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Toughie 500

Toughie No 500 by Didi Guess

Distinctly Difficult Delight

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BD Rating – Difficulty *****Enjoyment ****

We have a super puzzle today to celebrate the 500th Toughie, set by the mysterious DiDi Guess (with, as is explained in the paper and on-line, the considerable assistance of eight better known setters). We are promised a breakdown of who set which clues tomorrow, so that means we have the opportunity to show how well (or badly) we recognise the characteristics of the individual setters by making educated guesses today.
As is quite usual for me I missed the theme completely until I’d finished (at least I did spot it then – I quite often miss these things altogether until somebody points them out). It’s all to do with the Roman numeral for 500.
So, let us know how you liked it and who you think set which clues and then we’ll all have a good laugh tomorrow when we find out the correct answers. I’ve put a few of my thoughts at the bottom of the review.

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DT 26459

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26459

Hints and tips by Falcon

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Today we have a solid puzzle with a fairly good mix of clue types. One clue, in particular, I found especially enjoyable – that being the one dealing with the Peers of the Realm. If it is original, I am sure many others likely enjoyed it also. If not new, then it is one to be savored by those of us relatively new to this pastime.

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