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NTSPP – 031 (Comments)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 031

A Puzzle by Tilsit & Prolixic

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Welcome to the thirty first in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week’s puzzle is from our very own Tilsit, with help from Prolixic.

Please note that the clue for 2 down has been changed since the puzzle was first published.

The puzzle by Tilsit & Prolixic is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 031

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14 comments on “NTSPP – 031 (Comments)

  1. Printed this off and will try and get it done on route to Jimmy’s Harvest Festival in Ipswich. Traffic really bad so could take a couple of hours, but going to support son. Had a very quick look – absolutely loved 1a – a wonderfully topical clue. Also should 23d be 2,3 and not 5?

  2. Haven’t we had a variation of 23d recently? Ah! no sorry that was in last week’s Week magazine

  3. Too busy to finish this yesterday, had to map read and couldn’t do both. Got back far too late to even try last night, as we stayed on for some of the music acts in the evening.

    Really enjoyed this puzzle, with occasional furrowed brows. Favourite clues – 1a, 8d,18a. Thanks Tilsit and Prolixic for great 26a.

    By the way, can thoroughly recommend Jimmy’s Harvest. He is the ‘pig man’ from TV and it is a great family day out, on his farm, with lots to do for all ages during the day and a great music festival at night. And lots to eat and drink in true festival style … !

  4. Stuck on quite a few explanations despite having filled in all but 9d. Will there be a full review? No Hurry!

    1a and 8d – excellent anagrams but with a short lifespan – especially the Right Honourable Lady in 1a. Strictly speaking – she’s “no dance bod!”

    Many thanks for your freebie each weekend!

    1. If nobody else volunteers, I’ll do a review (not before Thursday) because the puzzle deserves a write-up. Perhaps we can persuade Tilly or Spindrift to write a review?

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        No need for a full review – apart from the solution for 9d – please.

        I wonder why so many DT bloggers miss this freebie at the weekend.

        Why is it free?

        1. 9d The answer is Lycanthropist which is an anagram of ONLY THIS PART with the first letter of C(heney) inside.
          A lycanthropist is a wolfman or werewolf and Lon Chaney (spelling?) appeared as such in a 1941 film called Wolfman.

        2. It’s free because I have twisted a few arms! It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain at a rate of one a week, and I may have to reduce the frequency to fortnightly soon.

          If you do the interactive version there is a reveal letter “cheat” facility.

        3. It’s free because a number of setters give freely of their time to produce puzzles for our entertainment, so we owe them a great debt of thanks. It’s a pity that more potential solvers don’t have a go at them.

      2. Gazza would love to help out but can’t at the moment. Just finished my working day with a 3-hr meeting and rest of this week is chokka. Barelly managing to keep up with the cryptic and toughie by trying to allow myself a few minutes each hour … Hopefully things will ease up towards the end of October…

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