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DT 26522 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26522 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select a few of the better clues and provide hints for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

Could new readers please read the Welcome post before asking questions about the site.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


1a    Limited outlet for courage and audacity (10)
This limited outlet, where traffic is apt to be congested, is a charade of synonyms for courage and audacity

6a & 10a    Develop arts to obtain spun swaddling lace (4,5)
This lace, which is passed through eyelets on opposite sides of an item of footwear, is hidden (swaddling) and reversed (spun) inside the first four words of the clue

28a & 29a    Opening for actor (5,4)
A marginally cryptic definition of a theatre entrance used by an actor

30a    Agreed barn could be built — scene of uproar (4,6)
An anagram (could be built) of AGREED BARN gives a scene of uproar


1d    36″ statue? (4)
The first part of this double definition is an example of a vital statistic and the other is a statue of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest

7d    Not in the same beat (5)
A charade of the opposite of in and the abbreviation for “the same as above” gives a word meaning to beat

21d    Maybe Sam has a recipe that’s ambiguous (7)
The word that precedes Sam to give the personification of the US is followed by A and R(ecipe) to get a word meaning ambiguous

23d    Partially gag growing hostility… (5)
A pair of …

25d    …as wife’s taking concealed holiday in Italy (5)
… hidden answers!

26d    Ignoble purpose (4)
A double definition – ignoble or lowly and to purpose or intend

The Crossword Club opens at 10.00am. Feel free to leave comments.

Please don’t put whole or partial answers or alternative clues in your comment, else they may be censored!

The Quick crossword pun: {dessert} + {Ireland} + {disks} = {Desert Island Discs}

93 comments on “DT 26522 (Hints)

  1. Thanks for the hints BD. I took ages to get into this and eventually found it quite satisfying to finish. Thanks to the setter.

    1. Same here, but was a good start to a sunny Saturday morning! Fave clue 18d! Have a good weekend!

  2. A delightful crossword to go with the weather. I enjoyed all the clues and had a sense of achievement at the end although I must brush up on my spectacles and Terriers.
    Thanks to B Dave for the tips and to the Setter, woof woof

  3. Enjoyed this and strangely found the clues on my wavelength! Fav’s 1a 1d and 24a :) Enjoy the weather… its gorgeous!

  4. Quite hard.

    I had ‘bent’ for 26d, which didn’t help either. Really should start doing it in pencil…

    Thank you to BD and the Setter.

    1. Just you wait until crypticsue shows up, Nick. I think that ‘someone who solves the Telegraph Crossword in pencil’ is her definition of a cad! ;-)

      1. Thanks for the comment, Gnomethang, I laughed aloud. Crypticsue has explained wordplay to me a few times, so I’d rather remain a non-cad in her eyes.

      2. t wasn’t me who defined a cad as such, it was a correspondent in the paper! I am more of a pen and tippex person :)

        1. I always use a pen straght away and the ones I’m not sure of I write in really lightly, in fact I write quite a few in really lightly ;-)

          1. I see no point in using pen, and I never submit prize puzzles. I’d rather save up all the money I save on not buying stamps and purchase my own pen, which I then wouldn’t use!

  5. Good crossword – for me it had about the right level of difficulty/amusement/learning. 12 and 15a were new to me, but able to be worked out. Re- BD’s clue for 26d I was not familiar with ‘purpose’ as used there (though the answer was clear). Enjoy the rest of the day all!

  6. Took me ages today! thanks for hints Dave needed some of them :) I quite enjoyed it once I got going, a few fav clues 9a, 19a and 24a, still not sure that I’e got 30a right, is the first word something to do with a childs toy? lovely sunny day but not as nice as yesterday

    1. Mary

      Yes it is, but that’s not where the phrase comes from! This place was originally an enclosure for baiting animals – unthinkable today that this should be regarded as sport

      1. Thanks Dave, I agree, I think its the name of a company today where you can go and have that toy made

    2. 30a – the first word is not something to do with children, although the second word is somewhere that they might like to be on a day like today.

