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DT 26314

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26314

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Normal Monday service, another gentle start to the week from Rufus. Nothing to complain about (except perhaps the double use of chaos as an anagram indicator), nothing to get particularly excited about either.

On another note, I would like to remember Reg Levy DFC (ex C Flight 51 Squadron) who died a week ago, may he rest in peace.

If the hint does not help, the full answer can be found by highlighting the space between the curly brackets.


1. Untimely error upsets a Cornishman (11)
{ANACHRONISM} – An anagram of A CORNISHMAN is an error in chronology e.g. something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred.

9. High flier subject to ground control (4)
{KITE} – The high flier is usually controlled by string.

10. One won’t strike unless the conditions are right (6,5)
{SAFETY MATCH} – You would find one of these in a special box. They only ignite because of the chemical contents of the head and a special striking surface.

11. Further chaos in Laos (4)
{ALSO} – A simple anagram (chaos) of LAOS.

14. Irreverence shown by cheeky child I have yet to reform (7)
{IMPIETY} – Definition is irreverence, take a common word for a small demon (or cheeky child) and follow this with an I and then an anagram (to reform) of YET.

16. Scope for firm with a thousand to spend (7)
{COMPASS} – The abbreviation for company (firm), the Roman numeral for a thousand, and then another word for spending time should give you a word that can be used to describe a range or a restricted space or area.

17. Long story set about drug (5)
{YEARN} – An informal word for a story is placed around E (ecstasy – drug) is a word used to describe an intense desire.

18. Quite a lot of transferable stock? (4)
{HERD} – A word used to describe a group of cattle or other domestic animals.

19. Starts to serve time in Russian prison (4)
{STIR} – The key to this clue are the words starts to, take the first letters of the following four words, and you have a slang term for prison.

20. He goes into a ship and remains (5)
{ASHES} – Put HE inside A and the abbreviation for a steamship, to get the kind of remains you would normally place in an urn.

22. Stop when confronted by snake on the road (7)
{ASPHALT} – Cleopatra’s “favourite” snake and another word for stop is a mixture of bitumen used to cover roads.

23. Tract of grassland left untidy (7)
{LEAFLET} – A common crossword word for a meadow and an anagram (untidy) of LEFT is a small book.

24. The prosecutor is on the platform (4)
{DAIS} – An American lawyer is followed by IS.

28. Theologians may provide choice literary gatherings (11)
{ANTHOLOGIES} – An anagram (may provide choice) of THEOLOGIANS are collections of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays.

29. Drink, knock it back as a starter (4)
{ASTI} – An Italian sparkling wine is AS followed by IT reversed (back).

30. Kent resort offers wide-ranging flights (11)
{BROADSTAIRS} – Flights in this case are a set of steps.


2. He was inundated with entries from couples (4)
{NOAH} – He also built an ark to house them temporarily.

3. See the N American Indian creep softly away (4)
{CREE} – Remove the P (softly) from CREEP to leave a native American tribe.

4. Uncommon payment for an author (7)
{ROYALTY} – Cryptic or double definition? I think will go with the double definition, monarchs and their families, is also what is paid to the author of a work when it is sold.

5. Steer straight (4)
{NEAT} – Another double definition, remember the archaic (and often used) crossword definition of a cow?

6. Notices damaged part (7)
{SECTION} – An anagram (damaged) of NOTICES gives a piece of something.

7. Resistance leader who aimed to avert a family tragedy (7,4)
{WILLIAM TELL} – This resistance leader is a Swiss person of legend who was an expert shot with a crossbow.

8. Show how devil and saint rank in estimation (11)
{DEMONSTRATE} – Another word for an evil being, is followed by ST (saint) and then finally by another word for appraise. Definition – show how.

12. They follow, one falls but the other breaks (5,3,3)
{NIGHT AND DAY} – One follows another – always – because of the way the earth rotates.

13. Suitable way to obtain without payment (11)
{APPROPRIATE} – Double definition, suitable and to take possession of (without permission).

15. Indeed a way used to get a rise (5)
{YEAST} – An old word for yes (indeed) is followed by ST (street – a way) is a fungus that causes dough to rise.

16. A fisherman will use many a spinner (5)
{CREEL} – The Roman numeral for 100 (many) is followed by the sort of spool a fisherman might use. Put together and you end up with a wicker basket used for holding fish.

20. Hospital worker once left doctor in near chaos (7)
{ALMONER} – An obsolete word for a hospital social worker responsible for the welfare of patients is constructed from L (left) and MO (doctor) placed inside an anagram (chaos) of NEAR. It’s the second time we see this anagram indicator.

