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Toughie 489

Toughie No 489 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

I had no problems at all with this one. I solved it without breaking sweat and could understand all the clues without difficulty.

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1a    Stormy southern trip curtailed in Norwegian waters (5,6)
{NORTH UTSIRE} Part of Norway that is well-known to devotees of the Shipping Forecast is given by an anagram (stormy) of SOUTHERN TRI (trip curtailed)

7a    Magazine priest rejected showing a mixture of things (7)
{AMALGAM} A reversal (rejected) of an abbreviated form of magazine and a Buddhist priest gives a mixture (especially of mercury with another metal)

8a    Bound to include third of receipts if reversing shortfall (7)
{DEFICIT} A reversal of a word meaning “bound” containing C (third letter of receipts) and IF reversed gives a shortfall

10a    Evil spirit to act like vampire, mostly with youngsters around university (8)
{SUCCUBUS} A female demon believed to have sex with sleeping men is given by what vampires do to get blood (minus its last letter) + youngsters around U (university)

11a    Mate’s to spoil water trip (6)
{MARROW} A dialect word for a mate (used in the far North of England) is given by “to spoil” + a journey in a boat propelled with oars

13a    No lover of ribaldry — lacks playfulness, initially abusive (4)
{RUDE} A word for a person having or affecting an attitude of extreme propriety loses the letter P (playfulness, initially) to give “abusive”

14a    Soothes everyone: takes new course, ousting leader (10)
{ALLEVIATES} Everyone + “takes new course” (minus its first letter) gives “soothes”

16a    Banner promotes this development of process in incorporating hospital (10)
{CENSORSHIP} A banner is someone who bans something. What they promote is given by an anagram (development of) of PROCESS IN containing H (hospital)

18a    Soldier’s end in battle providing shock (4)
{MANE} A soldier + E (end in battle) gives a shock of hair

21a    A fenland lake overseas (6)
{ABROAD} A + a lake associated with Norfolk (fenland) gives “overseas”

22a    Given extra power, very much increased power after due changes (6,2)
{SOUPED UP} A slang term for “increased the power of” is derived from “very much” + “increased” + an anagram (changes) of DUE + P (power

24a    Drivel bringing one in for a trivial manoeuvre (7)
{TWIDDLE} Take a synonym of drivel and replace A by I (one) to give a trivial manoeuvre (a twirl)

25a    Children’s author exercised a little (7)
{RANSOME} “Exercised” + “a little” gives the author of Swallows and Amazons, etc.

26a    Material in a red shirt, we fancy (6,5)
{HARRIS TWEED} An anagram (fancy) of A RED SHIRT WE gives a cloth associated with (the southern half of) a Scottish island


1d    Religious woman holding a church degree with distinction (7)
{NUANCED} A female member of a religious order goes round A. This is followed by CE (church) + D (degree) gives a word meaning “gave a subtle distinction to”

2d    Say one unionist is taken in by eminent scientists under royal patronage? (6)
{REGIUS} EG (say) + I (one) + U (unionist) is taken in by RS (Royal Society)

3d    United in no more than wordless singing without a sense of fun (10)
{HUMOURLESS} U (United) goes inside wordless singing OR LESS to give “without a sense of fun)

4d    (Description of unfinished) business? (2-2)
{TO-DO} the answer means a bustle or fuss and also goes before “list” to give a list of things to be done

5d    Not quite the done thing, if daring in execution (5,3)
{INFRA DIG} An anagram (in execution) of IF DARING gives a Latin phrase meaning “beneath one’s dignity”

6d    Runs into bar for a bit (7)
{EXCERPT} R (runs) goes inside a preposition meaning “bar” to give an extract

7d    Take heart, after he’s ditched non-representational style (8,3)
{ABSTRACT ART} A word for take (purloin) + heart minus HE gives painting or sculpture that does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world