        1. So did I .. Just out of interest, can anyone give an example of a phrase including ‘purpose’, as in 26d?

          1. It’s an unusual usage, but the SOED gives:

            H. Belloc Does he also purpose great things?

            W. S. Churchill They purposed to strike from Niagara

            1. Thanks BD. What did someone say the other day – ‘we are all apprentices until our death’?

      1. The comment I made to Mary also applies to this reference. I shouldn’t have let Mary get away with it in the first place. In my reckoning the provision of an alternative clue is no better than posting the answer – both are strongly discouraged.

          1. Just that the whole answer is the name of said company where you can get yours customised and if you’ve ever been to one the place is in an uproar and that’s how I thought the answer worked

        1. Sorry. I don’t know how to do the blushing smiley face, but that’s me.

          I will be more careful in future. This is one of the few blogs/forums where I don’t mind having my post edited – I do take care with answering questions, but am always a little unsure as to how far I can go.

          Have a lovely day in the sun, everyone.


        1. May I express my appreciation for the picture illustrating 1a above. I especially like the single car that has broken free and is carrying on regardless…

  7. Three gaps … maybe going to play for a wedding will inspire me! 2d was my first one in, seemed obvious, rather like 1d!

      1. Hiya 8d, I assume it’s an ‘o’ added to an anagram of a synonym for position giving investigator? Maybe if it can get that one I can finish the across clues.

        (Bride was 6 mins late; who would have an order of service for a wedding tied with a black lace ??)

        1. Geoff.

          An anagram of a synonym is an indirect anagram and, as such, strictly forbidden in nearly all puzzles (with the possible exception of the Wee Stinker).

          The definition of that element of the wordplay is “awkward position”, so awkward is, for once, not indicating an anagram.

        2. Geoff,
          I assume it’s 5d rather than 8d that you need?

          5d Investigator found nothing in awkward position (7)
          The definition is investigator (someone who holds an investigation). Put the letter standing for nothing inside an awkward position (where you might get trapped, if you were a boxer, for example).

        3. Geoff you are looking for a term for a type of mediacal investigator, someone finding themselves in this awkward position, might find themselves in the ****** 6 letters, put the crossword speak for nothing inside this – ‘nothing in’ and you will find this person

          Black ribbon/lace perhaps someone close had just died??

        4. Yes, 5d and thanks for putting me right Dave and Gazza, got it now.

          Word wizard gave me 11a, mine have always rested on my nose, and wasn’t expecting a lady’s name in 12a. All done now, thanks for the hints, needed a few of them. Like others, very slow to get going, but good.

  8. Late starting this today as had to call in on sister to wish her happy birthday. Pleased to find that others found this one hard to get into as I was hoping it wasn’t just me. A nice mix of clues, thank you to Cephas I presume, and to BD for the hints.

    Off out into the lovely sunshine to tackle the NTSPP over a spot of lunch.

  9. I’m probably echoing the sentiments of other contributors but I found this puzzle to be hard going and, whilst I have finished it, I didn’t derive any satisfaction from doing so. My garden seat beckons…

  10. found this really hard to get in to – first ones in were 13a and 27a (first probably describes me) – needed all Dave’s clues – I’m definitely a biro pen person ( a pencil would be far too timid) but then have to scribble over when it’s wrong! Have never heard of 25d.

  11. I enjoyed this one today; thank you to Cephas. Having read the above comments, it would appear that I have an incorrect vowel as the 3rd letter of 30a. My only excuse is that with the wife (and children) visiting her family in Marrakech, I have been doing exactly what I entered for 30a! :)

  12. Very few answers in on first read through but then got going. I think it’s a bit easier than some recent Saturday crosswords have been although the last few clues took a very long time. Nice mixture really.
    Today I liked 1, 15 and 24a and 3, 5, 7, and 16d.
    Regarding pens v pencils for crosswords a great compromise is a biro with a rubber – called “Paper Mate Replay Max” – quite expensive but seem to last for ever.
    Thanks to Cephas and Big Dave.
    Beautiful in Oxford today – do hope that it’s similar for the rest of you. :smile:

  13. This was a fine Saturday puzzle with 1d actually being my favourite! I’ve only known about this blog for a few weeks but I must say it has brought me a new level of enjoyment to the telegraph crossword. A huge thank you to Big Dave and all of the ‘Those that compile could be red. (7)’

    1. Hi Bobs – welcome to the blog.
      May I recommend the NTSPP today? It’s very approachable with some excellent (and amusing) clues!

