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NTSPP – 034 (Comments)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 034

A Puzzle by Bufo

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Welcome to the thirty fourth in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have another excellent puzzle from Bufo.

The puzzle by Bufo is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 034

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13 comments on “NTSPP – 034 (Comments)

  1. Very enjoyable. Not too long a solve with some very good clues, 21d being my particular favourite. Highly recommended. Thanks Bufo.

  2. Good fun on a dull afternoon. I liked 19d and 10a was almost a certain stadium close to my heart!

    Many thanks, Bufo.

  3. Thanks to Bufo for an entertaining puzzle that’s not too difficult. My favourite clues: 13a, 20a, 3d, 10d and 16d.

  4. This was a little on the hard side for me but i persevated and got there eventually! Enjoyed it a lot – thanks Bufo.
    Liked 16d and 21d but struggled with 26a for a while – I’d got in mind I had to take I will (I’ll) out of Pirelli, Doh!
    Not sure I really understand 12a.
    Not done an NTSPP before but I’ll be back next week.

    1. 12a the second and third letters of USED (centrally) another term for a bridge or part of a bridge, and then if something isn’t heavy it’s ***** so would be a small load.

    2. I think that Crypticsue has given a hint for 11a rather than 12a.
      12a is a double definition – a final amount after all costs, say, have been subtracted from the gross amount, and to score a goal.

      1. Thanks Gazza, I thought that’s what it would turn out to be but I’m not keen on it. Weakest clue in the puzzle IMHO.
        Off to check on the progress in the ‘Copa del Ryder’ as they call it around here!

  5. Didn’t seem like a Giovanni today? lots anagrams, easier than his usual?? Lots to do today, back later

  6. I don’t know who set today’s toughie.. but enjoying it so far. Only 7 solvers so far on CluedUp.

    1. Not the best place to post this, but it’s by Osmosis.

      I was the first to finish, but needed some (but not all) of the available hints.

      1. Thanks. Unfortunately CluedUp does not say who the setter is. Only those who buy the paper are privy to that information.

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