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Happy Birthday!

I am sure you will join with me in wishing our wonderful host a very happy and enjoyable birthday today.

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  1. Many happy returns Dave. Dr Spooner sends his birthday wishes to you and our queer dean.

    1. Happy birthday BD and Libellule and you can wish me happy birthday too (and the Queen)

  2. Happy birthday to BD and Libellule and anyone else who is celebrating on this lovely sunny day.

  3. Have A Good Un! Both of you deserve it for this brilliant web site – enjoy whatever bevoire you’re indulging in.

  4. Happy Birthday, indeed, Big Dave!!
    Happy Birthday, indeed, Libellule!!
    What are the chances of that, hey?
    Hope you both have a fantastic day!
    Nana & Hotlips x

    1. Actually Nanagg, in a room of 50 people the odds of two people sharing a birthday (excluding twins of course) is just over 50%. Its one of those counter intuitive probability thangs!

        1. You are, of course, correct. I have just re-read Fermat’s Last Theorem and it alluded to it. I couldn’t put my hands on the book at the time so forgot the numbers!

  5. Happy Birthday to young Libellule as well.

    Oh and ‘er indoors in Buck House. If you subscribe to twitter I recommend signing up to @Queen_UK – fictional but hilarious!

  6. Happy. Birthday Big Dave and Libellule and thanks to both of you for your superb efforts on our behalf.

  7. Thanks to everyone for the Birthday Greetings.

    The lunch was excellent: Evesham asparagas, gammom steak and red cherry crumble all washed down with Courage Directors Bitter.

    Happy Birthday to Libellule.

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