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Toughie 487

Toughie No 487 by Beam

The Dark Side of the Butt!

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Beam has provided us with a very entertaining puzzle today, with a number of near-the-knuckle laughs along the way.

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1a    Part of speech, ‘for richer, for poorer’ (11)
{COMPARATIVE} – this part of speech expresses a higher degree of a quality, but not the highest possible – otherwise it would have to have been “for richest, for poorest”!

9a    Education that is provided first by special schools (7)
{EDIFIES} – a charade of ED(ucation) and the abbreviated Latin for “that is”, the latter preceded by a synonym for provided and followed by S(pecial), gives a word meaning schools or enlightens

10a    This helps through giving renewed ardour initially! (6)
{VIAGRA} – this all-in-one clue builds a drug used in treating impotence from the Latin for through followed by the initial letters of three of the words in the clue – ROTFL :roll:!

12a    Bank on the cards holding clubs (7)
{INCLINE} – a word meaning to bank or slope is constructed by putting a phrase meaning “on the cards” around (holding) C(lubs)

13a    Outside prison, siege ends after charge (7)
{EXPENSE} – a charade of “outside prison” (2-3) and the ends of S(ieg)E gives a charge or cost

14a    ‘I will’, shortly to be heard here? (5)
{AISLE} – a word that sounds like the abbreviated form of “I will” is where those words can be heard during a wedding

15a    Curse Devil, then Church is back in charge (9)
{IMPRECATE} – this verb meaning to curse is built up from a little devil followed by the Church of England reversed inside a charge or price

17a    Fugitive’s record with time in border line (9)
{EPHEMERAL} – this adjective meaning fugitive or fleeting is a derived from an Extended Play record followed by a period of time sandwiched between a border and L(ine)

20a    Conservative member’s ascent (5)
{CLIMB} – C(onservative) is followed by a member, such as an arm or leg to get an ascent

ARVE Error: need id and provider

22a    Period when bats fly about? (7)
{INNINGS} – … at the MCG or the SCG perhaps!

24a    One, for example, in between (7)
{INTEGER} – one is an example of this type of number – put the abbreviation of “for example” inside a word meaning between

25a    Provide a couple of fines joining ring road (6)
{AFFORD} – a word meaning to provide comes from a charade of A, a couple of Fines, as in grades of lead pencils, O (ring) and the abbreviation of road

26a    Unnatural impregnation left males time for complaint (7)
{AILMENT} – a charade of an unnatural impregnation (2), L(eft), some males (3) and T(ime) gives this medical complaint

27a    Secret family fortune’s endless with eye-opener (11)
{CLANDESTINE} – this adjective meaning secret is a charade of a Scottish family, a fortune without its final Y (endless) and the initial letter of Eye (Eye-opener)


2d           Sponsor, if I cease taking crack (7)
{ORIFICE} – hidden inside the first four words of the clue is this crack

3d           Stranger sound following exercise clutching huge behind (9)
{POSTERIOR} – the last part of this word sounds like stranger (well, it does for me anyway!) – preced this with Physical Exercise around a huge clothes size to get a synonym for behind

4d           Show regret embracing first woman endlessly (5)
{REVUE} – this show is built up by putting a verb meaning to regret around the first two (of three) letters of Adam’s partner

5d           ‘Plod’ apprehends, catching one with Ecstasy (7)
{TRAIPSE} – this word meaning to plod has nothing to do with PC Plod – put a word meaning apprehends or catches around I (one) and follow up with E(cstasy)

6d           Protection from cover and awning (7)
{VERANDA} –  this roofed platform along the outside of a house is hidden inside the clue

7d           Wandering through Italy, sorry, not hot (11)
{PERIPATETIC} – this word meaning wandering or itinerant is a charade of through, I(taly) and a word meaning sorry or pitiable without the H (not Hot)

8d           Oval building not entirely about America (6)
{CIRCUS} – a round or oval building for public entertainments in ancient Rome is a charade of most of the Latin for about followed by the United States (of America)

11d         Right slam always inside ring (11)
{REVERBERATE} – put R(ight) and a verb meaning to slam or scold around a word meaning always to get a verb meaning to ring or resonate

16d         Trembling? Drink up and gasp swallowing vermouth (9)
{PALPITANT} – this word meaning trembling comes from a word meaning to drink, like a dog perhaps, reversed (up) and a word meaning to gasp around (swallowing) IT(alian) vermouth – does anyone still drink Gin & IT?

18d         Little hard with coal perhaps lacking energy (7)
{HANDFUL} – a little amount is a charade of H (Hard – it’s those lead pencils again!), a synonym for with and finally what coal is an example of without the E(nergy)

19d         Show bottom around mid-evening thus producing wind (7)
{MONSOON} – put a word meaning to show one’s bottom, possibly out of the window of a moving vehicle, around N (mid-eveNing) and a synonym for thus to get a seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean

20d         Tongue lash, in the manner of Navy (7)
{CATALAN} – this tongue or Romance language closely related to Castilian Spanish and Provençal is a charade of a lash used for punishment (3), a French expression meaning in the manner of (1,2) and finally the N(avy)

21d         Burning lessens, containing fires (6)
{INGLES} – the first two words of the clue are hiding (containing) these fire(place)s

23d         Small border plant (5)
{SEDGE} – combine S(mall) and a border to get this grass-like plant with triangular stems and inconspicuous flowers

Beam gets the New Year Toughies off to an excellent start.  I particularly like 19d!

11 comments on “Toughie 487

  1. I finished this withou too much difficulty and thought it was a good workmanlike puzzle with some good, if slightly risque, clues.

    Very enjoyable – well done Beam.

  2. Cant wait for BD comment on 7d, understand the “wandering” bit of the clue but not the rest. Found todays ‘Toughie’ tough (but guess thats what its supposed to be).

    Many thanx to all as usual.

  3. If Gazza had not recommended this, I would not have made the time to look at it today. I am glad he did, because I thought this was great fun, and of a suitable level of difficulty that did not keep me away from my work for too long.
    Thanks to Beam, to Gazza, and to BD for the notes.

  4. Great puzzle with lots of laughs if not overly difficult ( with the New Year in mind!)
    Personally I like bottom humour!
    Thanks to BD for the review and thanks plus a Happy New Year to RayT.

  5. Whilst waiting for the review of this excellent puzzle, I reread the clues to try and pick a favourite but there were too many good clues to just pick one. Happy New year and thanks to Ray for great entertainment and to BD for the review.

  6. What a hoot. Many thanks to Ray T for a highly entertaining crossword today. Not too much of a stretch but lots of laughs along the way. Like CS there are too many good clues to choose a favourite today.

  7. Well, unlike everyone else today, I struggled with this one for a long time but after finally finishing it I could not figure out why I struggled. Thanks Beam for the workout and BD for the review. I liked 7d best.

  8. Excellent!
    We have visitors at the moment (not unusual at this time of year) and my mate and I nearly completed this, with a few laughs along the way! p ommette came to the rescue with 7d which I would never have got but is now my favourite clue.
    In my defence I would point out that pommette was trained as a teacher and they do the periwotsiting so it’s a more familiar word to her!
    Anyway,a big thanks to Beam and BD.

  9. Too busy to solve this myself today, but my PinC enjoyed every minute as did I on reading through the completed puzzle. Thanks, Ray/Beam. Masterly work and a lot of long words clued very well in few words too. Just a nice level for a Tuesday Toughie with plenty of welcome humour. I thought 14a was also very good and made a mini-theme with 1a.

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