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ST 2584

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2584

A full review by Gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Afternoon All! This was another very good Virgilius puzzle. There were no themes that I could see but it was a solid and very enjoyable puzzle.

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1a           Apply irresistible pressure in sport (6)
SQUASH – A double definition to start with: To apply irresistible pressure (for example under a bejeweled sandal) and also a racquet game.

4a           Paper set on fire is source of warmth, naturally (8)
SUNLIGHT – A charade of the SUN news(PAPER) and LIGHT for ‘set on fire’. The sun, of course, being our natural source of warmth (and indeed all our power).

10a         European surprise about British moving to right? (9)
EASTBOUND – A well written clue alluding to EU politics. In fact the defniton is ‘moving to the right’ in compass directions, i.e. to the East. Start with E (European) then add B for British inside ASTOUND for ‘surprise’.

11a         Fly back with band for dance (5)
TANGO – The South American dance is GNAT (fly) reversed (back) with O for Band/Ring.

12a         Repeat point in court, creating a little drama (7)
PLAYLET – If you PLAY a LET in Tennis (in court) then you will create a small drama.

13a         Position in scale of importance organised by ruler (7)
RANKING – A noun meaning the position of a thing in a scale or league is also a charade of RAN (organized) and KING (a ruler).

14a         Unseemly display of emotion is just part of an act (5)
SCENE – A double definition – A tantrum or wobbly created in public and also one part of an act in a theatrical play.

15a         Inside gate there, dog is restricted in movement (8)
TETHERED – A word that might apply the dog being on a leash (restricted in movement) is also hidden (Inside) gaTE THERE Dog.

18a         Project combining unequal parts of beer (5,3)
STAND OUT – To project or to be proud. Start with STOUT (the beer) and then split it into uneven parts (2.3) then add AND for the combination – ST AND OUT.

20a         Criminal not at home in country house (5)
VILLA – The criminal is the VILLAIN. Remove (not) the IN (at home) to get a country house from the Latin for house or the modern country pile.

23a         It’s best to choose one with nothing to say (7)
OPTIMUM – The best choice of many is a charade of OPT (choose) I (one) and MUM (nothing to say)

25a         So-called gentleman protecting ego? It’s not so clear (7)
MISTIER – Don’t forget that EGO or ID is also ‘I’. Add this into MISTER for the title of a man (so-called). This gives a synonym for foggier (not so clear)

26a         Nameless comrade did some cooking (5)
FRIED – The friend (comrade) without the N for name (nameless). Fried some bacon, perhaps.

27a         Flee part of fight, showing evasive treatment (9)
RUNAROUND – If you are being evasive you may be giving someone the RUNAROUND. A charade of RUN (flee) and A ROUND (a part of a boxing fight).

28a         Person securing another mate is absorbed in unusual gambit (8)
BIGAMIST – I have two wives and I think that it’s very Big ‘O’Me. Place IS inside an unusual anagram of GAMBIT. Lovely clue!.

29a         Be published as a paper after second article’s put back (6)
APPEAR – To be published in a journal, or to turn up. Take A PAPER and then move the second ‘A’ (article) back a couple of steps (article’s put back)


1d           Revised order for the spies could be quite expensive (8)
STEEPISH – Moderately expensive in the vernacular (that’s a bit steep). An anagram , indicated by ‘revised order’ of THE SPIES.

2d           Leading coach is to put other player in inferior position (7)
UPSTAGE – A charade of UP (Leading or Ahead) and STAGE (coach as in stage-coach). The result  means to outperform a major actor (from a position of an inferior actor/player).

3d           Junior officer in warship to change course towards pole (9)
SUBALTERN – A junior officer that describes most Lieutenant offices. Start with a SUB marine (warship) then add ALTER (change course) and follow with (towards) N for North, one of the two poles. Close to a Semi all-in-one but not quite.

5d           Need man stutter dreadfully? This reduces stress when speaking (14)
UNDERSTATEMENT – The reduction of stress or import in a statement is an anagram (dreadfully) of NEED MAN STUTTER. More good surface reading.

6d           Often used for mass communication, it requires some translating (5)
LATIN – The language used mostly in the High Church Masses is hidden within (it requires some) transLATINg)

7d           Shooting production, ultimately within original figure (7)
GUNFIRE – A really well disguised definition, shooting, that is comprised of the Ultimate letter in production(N) inside (within) an original anagram of FIGURE.

8d           However hardy, extra hard inside (6)
THOUGH – Start with TOUGH for ‘hardy’ then add an extra H (Hard) inside. This gives a word meaning ‘however’.

9d           They include speech linking estimate and targets (9,5)
QUOTATION MARKS – The points in speech that denote an oration or quotation therein. A charade of QUOTATION (estimate or price) and MARKS (targets). Please, Please, Please have a look at the Gallery of “Misused” Quotation Marks, it is “Really” funny. An example below:

I saw this at a craft fair that was set up to raise money for the Kosovar refugees. The sign read:
All proceeds will go to Kosovo

Kosovo Texas, that is!

16d         Take part in clandestine hearing and announce first offender’s to go down (9)
EAVESDROP – To earwig or snoop audibly. A homophone of EVE’s (The original apple-proffering sinner in the Bible) and then DROP for ‘to go down’.

17d         Dog that’s briefly used by experimental scientists (8)
LABRADOR – The breed of dog is also an abbreviation of the experimental scientist’s workplace (Laboratory).

19d         Paying a kind of tax, object about it (7)
TITHING – A Tithe was the tenth of you earnings that were taxed to your feudal overlord. Place a THING (object) around IT.

21d         If detached from life, I certainly can create time for relaxation (7)
LEISURE – The time for relaxation. First remove (detach) IF from LifE, then add I and SURE (certainly). Why do I think that Mr Greer has been watching too much Golf with the “Metlife Blimp – Metlife, for the IF in your LIFE”

22d         Informal discussion in party — excellent (6)
CONFAB – An informal discussion – a contraction of confabulation – is a charade of the abbreviations for the CONservative party and FAB for FABulous, excellent.

24d         Mothers precocious young girl (5)
MADAM – Two ways of saying mother, MA and DAM, gives a young girl.

Thanks to Virgilius for the puzzle – I am back to Saturday reviews for the next two weeks and Crypticsue will be sorting out Virgilius.

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  1. Another very good Virgilius puzzle.

    Thanks to him, and to Gnomethang for the review – and for the link to the gallery. “Good” stuff!

    1. Sorry – I found another one and can’t stop laughing:

      Every greeting card that I receive from my Aunt Joan and Uncle Bruce is addressed to “John” and signed, “Aunt Joan & Uncle Bruce.”
      What do they think my real name is? And who are the cards really from?

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