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Toughie 505

Toughie No 505 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Another pleasant offering from Kcit which didn’t cause too many problems. The last two in were 12 across and 8 down.

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1a    Hardest areas for development — would include this? (6,6)
{SAHARA DESERT} An anagram (for development) of HARDEST AREAS gives part of Africa that would prove hard for development

9a    TV programme concession involves one (4)
{SOAP} A type of TV programme such as Corrie or ‘Stenders is derived from A (one) inside a concession

10a    Confined area, according to Spooner’s brief comment (9)
{SOUNDBITE} The answer is a brief comment made by e.g. a politician when being interviewed on radio or TV. A Spoonerism of it is a confined area (5,4)

12a    Suggest tent that’s excellent (6)
{TIPTOP} To suggest (e.g. a horse that you ought to back) + a tent (especially a big one at a circus) gives “excellent”

13a    Continue to rant, beginning to traduce Irish parliament (8)
{STORMONT} Continue to rant (5,2) + T (first letter of traduce) gives a suburb of Belfast where the Northern Ireland Executive meet

15a    County, one ready to invest in old money (10)
{LANCASHIRE} An English county is derived from AN (one) + ready (i.e. money) inside the former currency of Italy

16a    Quantity of water filling some receptacle (4)
{MERE} Hidden inside soME REceptacle

18a    What’s closed before ship’s launch? (4)
{TOSS} A 2-letter word meaning closed (as a door might be) + the usual abbreviation for a ship gives “to throw up in the air”

20a    Flower rules field after replanting (5-2-3)
{FLEUR-DE-LIS} An anagram (after replanting) of RULES FIELD gives an iris (or a heraldic design)

23a    Clumsily kiss and run in winter sports venue (3,5)
{SKI SLOPE} An anagram (clumsily) of KISS + “to run with a long stride” gives somewhere you might visit to practise a winter sport

24a    Doctor holding eyeball — one’s obsessed with death (6)
{MORBID} One of the 2-letter abbreviations for a doctor goes round an eyeball and I (one) to give “obsessed with death”

26a    Unconscious after excess drug taken? An anomalous response (3,3,3)
{ODD ONE OUT} Excess drug is an overdose. Use the abbreviation for overdose + taken + unconscious

27a    One director enthralled by ‘Carmen’, maybe, or other opera (4)
{AIDA} I (one) D (director) goes inside a motoring organisation (Carmen, maybe) to give a Verdi opera

28a    Cracked elbow, for a bet? Folly of Biblical proportions (5,2,5)
{TOWER OF BABEL} An anagram (cracked) of ELBOW FOR A BET gives a foolishly conceived lofty structure (Genesis 11.9)


2d    Shock about reduction in range getting agreement (8)
{APPROVAL} Agreement is formed from “to shock” round “to range” without its last letter

3d    Some numerals obscured in addition (4)
{ALSO} Hidden in numerALS Obscured

4d    A rude lust involving love may make you this (10)
{ADULTEROUS} An anagram (may make you) of A RUDE LUST and O (love). The whole clue also acts as the definition

5d    Last fixture must do this (6)
{ENDURE} Fixture must do this (3,3) as must censure, fracture and a few hundred other words. The answer means “to last”

6d    Second in team’s very good — in my view the perfect example (7)
{EPITOME} E (the second letter of team) + very good (2) + “in my view” (2,2) gives the perfect example

7d    Where spirits are in opposition? (3,5,4)
{THE OTHER SIDE} The spiritual world to which one passes after death appears not to be your team but your opponents’ team

8d    Firm informed about evidence of special offer (6)
{COUPON} The usual 2-letter abbreviation for a firm + informed about (2,2) gives a voucher that may entitle one to a special offer

11d    It’s affected the toes a lot with a trace of fungus (8,4)
{ATHLETE’S FOOT} An anagram (affected) of THE TOES A LOT F (a trace of fungus) gives a contagious disease of the foot caused by a fungus

14d    Most of cold meal served up — Prince tucking in — safe for kids? (5-5)
{CHILD-PROOF} A word for cold with it’s last letter removed + a reversal (served up) of meal go round PR (prince) to give “not able to be damaged, opened, worked, etc. by a kid”

17d    Lawyer — a Democrat — about to block election (8)
{ADVOCATE} A lawyer is formed from A D (Democrat) + CA (about) inside an election

19d    Slip, early in the day? Almost fell (7)
{SKIDDAW} To slip (especially sidewards) + daybreak without its last letter (almost) gives a Lakeland fell (3054 feet) that overlooks Keswick

21d    Sexual urge beginning to lapse: I offer love (6)
{LIBIDO} Sexual urge is derived for L (first letter of lapse) + I + offer + O (love)

22d    Designer omitting second note for carpenter? (6)
{PLANER} Remove one of the two letter N’s (note) from a designer and you get someone who uses a particular carpenter’s tool. It doesn’t have to be the second N that you remove!

