrap for a boxer? (8)
DOGFIGHT – Although one might think of this as a close quarters fight between aircraft, it originated as  a fight between dogs, such as the boxer.

6d           Hot during pleasant recess (5)
NICHE – A recess in a wall is obtained by inserting H for hot into NICE (pleasant).

7d           Endlessly short-tempered piece of music (8)
CROTCHET – Removing the Y (endlessly)  from CROTCHET(Y) or cross leaves a musical note equal to half a minim.

8d           Rod and line hooked up in cart (6)
BARROW –  A charade of BAR (rod) and ROW (line or rank of things or people)  makes BARROW, a small hand-propelled cart.

14d         Retrieval from very core affected (8)
RECOVERY – A synonym for retrieval is an anagram (affected) of VERY CORE.

16d         One persecuting chaps in high places (9)
TORMENTOR – Someone who persecutes or torments –  insert MEN (chaps) into TOR and TOR .   The plural places indicates the need for two tors or rocky hills here.

17d         See lambs frolicking get together (8)
ASSEMBLE  –  Lovely anagram indicator: frolicking.   SEE LAMBS rearranged makes a noun meaning get together.

18d         Still do not panic (6)
BECALM  – A verb meaning to make still, calm or quiet , if split 2, 4 might be an instruction to remain calm and not panic.   Can’t resist the opportunity to insert Corporal ‘Don’t Panic’!!

20d         Live around posh remainder of estate (7)
RESIDUE –  The amount remaining  of an estate after payment of legacies and debts – insert U (posh or upper class) into RESIDE (live, make one’s home).

22d         Get to know king and knight (5)
LEARN – Big Dave’s favourite Shakespearean King – LEAR followed by N (the symbol for a Knight in a game of chess) gives a verb meaning to get to know.

24d         Bird trapped during another onslaught (5)
HERON –.    We have lots of herons round here and I do like to watching them catch fish except for the time one of them had most of the goldfish from our pond!  The pesky fish eaters are hidden (trapped during) anotHER ONslaught.

25d         Musical phrase played repeatedly very loudly after religious instruction (4)
RIFF – The clue repeats the Chambers definition of RIFF –   RI (Religious Instruction) followed by FF (fortissimo or very loud in music).  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your musical tastes, it’s me this week not Gnomey, so we won’t be experiencing one of his clips of music that reminds him of his rock band days!

I will probably be in trouble again with the two G’s – one for leaving out his favourite music and the other for the illustrations not being up to his high standards!    I’m just having fun practising my new-found picture insertion skills – we’ll see if they approve of my pictorial offerings this week, and next week too, as I’ll be back again to review the Saturday Mysteron.

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  1. Perhaps it is a comment on my housekeeping standards but I put in “tidemark” for 18a, at first!

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