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NTSPP – 036 (Comments)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 036

A Puzzle by Prolixic

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Welcome to the thirty sixth in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week the prolific Prolixic entertains us again.

The puzzle by Prolixic is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 036

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14 comments on “NTSPP – 036 (Comments)

  1. A very nice Prolixic puzzle. When test-solving this, my favourite clue was 29a and I haven’t changed my mind today. Recommened to all who have finished the Prize Puzzle in good time.

  2. Very enjoyable, once again, Prolixic and a very welcome diversion. Favourite for me was also 29a.

    As an aside, a cri de coeur … I am desperately trying to sign off on a website for a charity I am involved with and wonder if there is anyone who can explain to me how a website can appear differently when accessed via Firefox, Safari and IE. If this is a relatively usual scenario, then i can deal with it. The person who is setting this up can’t tell me and I don’t know enough to tell him how he can resolve it – or not! Thanks.

    1. Tilly,
      Its possible, it probably depends on the html/javscript code thats being used. Browsers do sometimes render code slightly differently.

      1. Many thanks, Libellule. Much appreciated. I guess if it can’t be resolved, I will sign off the one I know is correct on my machine and hope that the content of the website will outweigh any glitches if viewed in other browsers.

        1. Tilly,
          It depends on what you are trying to do. HTML is meant to be a standard, and all browsers should render the standard the same way, but standards are usually interpreted by browser developers hence the differences. But HTML etc has been around quite a while know so If the code being used is well known and starightforward, I would expect all the browsers to behave correctly. So I can only assume that your developer is trying to do something a little bit “too clever” with new functionality perhaps.

          1. I understand what you mean. He has volunteered his help, for which we are very grateful, and as i have done all the wording and suggested the layout, that is as far as i can go as I have no in depth knowledge about how websites work. I have left it to his ‘expertise’ to get it up and running. I know I am a stickler for perfection … but I’ll have a word with him, taking account of what you have said and see where that gets me. Unless of course he follows this blog and realises i am talking about him!!!

  3. I don’t do these Sarurday puzzles very often, but I am sure that last tine I looked (several months ago) there was a button by the side (of the interactive version) marked “check” which confirmed all correct entries, and hjghlighted any errors. But this seems to have disappeared, to be replaced by a useless and irritating button marked “revert”. Needless to say, I absent-mindedly clicked on “revert” when 90% complete, and lost all my answers!

    Any chance of eliminating “revert” and reverting to “check”?

    My appologies if this issue has already been discussed.

  4. That was a nice way to spend time on a Sunday morning – thanks Prolixic. My favourite clues were 13a and 20a.

    I got the answer for 3d but am not sure of the wordplay on it – any help please? Thanks.

    1. Lea, it’s a construct called a compound anagram that Prolixic is very fond of. If you make an anagram (thrown) of SLICE POOR CRABS you get BROCCOLI SPEARS (Britney’s younger sister who’s still a bit green :D ).

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