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Toughie 424

Toughie No 424 by Giovanni

The Lonesome Crustacean

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I don’t think that this is substantially different, in terms of difficulty, from some of Giovanni’s normal cryptic puzzles on Fridays. There are a couple of uncommon words (or rather, uncommon meanings of common words), but nothing that’s not gettable from the wordplay. Do you agree or not? Let me know in a comment.
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DT 26346

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26346

Hints and tips by Falcon

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Welcome to the Wednesday blog. Before getting down to business, let me give you a brief background about myself.  I am a retired engineer living in Ottawa, Canada as well as a relative newcomer to cryptic crosswords, having taken up the pastime (to which I quickly became addicted) only a couple of years ago, following my retirement.  However, I do have a fairly solid foundation, having been a longtime solver of regular crossword puzzles.  Furthermore, my training has been greatly accelerated by closely following a number of British cryptic crossword sites, in particular, this one.

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