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NTSPP – 048 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 048

A Puzzle by Qix

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A warm welcome to Qix with his first NTSPP crossword; although as Big Dave pointed out he has previous form being a setter for the Glasgow Herald.  This was an enjoyable and not overly difficult puzzle with lots of references in the answers and in the clues to chess and bridge.

The grid was not the most friendly for the solver with 6 double unches and 2 (shock) triple unches.  Fortunately, the clues for the triple unches were not the most difficult in the puzzle.

As befits a setter from Scotland there were some Scottish references though not at the level of deviousness employed by John McKie in his guise as Myops.

Favourite clues for me were 1d, 9a and 4d.

Hopefully, Qix will entertain us again in the not too distant future.


1a Amidst curses, comeback for politician (8)
{DEMOCRAT} – A politician in America comes from an exclamation that you might use instead of “curses” with the word come reversed (come-back) inside it.

8a Supporter missing from French barrier (6)
{FENDER} – a word for a barrier (that may go in front of a fire perhaps) comes from a word for a supporter (as the Queen is of The Faith) after subtracting (missing) a word meaning from inFrench.

9a Loyalists quiet in overcome capital (8)
{BUDAPEST} – This capital city comes from an abbreviation for a loyalist party in Northern Ireland and an abbreviation for quiet inside a word meaning overcome or beat.

11a Reinvest badly and get extremely uptight (8)
{NERVIEST} – An anagram of “reinvest” (badly) gives a word meaning extremely uptight.

12a Wrongdoers first frame informant (6)
{WEASEL} – A word for an informant comes from the first letter of wrongdoers followed by a word for a frame used by an artist to support a canvas.

14a Some of them used large birds (4)
{EMUS} – A name for some flightless birds (think Rod Hull) is hidden inside “them used”

ARVE Error: need id and provider

15a Romans inch out south-westerner (10)
{CORNISHMAN} – An inhabitant of South-west England comes from an anagram (out) of “Romans inch”.

18a One not affected by country accent (10)
{INTONATION} – A word for an accent comes from a single letter standing for One, an anagram (affected) of “not” and a word meaning a country.

19a A container improperly shut (4)
{AJAR} – A word meaning improperly shut (like a door may be when not fully closed) comes from the letter A followed by a word for a container in which jam or marmalade may be found.

22a Couple edited endlessly (6)
{BRIDGE} – A word meaning couple (as in join together) comes from a word meaning edited (as in shortened) with the first and last letters removed (endlessly).

24a He asserts the German captured woman (8)
{DECLARER} – Someone who asserts or declaims comes from one of the German words for the inside which is a girl’s name.

26a Indolence operating (8)
{INACTION} – A word meaning indolence or inertia, if split 2, 6, means operating – like soldiers may be at the front.

27a Rub the wrong way after bus returns to residential area (6)
{SUBURB} – A word for a residential area comes from reversing BUS (returns) followed by an anagram of RUB.

28a Temporary farewell to de Gaulle as Benito casually breaks into a tango (1,7)
{A BIENTOT} – A French expression for a temporary farewell comes from an anagram of Benito (casually) inside the letters A and T (a tango).


1d Excuse submission without hesitation (7)
{DEFENCE} – A word for “excuse” (such as may be pleaded in court) comes from a word for submission from which the letters ER (hesitation) have been removed.

2d Child having uniform for clubs, maybe? (5,4)
{MINOR SUIT} – A description of clubs in a card game comes from a word for a child followed by a word for a uniform.

3d Bishop, perhaps, is hot-headed, having no house (6)
{CLERIC} – A word that describes a Bishop (or other ordained person) comes from a word meaning hot-headed from which the letters HO (for house) have been removed.

4d Sort of sounds like purity (2,1,5)
{IN A SENSE} – A word meaning “sort of” if said very quickly and with a slight Scottish accent after a few drams of Scotch sounds like innocence (purity).

5d Musical start to Christmas with Rudolf, perhaps? (5)
{CHESS} – This Tim Rice musical comes from the first letter of Christmas followed by the surname of a notorious German whose first name was Rudolf.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

6d Family accepts a thank you from eastern Spain (7)
{CATALAN} – This region of Eastern Spain comes from a word meaning family (often used in Scotland) around A + TA (thank you).

7d Reportedly avoids star pupil (3)
{DUX} – Ouch.  A Scottish word for a star pupil sounds like a word meaning avoids (as someone does if something is thrown at them).

10d Companions undo corsets (7)
{ESCORTS} – A word for companions comes from an anagram (undo) of “corsets”.

13d A Northern bird with castle in Hampshire (7)
{ANDOVER} – A town in Hampshire comes from A + N (for Northern) followed by a bird (associated with peace) and an abbreviation for “Castle” or “Rook” used in Chess notation.

16d Big outfit, like Hearts? (5,4)
{MAJOR SUIT} – The opposite of 3d.  Hearts in a card game are this.  The answer comes from a word meaning big followed by a word meaning outfit.

17d Kirsty Young initially admits evening with student that’s chivalrous (8)
{KNIGHTLY} – A word for something that is chivalrous comes from the initial letters of Kirsty Young inside which is put a time of day represented by evening and an abbreviation for a learner.

18d Not going into details, I primarily needed fibre treatment (2,5)
{IN BRIEF} – An expression meaning not going into details (or giving an overview of something) comes from the letter I, the first letter (primarily) of needed and an anagram of “fibre” (treatment).

20d Corrupt arbiter? Always Welsh! (7)
{RAREBIT} – An anagram (corrupt) of “arbiter” gives the second word of a toasted cheese snack that is always preceded by the word Welsh.

21d In church, praise Frenchman (6)
{CLAUDE} – The name of a Frenchman (whose second name is not Buttocks) comes from an abbreviation for Church inside which is put a word meaning praise.

23d Awkward to sleep in it (5)
{INAPT} – A word meaning awkward comes from a word meaning sleep inside the word “it”.

25d Cat that’s central to pantomime (3)
{TOM} – A nice easy one to finish.  A cat is hidden inside “pantomime”

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  1. Thanks for a very entertaining puzzle, Qix!. 4d was unknown to me but logged for future use. 28a was Clue of the Day for me – Lovely image!. Thanks Prolixic for the review.

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