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ST 2569 (Hints)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2569 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select a few of the better clues and provide hints for them.

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1a    Liberal policy for each point added to message (14)
This liberal (with a small l) policy is a created from “for each” and a point or headland around (added to) a message

11a    Skill needed in aircraft-carrier left, right, and centre (3)
This skill is spelt out by the left, right and centre letters of aircraft-carrier, in that order

15a    Military HQ where sides meet obtusely (8)
Each of the sides of this American Military HQ where meet at 108°

27a    Principle partially applied to fold flag (6,8)
A principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people is a charade of to fold in two and a flag


1d    Group of artists rebuilt atelier, perhaps (3-11)
The group of artists, founded by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, and Sir John Everett Millais, who practised a truthful, almost rigid, adherence to natural forms and effects is an anagram (rebuilt) of ATELIER PERHAPS

3d    Fill in for medic, somewhat ignorant (3-8)
This adjective meaning ignorant is brilliantly hidden inside the clue!

7d    Trying to discover what cat can do? (7)
A verb meaning trying to discover, when split (3,4), gives what a cat can do according to a well-known (to some) expression – note that you need a synonym for the first word!

13d    Former Tory leader annoyed, then mad (7,4)
This former Tory Prime Minister is an anagram (mad) of ANNOYED THEN

25d    Released on bail, heads off to commit a crime (3)
The initial letters (heads off) the first three words give a word meaning to commit a crime

If you need further help then please ask and I will see what I can do.

As this is a Prize crossword, please don’t put whole or partial answers or alternative clues in your comment, else they may be censored!

36 comments on “ST 2569 (Hints)

  1. An excellent crossword today with many enjoyable clues, lots on the favourite list. Thanks to Big Dave and the Setter.

  2. Took me longer than usual to solve, but that might be because I had just got back from a 4 mile walk and was trying to sort out veg for lunch at the same time. Quite tough but very enjoyable with lots of good clues including 11a, 6d and 7d. Thanks to Virgilius and BD.

    1. Champagne´s not responsible today then? I enjoyed this crossword. It´s always satisfying to get long answers in early.

      1. That’s where I went wrong – I DIDN’T (ie couldn’t) do the long ones – so it all seemed a bit difficult ….

      2. Champagne is a once in a blue moon thing in my life – its just I was given three bottles for my special birthday and, as Mr CS, says there isn’t a lot of point leaving them on the wine rack :)

  3. Struggling but will persevere…Mrs Spindrift is on duty at the hospital for the 4th time since Christmas so no distractions of a Sunday Roast with a decent bottle of red for me, unfortunately.

    I’m not sure of the reference to the well known expression in 7d although I can work out what the answer must be.

  4. A very good Sunday work-out, with plenty of excellent clues. 6d had me stuck for a while [a 3-letter word!] until the penny dropped after re-reading the clue several times. Thanks to the setter and BD for this excellent site.

  5. The recuperative power of crosswords! Having been struck by the dreaded flu on Boxing Day, just folding the paper to the back page was too much effort. So to complete this without resort to help is a very positive sign that all is almost well again. A winning start in Sydney later today would be the icing on the recovery cake. Thanks BD & V, and a belated Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. The solution is a drink that traditionally washes down a juicy rib of beef. From the answer you can work out the word-play – that’s what I did.

  6. Hi all

    Brilliant puzzle as always from Virgilius.

    For some reason I can’t figure out 26a.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking forward to more great blogs this year on this fantastic website.

    1. This took me a while as well. Try the usual crosswordland word for “revolutionary then take the first of “warship” then…

      1. Actually I have spotted it but still couldn’t see the relevance other than **** was in the answer. It’s the peanuts that I can’t fit

        1. It’s a poor clue because having entered the answer you can’t be sure that you are correct. Also, as a “definition by example” it should be followed by “perhaps” or a “?” or something similar.

  7. Not my first visit to the site, but the first time I’ve had to ask for help !! just can’t figure 24a

    1. Welcome to the blog Frank

      24a Display work the writer put back in stores (7)
      It’s a reverse charade – take words meaning to display, a musical work and the setter of the puzzle (3,2,2) and reverse them to get these stores or large shops that sells a wide variety of goods

  8. Found this a bit more difficult than the last few Sundays. Have now finished but needed hints and some of the comments and replies for a few explanations – 11a 26a and 7d. Oh well – it’s not that long ago that I hardly ever looked at the crossword on Sundays because I just couldn’t do it so I MUST be improving. :smile:
    1a and 1d both took me a long time so I didn’t have lots of starting letters which could account for how long the whole crossword took – who cares – what’s the hurry? It’s Sunday!
    Favourite clues today – 19 and 24a and 3, 6 and 18d.
    Thank you to Virgilius and Big Dave.

      1. See – I can and do learn! :grin:

        Do you mean double carriage returns (which is what you seem to do) because if you don’t it looks even worse?!

        As I said yesterday, some of my comments would take up SO much space …

  9. Bit tricky today – but very enjoyable. Favourites 6d – took me ages to see that one – and 11a – one of my first (smug smile!!) Thanks Virgilius for the ‘work-out’ and BD for the hints.

  10. Knocked this off quickly after dinner tonight!
    Of the four outer 14-letter jobs I found 8d to be the best.
    Also liked 10a, 19a, 24a, 7d & 16d.

  11. Just finished this one.

    Simple to complete, but some very nice clues. 10A was my favourite, and took me ages to figure out, followed by a particularly severe self-kicking.

    Thanks to setter and BD; the latter, in particular, for the “Ophelia” pic in the hint for 1D.

    1. I particularly remembered the picture from the recent TV mini-series – the poor girl spent hours lying in a bath of water while Millais painted her.

  12. Brian

    You didn’t provide your return email address when you wrote via the Contact page.

    8d Dog in manger perturbed pastor (6,8)
    This dog is an anagram (perturbed) of MANGER followed by a pastor, one who looks after a flock!

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