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Telegraph Puzzles

Update 10:40 – the problem appears to have been resolved.

There are problems logging on to the Telegraph Puzzles site. This is under investigation, so there is no need to join the hundreds who have already phoned in this morning!

This will result in a delay in publishing today’s review – please be patient.

5 comments on “Telegraph Puzzles

  1. And we are well and truly stuck! Can’t log in, can’t get at todays crossword so trouble doing blog.
    Thanks Gnomey for sending grid! Pommers now “creating” as I type!

  2. Worked fine for me, just finished, although I think they mave have mixed the cryptic with the toughie, phew !!

  3. Hello, Telegraph Puzzles Editor here.

    Many apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by this. I am away at the moment but, as I understand it, although the site is back to normal we don’t yet know the cause.

    Unfortunately we don’t have 24-hour Customer Services cover. However we do have 24-hour IT cover, and I am very happy for people to email me if there is a problem out of office hours. I can’t put my email address on the TP website as an “emergency” line but please do share it around among the users of this blog:

    I was actually sending crosswords to press (in a hotel cafe) yesterday evening but finished just before the problem occurred. Had I carried on a few minutes more, I would have discovered the problem straight away and got it put right.

    I always have the dreaded BlackBerry with me so please do email me if you encounter a TP problem out of office hours.
    Many apologies again for the interruption in service. Daniella will send out a message to subscribers when we get to the bottom of it.

    Best wishes

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