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NTSPP – 061 (Review)

NTSPP – 061 by Bufo

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Bufo makes a welcome return to the NTSPP series with an excellent crossword with lots to enjoy and some more unusual words to ferret out.   Many thanks to Bufo for the entertainment.

I have highlighted my favourite clues in blue.


1a “Move It” – Cliff’s first hit is one that was big in France (7)
{VICOMTE} – A name for a French nobleman (was big in France) comes from an anagram (hit) of move it and the first letter of Cliff.

5a A large part of business I am backing makes equipment for underwater exploration (4-3)
{MINI-SUB} – A word describing some equipment for underwater exploration comes from the reversal (backing) of most of the word business and I’m.

9a Some American alligators can be seen in this watercourse (5)
{CANAL} – A type of watercourse is a hidden word (some) in American alligators.

10a Indian girl finds me outside the pub.  That’s a laugh! (9)
{MINNEHAHA} – The name of a Native American (Indian) girl comes from a three letter word for a pub inside the word ME followed by a four letter word (2-2) meaning that’s a laugh.

11a Tea lady employed to do rough cleaning? That’s not right (3)
{CHA} – A word for tea (as in the drink) comes from a word for a cleaning lady with the final R removed (that’s not right).

12a Silent film star falls head over heels for chat show host (5)
{OPRAH} – This American chat show host is found by reversing (head over heels) the name of one of the Marx Brothers who famously never spoke in the films he appeared in.

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13a Outlaw killed European indiscriminately dispatching one in New York (3,5)
{NED KELLY} – The name of an Australian outlaw comes from an anagram (indiscriminately) of Killed E (the E being for European) after removing the I (dispatching one) inside the abbreviation for New York.

14a Pleads with urchins to embrace learning (8)
{IMPLORES} – A word meaning pleads comes from a four letter word meaning learning inside (to embrace) a four letter word for urchins.

16a Dealer in shares starts to sell telecoms and gilts (4)
{STAG} – The name of a dealer in shares comes from the initial letters (starts to) sell telecoms and gilts.

18a See bit of blue sky (3)
{LOB} – A word meaning sky (as in hit upwards) comes from a two letter word meaning see followed by the first letter (bit of) blue.

21a Start moving what’s at the back to the front? Definitely not! (4)
{NOPE} – A word meaning definitely not comes from a word meaning start moving with the final letter moved to the front of the word (what’s at the back to the front).

23a Reproduce abundantly disregarding worried person with strong views on abortion (3-5)
{PRO-LIFER} – A word for a person with with strong views on abortion comes from a word meaning reproduce abundantly from which the final three letters (a word meaning worried) has been removed (disregarding).

26a Serviceman with no time for boxers, etc.? (8)
{COMMANDO} – The name of an Army serviceman is shared with the description given to someone who chooses not to wear underwear when out and about (no time for boxers, etc.).

28a Rene Magritte’s technique for catharsis? (5)
{ENEMA} – A technique for catharsis is hidden inside Rene Magritte.  A clue that gives a whole new meaning to “C’est n’est pas une pipe”.

30a Antelope seen from the rear is a water antelope (3)
{KOB} – A name for a water-antelope is the reverse (seen from the rear) of another type of antelope.

31a Like some folds run together in all worsted (9)
{SYNCLINAL} – A word for geological folds of rock that run down into the earth comes from a four letter word meaning run together (as in merging audio and film tracks perhaps) followed by an anagram (worsted) of in all.

32a Recalled piece of jazz music by the French composer (5)
{ELGAR} – The name of an famous English composer comes from a type of jazz music followed by the French masculine word for the all reversed (recalled).

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33a Curly-haired companions run ex-catalogue shop (just opening) (3,4)
{REX CATS} – These curly haired companions of a feline variety come from an abbreviation for run followed by EX, an abbreviation for catalogue and the first letter (just opening) of shop.

34a This has nothing to do with the ears of an African people (7)
{NILOTIC} – The name of an African people (from the name of the river by which they lived) comes from a word for nothing followed by a word meaning to do with the ears.


1d Australian champion – a man from Perth? (9)
{VICTORIAN} – The name of an Australian (which comes from the State in which he lives) comes from a six letter word for a champion or winner followed by a three letter boy’s name associated with the Scots (man from Perth)..

