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DT 26379 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26379 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select a few of the better clues and provide hints for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

A full review of this puzzle will be published on Thursday, 28th October.


4a           Might Peter return after short sleep? (5,3)
A synonym for might or strength is followed by a famous Peter, who never grows up, reversed to get a short sleep

9a           Note new verses in piece of narrative music (4,4)
An anagram (new) of NOTE is followed by some verses to get a piece of narrative music

ARVE Error: need id and provider

12a         In Channel Islands, get impression of event (8)
You need IN, the first two letters of the clue, followed by the abbreviation for Channel Isles and finally a four letter word for something that makes or is an impression (particularly if you bump your car!) to give you a word for an event [thanks to Mary for the explanation]

13a         Most restless but not starting to be most catty (8)
A word meaning most restless is derived by removing the initial B (not starting) from a word meaning most catty

24a         Conclude independent has alternative subordinate (8)
The definition is subordinate (lower in the pecking order): start with a verb meaning to conclude or deduce and add the abbreviation for independent and a conjunction used to introduce an alternative [thanks to Gazza for the explanation]

26a         Arty gets revised plan of action (8)
An anagram (revised) of ARTY GETS gives this plan of action


1d           Old man lying about gas (7)
The old man has a word meaning lying or prostrate around to get a flammable hydrocarbon gas used as bottled fuel

2d           Welcomed Bill and Edwin who had accepted demand (9)
The definition is welcomed or praised publicly; put the abbreviations for bill (or invoice) and Edwin around (accepted) a demand (for compensation, for example) [thanks to Gazza for the explanation]

5d           Blow hit cone (8)
A blow or breeze is followed by a word meaning to hit hard to get a light, flexible cone mounted on a mast

7d           State sun’s over abyss (7)
A verb meaning to state is followed by SUN reversed (over) to get a little-used word for an abyss

15d         Too particular about Italian city, not very English (8)
A word meaning too particular, or too fastidious as given by Chambers, is built from a synonym for about (as in they had a row about the something or other – thanks Kath) followed by an Italian city without (not) its first two letters V(ery) and E(nglish) – and it’s not Verona!

22d         Greek character revolutionary atheist is excluding (5)
This character of the Greek alphabet is an anagram (revolutionary) of ATHE(IS)T without IS (is excluding)

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155 comments on “DT 26379 (Hints)

  1. Too tough for a Saturday AGAIN!! Even with the hint I just don’t get 9a. I can make a word from NOTE but the second word has me totally stumped and what on earth has it got to do with Also Sprach Zarathustra!!
    Unfortunately the hints are for the easier(!) of the clues and not the more difficult such as 21a and 15d. However, of course, easier is in the mind of the beholder :-)

      1. 12a, toadson you need the first two letters of the clue followed by the abbreviation for Channel Isles and a four letter word for something that makes or is an impression, particularly if you bump your car! to give you a word for event

        1. Thanks Mary, can see it now. I can get on with the very uncomfortable task of insulating the loft now. Lucky me. By the way, 7d is a new word to me too.

            1. You did ‘spell out’ this clue brilliantly indeed! I’m really” impressed” by the “impression one gets when bumping their car” thing! It also sounds as if coming from experience, doesn’t it??!! ;-)

                1. I guess you mean ‘funny ahah” and take it as one of the best compliments ever… Thanks!! However, i’m not very quick today as I still haven’t found half of the clues!!! May bother you later and plead for help! ;-(

              1. Hi Chris, for 17d, it is really funny, its an anagram i.e. ‘out’ of ‘the rain’ the definition is ‘lock keeper’ think of somethiing an old lady might wear to keep her hair tidy at night!

                1. 17d – Mary, thanks for the full explanation – I missed the anagram! I was going to complain that this item of headgear doesn’t usually keep out the rain – all is revealed!

                1. Got it thanks, had spent out trying to find the name of the guy who operates the looks on canals!. What was also complicating things was I had “er” not “ed” on end of 2d. Once I corrected that 16a became obvious – before then I was working on something-rival
                  I enjoyed this puzzle alot – unlike yesterdays (:-(
                  Favorite was 4d – I spotted that anagram.