21. Pays one’s bills and relaxes (7)
{SETTLES} – A double definition, to pay a debt, and to come to rest.

25. Hare bumped into ostrich (4)
{RHEA} – An anagram (bumped into) of HARE is a flightless South American bird that resembles the ostrich but is a bit smaller and has three toes instead of two.

26. Flag raised around site of the Taj Mahal (4)
{AGRA} – A hidden word is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India and the place where you would find the Taj Mahal

27. When it falls, it has the cheek to go on (4)
{TEAR} – A gentle cryptic definition, what falls when you cry?

36 comments on “DT 26314

  1. A very nice start to the week it was too!. I really liked 1a as well as 30a (for the memories!) and also 16d.
    Many thanks to Libellule for the review and Rufus for the puzzle.
    I have just read the obit – what a remarkable man.

  2. A good puzzle to reawaken the grey matter after the weekend! Many thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

  3. Quality stuff and one to give CC members a warm glow, including myself.
    Thanks to Libellule for the blog and Rufus ‘Old Ships’
    Fav was 16a natch

  4. Many thanks to Rufus for an entertaining puzzle – one which I found marginally trickier than usual. Favourite clues were 1a and 20d. Excellent review as always from Libellule.

  5. I made remarkably heavy weather of this one, took a lot longer than normal for a Monday. I have no idea why I didn’t get it instantly but 5d was last in! But an enjoyable puzzle and entertaining diversion for the morning.

  6. Not one for me. Too many four-letter words and I didn’t have enough checking letters to guess them.

    Glad some enjoyed it. Not sure if I remember cow and 5d, there could be a very faint tinkle in the background. 20d is a new one. Thanks for the review.

  7. Enjoyed the start to the week. Particularly enjoyed 22a and 20d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  8. Very nice puzzle – thanks to Rufus and Libellule. Got completely snarled up with 1a – managed to convince myself that it had to begin with ‘mis’ – consequently had trouble with all the clues coming down from 1a – what a twit!! As soon as I realised the mistake all fell into place quite easily. Agree with the 2* rating. 10 and 30a and 12d were the last ones to go in.

  9. A very enjoyable start to my week off. Lots of really nice clues 2d 12d being just a couple of my favourites. Might be at 36a later in the week. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    1. I mean 30a, I had written the first letter of the answer over the number in the box.

    2. I agree – 12d is a lovely clue. I think this crossword had a good mix of clues – plenty of anagrams for angramaholics like me; some good charades, and some just plain good fun.

  10. Hi Libelulle, I didn’t find this as easy as some seem to have, a few tricky ones for me, the last to go in were 26d and 9a, had to check with you for those, personally I feel the last few Mondays have been tougher than normal! Fav clues 12d, 8d, 10a didn’t like 5d, 25d, 26d! Doable for us CCers with a bit of work and our usual ‘aids’ :)

    1. 26d is fine if you’ve been there. My two last in were 7d and 9a – once I got the high flier, the resistance leader was all too obvious. An ah-ha moment!

    2. mary
      Posted August 7, 2010 at 7:12 pm | Permalink | Reply
      without the v
      How you getting on Collywobbles?

      ■ Collywobbles
      Posted August 8, 2010 at 10:07 am | Permalink | Reply
      I’m fine Mary. Just trying to struggle with the heat. I wish I was back in Blighty where we don’t have that problem. I’ve got the clue now,tks for your help. I was a bit thick yesterday

  11. Meant to say thanks to Libellule for drawing my attention to Reg Levy. What a fascinating account of a truly terrifying event.

    1. Geoff,
      Re. Reg – no problem, I had the privilege of communicating with him – ableit only for a short while.

  12. I agree with Libellule – some very (too) easy clues, but also some nice anagrams, in particular ‘theologians’ and ‘a Cornishman’.

  13. I’m odd one out again!! Had to resort to Libellule to finish [ thank you] just not on Rufus’ wavelength

  14. thoroughly enjoyed today’s puzzle albeit it took two cups of tea to solve, thanks to libellule and rufus

  15. Thanks to all as usual. I thought it merited 3* personally, largely cos of the 4 letter clues. Also, not sure of the use of ‘ transferable’ in 18a?

  16. Well I can’t say I enjoyed that. My pet hate is 4 letter clues and it’s bad enough when there are only a couple but 12 in one puzzle is a bit OTT.

    I was really looking forward to doing this on the train up to London for the day but felt really let down. I ageree with Geoff – not my cup of tea today.

    The rating was okay but not the pleasure – sorry but I rated it low.

    Thanks for the review Libellule.

      1. I certainly did – met up with my old boss and secretary – it was super catching up and did some shopping as well as had a lovely lunch. Thanks for asking.

  17. Thanks for the hints and tips Libellule: 18a, 3d ,5d, and 20d were all way beyond me.

  18. Sluggish start but finished it due to an awful journey home on a delayed train. Thanks to the setter.

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