  14. Finally finished after resorting to “Crossword Solver”! The whole thing has been a bit of a 27a – might attempt the NTSPP if gazza thinks it’s approachable!

  15. Nice puzzle solved at a table outside local bar with pommette and Mother-in-Law ( did you know that mother in law is an anagram of ‘Woman Hitler’?!
    Don’t know what’s happened to the weather here but it’s now 34C and rising, at the beginning of April that’s probably going to turn out to be a record!
    Favourite 6a.
    Thanks to the setter (Cephas?) and Dave for the hints.

    1. I told my daughter this anagram, and made her promised not to pass it on to my son-in-law, but of course she did, so now I suffer!

      1. Phew! At least you can’t blame me for it!
        Does he also ask if you had trouble parking the broomstick when you arrive at their house? I did once but fortunately mine has a sense of humour!

      1. Otherwise I might put a couple of Euros on Man U, Spurs and Chelsea – but the odds would be lousy!

      1. Yes quite fancied that too but ended up with Dont push it, Cant buy time , Thats rhythm, love the Grand National its the Irish in me :-)

        1. I got Don’t Push It in the office sweepstake. Its was lovely when people who generally annoy me asked what my horse was as l could give quite an aggressive respnse, not like me at all really :-)

    1. The Midnight Club
      King Fontaine
      West End Rocker
      Silver By Nature

      I think I’ve got it covered!

      1. Doubt it Gnomey – there’s 40-odd horses in the race but which will win? The only thing certain will be one of them. I think this only because my Mum insisted on a1£ bet to win on Foinevan (1967) much against Dad’s advice . . . . . . . . the reason apparantly was that she had drawn it the office sweep! There again, mum knows as much about horse racing as I do – zilch!

  16. Good afternoon one and all from a sun-kissed Hertfordshire. Slow start for me today and I must confess to being stumped by 1d for ages – a poor clue really. 15a is new to me and I liked 5d and 18d best. Sun out, cricket season underway and a goal for the might West Brom (but two for Sunderland) so things going quite well.

    Off to watch The National. We have 10 horses each here – first prize £5.00 which my sons are keen to get hold of. £2 entry fee.

  17. BD, Really didn’t notice the link between 23d and 25d! The elipses are often irrelevant and in this case I didn’t think a connection was necessary as both clues work alone, so I ignored them. Of course, the 2 clues are the same construction! I’ll have to look closer at the wordplay in future! BTW, very well hinted IMO!

      1. Was there not a barbie in your pub’s beer garden then? Sorry, I couldn’t resist :D

    1. I think the Baggies must be safe now. At least, one more win would seal it! Done good today!
      Sorry, sometimes forget which blog I’m on! I exchange comments with a mate on Facebook who is the other Baggies supporter!

  18. Late start due to long golf day, have done all but 12a – why can’t I get 12a? HLEP someone, please!

    1. It’s a girl’s name with the last letter removed and then followed by A and N for new. I had to work through lots of girl’s name before the eureka moment. It’s a type of herb.

    2. One of our last in. As CS says it’s a, at least to me, a rather obscure herb and a not very common girl’s name but with the checking letters it’s gettable!

      1. It was my last one in and took me ages. I even had Mr CS running through girls’ names. Held up his sorting out the GK crossword which didn’t make him very happy.

        1. To be honest it was pommette that got this one – it would have taken me all week!

          1. Thanks both – very much – will go and work on it whilst watching The Masters! Depends how Rory is doing as to how much concentration I’ll have. Sorry, if you’re not golfers!

  19. Got it! Hit me between the eyes as I went back to the TV. Many thanks both. Have now finished. Bit tricky in places I thought, and I needed the hints for a couple – so thanks to BD also.

  20. I found this puzzle to be a lot less satisfactory than usual – some of the clues were hardly cryptic!
    Best for me were 1a, 30a, 1d, 5d, 9d & 21d.
    I solved it late as I watched the Masters and Aintree a lot today on the box.

    Tomorrow we have F1 and more Augusta!

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