              2. 16a, definition is ‘satanic lady’ think of a four letter word for ‘dropped’ as when an animal drops? its hair, followed by a four letter word for wrongdoing such as it is pure ****! put the two together and you get you answer

                Hope that’s not too confusing, I have been known to make things worse :)

                1. All done and dusted. Can go to bed happy now.
                  Thanks for your help. Cannot believe I missed the anagram in 17d

          1. OK Steph, you are looking for a word for ‘event’ – take the first two letters of the clue follow this with the standard abbreviation for Channel Isles then add a four letter word for impression or something you might get on your car if you bumped it, together giving you an eight letter synonym for ‘event’

            1. ha got it at last – Thank you could you guide on 24a and 13a I understand the b***** bit but not much else!

              1. 13a Most restless but not starting to be most catty (8)
                Definition: most restless
                B + definition = most catty – the B (not starting) = definition

                24a Conclude independent has alternative subordinate (8)
                conclude (5 letters) + I (abbreviation for Independent) + an alternative (2) gives a word meaning subordinate

    1. I thought of you as I was solving this puzzle! For 9a – the second word is another word for verses – put it with the word you already have and then look it up in the dictionary – Chambers has it as a piece of music conveying a poetic idea or literary theme. 21a is really obvious. Think of what a group of, eg, piglets or kittens, would be called when very young. It means the same as a thing people used to be carried on. Can’t help you with 15d as I am not sure what to put in there either :)

      1. Thanks Sue, got 21a just after writing the question but thanks anyway. I think I get 9a but I have never heard of whatever a ****/**** is (I assume the second word is what you would call a set of rhyming verses such as the Ancient Mariner). Is Also sprach Zarathustra a ****/**** then? Glad I am not the only one stuck on 15d which is my last clue.

          1. Thanks Dave; amazing, you learn something new everyday from this Blog :-) . Got 15d at last but not all that happy with it but there we are, finished at last now I can go and do some work.

      2. 15d – The Italian city forming the second half of the solution is famous for its canals (minus a few letters)

    2. 9a – Also Sprach Zarathustra is an example of this type of music

      Ask yourself what contains a number of verses, and don’t say a hymn!

  2. Thought this would be a complete nightmare at first but Mr C & I managed all but 2 in the end! Thankfully 2 of the ones BD posted tips for – 13a (doh! – should have got that!) and 7d (never heard of it butgot it from the clue) Thanks BD!! now I can get on with clearing the kitchen in preparation for the builders. Favourite was 17d, made me smile too Barrie :-))

      1. Definitely – still an ongoing saga – getting seriously fed -up with it now! Watch your builders Claire!!

        1. Oh no – here am I getting all excited about my new kitchen and you tell me to watch my builders!!! I think I missed your saga Kath, sounds like a long and sorry story – do hope it resolves!

  3. I enjoyed this today and spent a bit more time than normal solving. Thanks to Cephas and BD (there is a Y missing in the anagram fodder at 26a but I am not at my PC to correct)

  4. As Claire, I thought I would never get this one today and putting clapping in for 10a didn’t help at all or wombat for 21a!! Eventually came together and even liked a few of the clues, loved 17d, 14d, 23a in fact liked all the s/e corner, never heard of 7d very obscure word, thanks for hints Dave :)

  5. I agree with Barry – I liked 17d when it finally clicked. I didn’t like 15d – neither the clue nor the answer. I did like 16a and of course the 4d which helped a lot getting it first off.

    Took me longer than normal – brain on go slow I think.

    Thanks for the hints BD and Cephas for the puzzle

  6. Depression strikes again ! Last week I sailed through in a couple of hours and felt so smug I didn’t even bother to worry you at all.

    This week is different – very, very different ! B.D.’s clues have confirmed to me that this is going to be a struggle – in those immortal words, “I may be gone some time” !!

    See you all once desperation is confirmed ……………. !!

    1. Don’t despair Pete, it is not an easy one today, I thought I would never get going on it, I have just got out of the CC after nearly 18 months!so don’t worry just enjoy :)

      1. Thanks for the encouragement Mary, I need it today ! Still, now finished the shopping and repaired one of my “bits of wood” that someone kindly dropped during an exhibition last night so can return to this with a clearer mind ……………. no less confused, just fewer things on it !!

          1. Sculptures, mainly based on the shapes of sails but as I get more and more bored with those shapes, so they’re drifting further towards abstract but still nice flowing curves.

            Because they’re often pointed it doesn’t do them much good to be dropped point first !

            P.S. why do I have to keep entering my name & e-mail, Dave?

            1. There was a problem with having to re-enter details but that was supposed to have been fixed by WordPress.

              The best way is to acquire a WP logon and stay logged in all the time – see the FAQ.

