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Christmas Puzzles

Christmas Puzzles

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Phil McNeill has kindly provided me with the puzzle publication and closing dates over the Christmas period, so I have produced a table which also includes the dates you can expect to see those puzzles reviewed here.

Puzzle Number Publication date Newspaper version Online version Closing date Solution / Winners Hints only post Review post
DT 26427 18th Dec Yes Yes 30th Dec 3rd Jan 18th Dec 30th Dec 08:00
Giant GK Puzzle 12,345 18th Dec Yes Yes 4th Jan 8th Jan n/a n/a
ST 2567 19th Dec Yes Yes 30th Dec 2nd Jan 19th Dec 30th Dec 12:00
Herculis GK Puzzle 12,347 20th Dec Yes Yes 30th Dec 3td Jan n/a n/a
DT 26432 24th Dec Yes Yes 6th Jan 10th Jan 24th Dec 6th Jan 08:00
DT 100,002 25th Dec No Yes 6th Jan 10th Jan 25th Dec 6th Jan 09:00
Toughie 100,002 / Osmosis 25th Dec No Yes n/a 28th Dec n/a 25th Dec
Enigmatic Toughie / Elgar 25th Dec No Yes n/a 15th Jan n/a tba
Giant GK Puzzle 12,346 25th Dec No Yes 11th Jan 15th Jan n/a n/a
ST 2568 26th Dec Yes Yes 6th Jan 9th Jan 26th Dec 6th Dec 12:00
DT 26433 27th Dec Yes Yes n/a n/a n/a 27th Dec 11:00
Herculis GK Puzzle 12,348 27th Dec Yes Yes 6th Jan 10th Jan n/a n/a

I have included the General knowledge details for those who are interested

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  1. This looks like an appropriate page to wish you a Merry Christmas, BD, and to replicate those wishes and thanks to all the reviews, the setters and the DT for a wonderful year’s entertainment. Have a happy and healthy 2011, and a festiv period full of good cheer.

  2. The Special Toughie for Christmas Day is available if you click “Toughie” on the search facility. Elgar’s Enigmatic Toughie is available if you click on “Enigmatic Variations”.

  3. Well done to Phil & the team. As a paper person I don’t suffer the trials, tribulations and 21d (Cryptic 2567) that on-line bloggers seem to suffer, so I can only say that it has been a very satisfying puzzling year. I perservate into 2011 determined to win the pen to compliment my black notebook! Best wishes to one and all!!

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