25d    Greek character taking in new Italian feature (4)
{ETNA} The seventh letter of the Greek alphabet goes round N (new) to give a large Italian feature (the highest peak in Italy south of the Alps)

A perfectly acceptable puzzle

19 comments on “Toughie 505

  1. Jolly nice crossword, not too difficult and many nice clues.

    Thanks to Kcit for the fun and to Bufo for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review, Bufo. I had 18a without fully understanding the subtleties of to/closed.
    I also failed on the FELL until I got a nudge from Crypticsue (thanks!).
    Thanks to Kcit for a very good puzzle with a reasonable degree of difficulty. 27a was favourite.

    1. Re 18a, fortunately I think I remember BD explaining to/closed in the not too distant past.
      Thanks to Kcit, and to Bufo for the notes.

      1. Thanks Jezza.
        Its one of these things that I always miss despite committing them to memory after a few pints.
        Others include:
        EH = WHAT
        SA=IT= Any form of hottiness/Sex Appeal
        Lawrence = T.E.
        The list grows. As I solve more crosswords I resolve to be less forgetful! ;-)

  3. Happily sailed through until 22d, which had to look at clue , not helped that for 26a put man instead of one. Other than that very enjoyable. Thanks Kcit and Bufo

  4. Great fun, loved 7d, only complaint was the amount of anagrams but that’s just me. Thanks Kcit and Bufo.

    1. BigBoab,
      I share your dislike of too many anagrams, but this one only had six which is about par for the course (and positively spartan compared with yesterday’s Toughie :D ).

  5. I completed this in less time than the back page cryptic. Well, I say completed, but I would not have got 8d but for Bufo’s hint and a peek at the answer! I got 5d, but couldn’t understand the wordplay until reading the hint. And as for that pesky 4 letter word at 27a – Carmen. Oh my goodness!! So thanks to Bufo for help on that answer. Thanks to Kcit and Bufo for the review

  6. Very enjoyable Toughie today which I completed in good time (unusually, the same time as the Cryptic). I did wonder if it was slightly anagram heavy but decided it was fine. My favourite clue among the many good clues is 12a. Thanks Kcit and Bufo.

  7. Got down to last 4 clues, 12a,18a,8d 19d which needed help from hints, so quite pleased with that. Glad it’s rated 3*for difficulty, that makes me feel better.
    Thank you to all concerned.

  8. Many thanks Buck & Tofi. I didn’t feel that the anagrams were over done. I liked 10a and 13a (after I worked out it that it wasn’t the Dail)

  9. Nice puzzle. I had the same initial thought as Digby about 13A, and it took a while to dispel.

    Nice to see a Spoonerism today.

  10. Enjoyed this one and actually solved it faster than I did RayT’s cryptic!
    Thanks to Kcit and Bofo.

  11. That was fun!

    I, too, was thinking of the Dail for too long.
    Some superclues: 4d for its very smooth fodder, 11d absolutely fabulous surface: the trace of fungus is just genius.

    Some minor quibbles: Bufo, you missed the R in 14d. Kcit, I don’t think “prince” as an indicator for PR works but I don’t have a dictionary here. Also, should “biblical” be capitalised in 28a? Or did you want to indicate two capitalised words (“Tower of Babel”) parallelled by “Folly of Biblical”? Nice surface! A colleague of mine had an armwrestle bet and cracked his elbow a few months ago.

    Thanks, setter & blogger!

  12. I was very pleased to finish this yesterday after a monumental effort; I don’t often complete a toughie.

    Could anyone explain the CA in 17d as I’m just not getting it?

    Thanks to Bufo and setter.

      1. Thank you. CA for circa is a new one to me. It will be safely filed away at the back of my mind for future retrieval.

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