  7. A very enjoyable crossword which took a little longer than usual due to my senior moment with 15d. Thanks to Cephas for the entertainment. Agree with BD about Mary’s hints – I may pinch her 12a wording for the review.

  8. Some good clues for a miserable Sat Morning here in Northumberland & now for lunch & home made watercress soup to warm us up. Thanks to setter today Good CW.

  9. Needed some of the hints and a couple of prods from Mary, but it fell into place quickly enough. Once I realised 9a wasn’t an anagram of ‘versesin’ it was easy enough. Didn’t know 7d either.
    Enjoyable enough and thanks for the helps.

    Big day today, annual festival of three welsh male voice choirs in the town hall, 100 voices!

  10. Brain on a bit of a “go slow” today so have made more heavy weather of this than I need to have done. I STILL can’t quite explain 15d – maybe my answer is wrong. I also have never heard of 9a or 7d but once the brain got into gear managed to work them out and look them up. Like Mary, I started off putting ‘clapping’ for 10a which didn’t help with anything! Made 17d more difficult than I should have by trying to think of some mythical lock-keeper – what a lovely clue. I think this is, in general, more difficult than the usual Saturday crossword, but maybe it’s just me … ! Off to do some autumn tidying in the garden – husband already out there so beginning to feel a bit guilty!

    1. Kath 15d is a four letter word which is a synonym for about, plus the Italian city which has all the canals without the V for ‘very and the ‘e’ English :) i.e. ‘not very English’

  11. Completed with Mr Roget’s help for 9a and 7d. :)

    I know the answer for 15d is right but I’m not happy with it at all – if I take the name for the Italian city out I’m left with ** (**) not **. I don’t think I’ve ever used **/ ** as a synonym for about.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be looking at ‘***’ as an alternative for ‘not very English’……

    1. flounce,
      For 15d you want a 4-letter synonym for about followed by a 6-letter Italian city from which the abbreviations for very and English are dropped.

      1. And yet you have that Italian city with two extraneous letters first and fourth!
        It does seem an odd clue, but since I’m a Jane Austen fan the word came to me without much thought, and then I tried to see how it fitted.

        1. If you remove V and E from the city with canals then you get a city in France and then stick a synonym for about in front. I was not real happy with the synonym but the end product does mean Too particular.

      2. Thank you Gazza……….

        I did in fact realise while vacuuming where I was going wrong.

        (Apologies for having to be edited)

  12. After my few days in the fair city of Edinburg with the paper version I found todays puzzle hard going. It might be all the haggis and venison and bagpipe music I have been enjoying over the last few days. Mrs N enjoyed lots of retail therapy and her stock of cashmere scarves has increased. Thanks to Big Boab for his suggestion of Stac Polly, wonderful place, as was Mary Queen’s Close.
    Thanks to Dave for the hints and Cephas for the crossword. Fav was 4d.

    1. Glad you enjoyed our lovely Capital Nubian, I was in Stac Pol last week, it’s very good. I think this was probably the best Saturday crossword for a long time.

  13. I too enjoyed this puzzle but I’m late in posting a comment as I’ve been completing the crossword in 20-minute stretches throughout the morning. The house was rewired on Thursday [plasterers yesterday] and I’m still attempting to put the house back together again… I have freed up four extension cables and nine [yes nine] triple adaptors but I’m not doing any more today. That’ll do for now. Mary, I hadn’t realised that you were a Liverpool supporter as well and they, like Wales, play in red too. Is red your favourite colour?

    1. It is as far as football teams go Cara…, except of course for that team from Manchester that play in red, can’ t stand them, nothing to do with them being way ahead of us at the moment of course! all that fuss about Wayne Rooney…..boring!

        1. OK OK I know, but as a true supporter I will be sticking with them, at least if they do impossibly go down a division, they will be close enought o go and see the games, that is always allowing that Swansea and Cardiff don’t go up of course!

                1. Isn’t it obvious? The team that won the World Cup in 1966! Not England but the ‘Hammers”

                    1. Is there an emoticon for crying?

                      We haven’t kicked off yet (17:30 versus Newcastle) but I think I might need a box of Kleenex!

      1. Mary, Big Dave wasn’t so smug on Wednesday night when Tottenham were 3-0 down in 14 minutes and were minus their goalkeeper too! The Liverbird will metamorphose into a phoenix…

            1. Sorry, Mary, I’ve been seeing how often I can sneeze [see my previous comment regarding the house being rewired] and I’m now convinced that it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open! Yes, a Liverpool supporter since the days of St John, Yeats, Callaghan, Hunt et al.