2d A Scotsman’s magic spell gives John a hallucinatory experience (7)
{CANTRIP} – A Scottish word for a magic spell comes from a three letter word for John (as in toilet) followed by a four letter word for a hallucinatory experience obtained from LSD or other mind altering substances such as Elgar’s crosswords.

3d Homeric laughter initially irritated wise man (8)
{MELCHIOR} – One of the names associated with the three wise men comes from an anagram (irritated) of Homeric and the initial letter of laughter.

4d Man from Barcelona follows me up to college (8)
{EMMANUEL} – The name of a Cambridge College comes from reversing (up) me and following it by the name of a waiter in Fawlty towers from Barcelona.

5d In a gloomy state penning new ode lamenting a death (6)
{MONODY} – A word for an ode lamenting a death comes from putting the abbreviation for new inside a word meaning in a gloomy state.

6d Ecstasy is being hugged by delightful female relative (5)
{NIECE} – A female relative comes from putting the abbreviation for ecstasy inside (hugged by) a word meaning delightful.

7d Red bus left in the middle of Chasetown (7)
{SCARLET} – A word meaning red comes from putting a word meaning bus and an abbreviation for left inside the middle letters of Chasetown

8d Live with a socially acceptable lover (4)
{BEAU} – A word for a lover comes from a two letter word for live followed by an A and an abbreviation coined by Nancy Mitford for socially acceptable.

15d Copper follows up very large bribe (3)
{SOP} – A word for a bribe comes from reversing (up) and abbreviation for very large and following this with an abbreviation for pence (copper).

17d Rising anger stops tragic maltreatment of old people (9)
{GERIATRIC} – A word for old people comes from a three letter word for anger reversed (rising) inside (stops) an anagram (maltreatment) of tragic.

19d Endure New York railroad travelling north.  Here? (8)
{BROOKLYN} – This part of New York comes from a five letter word for endure followed by the abbreviation (again) for New York and the letter L (an American term for an eLevated railroad with these letters being reversed in the answer (travelling north).

20d Lily’s relative displaying sapphire ring? (8)
{BLUEBELL} – This floral relative of the lily comes from the colour descriptive of sapphires and a word meaning ring.

22d Reportedly charge nothing to provide capital in US state (7)
{PHOENIX} – The capital of Arizona comes from a groan inducing homophone of a word meaning a charge or cost followed by word meaning nothing.

24d Soldier in battle makes a charge (7)
{FREIGHT} – This word meaning charge as in cargo comes from an abbreviation for a Royal Engineer inside a word meaning battle.

25d Fruit an aged relative has not started (6)
{ANANAS} – A fruit (pineapple to the rest of us) comes from the word AN, a word for an aged relative with the first letter removed (not started) and an S (a sneaky S for has as in “he’s three sheep in the field”. A + NAN (an aged relative) plus the word has with the initial letter removed (not started).  Thanks to Gazza for simplifying things.

27d Singer from the far end of Chatham Island (5)
{MELBA} – This singer (who gave her name to a dessert) comes from the final letter of Chatham (far end) followed by the name of an island where Napoleon was exiled.

29d Emperor gets around but only to a limited extent (4)
{TSAR} – A word for an emperor is hidden inside (but only to a limited extent) inside gets around.

5 comments on “NTSPP – 061 (Review)

  1. Thank you for the excellent review of the lovely crossword. I liked all the same clues as you but, as I said on the ‘other’ page, my favourite has to be the cheeky 26a.

  2. Thanks Bufo – I am reminded now to print the puzzle rather than trying to wrangle with the Java engine providing the puzzle – It held me up no end!.
    A good fun puzzle. 26a was definitely a favourite and the comment from Prolixic at 28a runs a very close second. Dearie, Dearie Me (again!).
    My thanks to you both!.

  3. Good puzzle, nice review.

    Only just got to this – I’ve been out today.

    I’m sure that Gazza’s right about 25D.

    I thought that 16A was very nicely clued. It can be tricky to write clues for short words, but that was very nice. 29D was good for the same reason.

    Well done to Bufo; hope that we see more of your puzzles soon.

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