9d    Rebuilding won’t work, interrupting unsettled sleep for urban dwellers (11)
{TOWNSPEOPLE} An anagram (rebuilding) of WON’T + OP (work) inside an anagram (unsettled) of SLEEP gives urban dwellers

12d    Encountered actor excited about King and I — one appreciates ability (10)
{MERITOCRAT} “Encountered” + an anagram (excited) of ACTOR goes round R (king) and I to give one who appreciates people being in prominent positions because of their ability

15d    Think about mother’s source of fragrance (8)
{POMANDER} “Think” goes round MA (mother) to give a ball of mixed aromatic substances

17d    Unseemly row during endless recess in city (7)
{NORWICH} An anagram (unseemly) of ROW goes inside a recess (with the last letter removed) to give an East Anglian city

19d    Metal figure, notice, encapsulating sculpture of Rodin? (7)
{ANDROID} AD (notice) goes round an anagram (sculpture of) of RODIN to give a robot in human form

20d    Marine creature’s hum pervading ocean? Not quite (6)
{SPONGE} A hum (smell) goes inside SE (sea without its last letter) to give a marine creature.

23d    This is some house, mister! (4)
{SEMI} A house in hidden in “house mister”

An easy week for me this week. I hope for something more challenging next time.

19 comments on “Toughie 489

  1. Very enjoyable. My only real struggle was with the obscure shipping forecast area. Thanks to Kcit and Bufo.

  2. Enjoyed this one, just about the right level for me.
    Never heard of 10a but it was guessable from the wordplay and the checking letters. As an ex-yachtsman the shipping area was first in!
    Thanks to Kcit and Bufo

  3. Enjoyable. Years of being awake for the shipping forecast finally paid off with 1a though it is not the same these days without Sailing By. No real stinkers and all fairly and cleverly clued. Thanks to Kcit for the crossword and to Bufo for the review.

  4. Very enjoyable puzzle which I found more difficult than the earlier posters. All in all a hugely satisfying crossword. Thanks Kcit and thanks Bufo for the review.

  5. I must say I found this more difficult than others seem to have done although I did finish unaided (except for checking my answer for 1a which was something of a guess). As far as I was concerned there were no poor clues and there was enough thought required to merit the ‘toughie’ description.

    Well done Kcit for a most enjoyable puzzle and Bufo for the notes.

  6. I also found this rather difficult probably because i had never heard of 1a before, enjoyed it though thanks to Kcit and Bufo for the review.

  7. I had a go and managed the SE corner but most was beyond me. The clues are so involved I get confused as to what I am trying to find. Never mind, I enjoy trying to exercise the old { definitely old, and getting older every day, as my three year-old daughter proclaimed when asked how old she was! a mere 46 years ago!} grey cells so thanks to Kcit and Bufo, my life-saver!

    1. I managed most of it, except the SE corner! (which I just stared at a lot before coming to Big Dave for help)

  8. Nothing too complicated today, however I did try and justify TASE for 18a, although probably not a word in any reference book!
    Thanks to Kcit, and to Bufo.

  9. 3d ? I understand the wordplay but where in the clue does it explain “or less” going AFTER hum please? I can’t see that the clue works. Thanks .

    1. “No more than wordless singing” means “wordless singing or less”, so HUM OR LESS with U inserted.

  10. Lovely to see a shipping forecast area in a cryptic crossword. It doesn’t get any more British than that!

    Very enjoyable puzzle, and only took me half as long as the back page crossword today. 11A was rather too obscure a definition for my liking, and the word “metal” in 19D shouldn’t be there, but no major quibbles.

    I liked 6D quite a bit.

  11. Very enjoyable puzzle – I started it late last night and finished it this morning. Some nice clues.
    I liked : 1a, 11a, 22a, 25a, 7d, 12d, 15d & 19d.

  12. Actually found it easier than the daily one that day. 10a – never heard of it as a N mate but figured it out; I did think mane 18a was a bt obscure – that failed me. As a sailor, the shiiping area was a nice one for me!


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