  14. Afternoon everyone from wet Bristol.Thanks to all for the help thus far – but can anyone help me out with 2d and 24a – I just cannot see my way through.

    1. 2d Welcomed Bill and Edwin who had accepted demand (9)
      The definition is welcomed or praised publicly. Put the abbreviations for bill (or invoice) and Edwin around (accepted) a demand (for compensation, for example).

    2. 24a Conclude independent has alternative subordinate (8)
      The definition is subordinate (lower in the pecking order). Start with a verb meaning to conclude or deduce and add the abbreviation for independent and a conjunction used to introduce an alternative.

    3. I got stuck on 2d.. last to go in! Its taken me 55 minutes and I spent most of that on the top left corner :x

  15. More whinging from Oxford!! I am STILL lost with 15d despite all the help and hints etc in the comments. I have an answer but however I look at it I can’t make all the letters make sense – the last four letters are the Italian city famous, among other things, for canals minus V(very) and E(English) at the beginning but I don’t understand how my first four letters mean ‘about’ – must be really dim today.

    1. Think that I’ve finally got there – the first four letters are a synonym for about as in “they had a row about the something or other”. I was thinking more of about meaning roughly or around etc etc. Sorry folks – absolutely hopeless today!! :oops:

  16. Today’s crossword does seem harder than ususal and I have had to resort to BD’s clues and the comments on the blog. I have finished all but 2d, for which I can only think of one word which would fit but I can’t understand why that would be the solution. Can anyone help? Sorry to be so dense …

    1. I have just seen Gazza’s explanation and all has been revealed – thank you. My browser is obviously not updating automatically (at least I think that’s the technical explanation but my knowledge of computers and internet technology is roughly equal to my crossword level, ie about one degree above zero).

        1. If the clue for 15d read “Too particular above Italian city, not very English” it would have been a lot less confusing.

            1. I know but it would have saved me an hour or so on the SW corner
              Off to bed now – nearly midnight here.

                  1. Good night then, it’s a funny world you are off to bed , my brother and his family are just getting up in Alberquerque, Kate is sitting in the sun in Barcelona, Franny where are you today? and Froggy? and Libelulle? and who else isn’t putting up with this dismal day?

        1. Yes, I’m going to have to do that in future. Crossword finished, so out into the Barcelona sunshine to enjoy some tapas and a glass of wine or two.. I do love weekends!

          1. So would we if we lived in Barcelona! East Kent is sunny-ish but with a particularly biting wind.

            1. Yes, we are very lucky. Barcelona is a great city and we enjoy living here, and the football team isn’t bad! I do hope everything gets back on track at Liverpool now the takeover’s happened Mary.

  17. Thanks for the hints and tips today, particularly the help with 7d. I sense that 15d hasn’t got too many fans and it’s not on my Christmas card list.

  18. Well I hardly dare say it, but I found this pretty easy today and only really got stuck on 7d, for which I’m most grateful for Big Dave’s hint. So thanks to him and the setter, and a Happy Weekend to everyone else.

    Oh. Favourites were 13a and 4d. :-)

    1. Well done Franny, I must admit I found it tough today and agree with everyone that 15d is a confusing one, the fact that the city is in the answer and then leaves you with ‘or’ thrown in is the way most people are reading it!

  19. Just finished and so pleased!
    Found 13a a bit irritating indeed and liked 16a, 17d best. Have a nice day everyone!

      1. Thanks Mary! Almost asked you for help with 8a : ‘Car crashed….’ I must admit !!! ;-) Actually, it’s a French word too…

  20. Haven’t trawled through all the answers but sailed through today’s crossword until the last three and in my typical non brainy way, can’t get head around them even though I have most of the letters. 7d just defeats me – 24across and 15d (although think I’ve got this one but can’t fit it with 24a) are also non-Carole friendly!

    1. Hi Carole, have you looked at all the comments etc. above, hints for your three clues are all provided if not in Daves hints then in the comments above, ggod luck, it’s not easy today

  21. At first glance thought this was going to be a real stinker. but i buried my head in my trusty thesaurus and struggled through. thankyou to Cephas for one of the best saturday puzzles in a while. And thankyou to BD for the hints, would never have got 7d. Favourite clue17d.

    1. well done carole, isn’t it strange how once you have the answers you sometimes can’t understand why you didn’t ‘see’ tem straightaway!

  22. I am looking out of the window at the 4th rainbow we have had today, beautiful :) Off now to visit Ebay to see if anyone has put in a bid for our boat! back later

  23. By usual Saturday standards I found today’s puzzle quite a tough probably not helped by the fact that I was out with work colleagues last night and I consumed a tad too many! Anyway, after a slow start I have finished it last in being 15d – clumsy? 12a and 5d my favourite. Not tuned in today but I can only blame myself!

    Thanks to Cephas.

  24. Just got around to this late in the day. Quite a nice puzzle, with the exception of 15d (which I don’t think I have ever heard in any context before – possibly with ‘ly’ after the 4th letter)
    Thanks to Cephas, and to BD.

  25. Found this much harder than last week. Have just finished now thanks to your comments- we hated 7d, 17d and 5d which in our estimation were grubby little clues! Would be useful to have a search engine on this site as it is hard to find the posts about clues as opposed to the ones about the weather or football! Love the site though

    1. Hi Penny and Louise,

      Could you be a little bit more precise? What is your definition of a “grubby little clue”?

    2. If you are in Internet Explorer, press Cntrl F and a little box will come up with Find next to it. Type a word or clue number into it and you will get all the matches highlighted. You will be able to see if there is the hint you are looking for, but miss out on the great joy of this blog: the weather forecasts, health updates, guides to Edinburgh, comparisons of holidays, discussions on beer and so on.

      1. Sue the Review, Thanks for the (IE + press Cntrl F) tip – you learn new something every day!

        The great joy of this blog is NOT knowing that some bloggers are in Barcelona and other agreeable climes – I’m green with envy!!

    3. Hi Penny & Louise its all good fun as well as the most helpful, friendliest blog around as you will find out if you visit regularly, certainly cheers up a wet dismal day, oops, another comment on the weather :)

  26. Really enjoyed this one and managed it in good time despite serious jet lag. The only answer I’m not totally clear on is 21a – I’m sure a Chambers definition would explain but if anyone can drop a hint I’d appreciate it. Thanks as usual to Cephas and BD.

    1. 21a Carrier of young (6)
      Double definition. An old method of personal transport in the form of a bed or seat carried on men’s shoulders, and a group of young animals (kittens, for example) all born at the same time.

      1. Thanks so much Gazza – hadn’t heard of the “personal transport” meaning. Always something new to learn!

  27. Hi all,

    Lovely comments today, enjoyed reading them all. Fantastic CW today I had to persevate a liitle but finished quite quickly after dinner, last in 24a.
    Don’t see the paper until after work on a Saturday as my paper shop doesn’t open until after I go to work although I get the comments on my Blackberry and can’t wait until I get home to do the CW, many thanks to Cephas and BD. :D

  28. I sort of liked today’s puzzle. I only had 15 minutes this morning to start it and filled in over half very quickly. Then this afternoon I had a bit longer and filled a few gaps but was left with 15d and 24a for which I’ve now got, thanks to the contributors here. I liked 4d and 17d best this week.

  29. Many thanks to Cephas for the crossword – I found this harder than last week’s but not overly difficult. Most of the clues were straightforward enough. No particular favourites this week.

    Thanks too to BD for the review.

  30. At last after all those comments I can submit mine!
    This was a rather easy puzzle and the clues I liked best were : 13a, 15a, 21a, 25a, 1d, 4d, 5d, 7d, 15d & 18d.

    Re 15d – this is a bit in red herring land!! I know that part f Europe very well.

  31. It wasn’t too bad today after I erased a number of incorrect answers inserted by a friend who thinks he can do these better than me but puts in the wrong answers! There- what a B-13a I’m being!

  32. Appreciate all the help I get from this excellent site. as still new to the world of Cryptic crosswords. However still stuck on 14d. No idea at all. Please a small hint would help. Also not convinced about 25a as well.

    1. Hi Bob – welcome.
      14d Bring in a book of great significance (9)
      Bring in relates to goods being brought into the country from abroad.
      25a Landowners attempt to get primary info (6)
      The definition is landowners. You want a synonym for attempt and before that (primary) put an informal word for information.

      1. Ahh see it now but cant see significance of book in the clue.
        But now messed up 13A, thought it was ITCHLESS. Sorry, sure its obvious but brains gone to sleep.

        1. 14d the book is the second half of the Bible – you want A and its abbreviation.
          13a you’re on the right track but the word you have would mean “not restless” whereas what you want is a superlative meaning most restless.

  33. Got it. Too late to send it in now. Possibly better luck next Saturday. Thanks for your assistance.

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