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DT 26295

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26295

A full review by Crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

Cephas gave us a very enjoyable crossword this week – Barrie summed it up nicely “ Very interesting and enjoyable puzzle … very tough in parts… but … an encouraging start” and I can’t think of anything I could say which would describe it up any better than that. My BD rating reflects the difficulty of some of the clues and the fact that we all got a great deal of pleasure from solving the puzzle.


1a        I’d pass him stumbling towards centre of vessel . . . (9)
AMIDSHIPS – Stumbling tells you that you need an anagram of I’D PASS HIM giving you a word that means towards the centre of a vessel.

8a        . . . vessel from Orient with spinach being transported (9,4)
CONTAINER SHIP – You are looking for a type of ship here (vessel being the definition). ‘Being transported’ tells you to make an anagram of ORIENT and SPINACH.

11a      Proscribed cricketer returned with pair (5)
TABOO – This cricket-themed clue intends you to find a synonym for proscribed. A cricketer is a BAT which is ‘returned’ to TAB. In cricket a duck is shown as O and a pair (of ducks OO) . Add these to TAB and you get another word for proscribed.

12a      Quick breathing (5)
ALIVE – a double definition here – if you are ‘quick’ you are alive and ‘breathing’!

13a      Baron ate uncooked meat (5)
BRAWN – I didn’t know Bn was an abbreviation for baron, but my shiny new copy of Chambers assures me that it is.  Place RAW, a synonym for uncooked, inside B N as ‘ate’ tells you to do and you get a type of meat product.

16a      To do with set of principles Ruby found in California           (6)
CREDAL – Crossword land makes great use of the three letter abbreviation for California – CAL. Ruby is, of course, deep crimson or RED. Put RED inside CAL and you get an adjective ‘to do with’ a set of principles or creed.

17a      Beast didn’t start to find pollen in it (6)
ANTHER – The beast is of course the panther. Take away the first letter ‘did not start’ and you get the part of a flower stamen that produces pollen.

18a      Dozen removed from the score (5)
EIGHT – a lovely basic maths problem here – take a dozen (12) away from a score (20).

19a      Read that which reportedly belongs to the country (6)
PERUSE – This was one of the last clues to fall into place for me.  A synonym for read when said out loud (reportedly) sounds like ‘belonging to Peru’.

20a      Another going round, not round capital (6)
TEHRAN – The capital of Iran is obtained by making an anagram (going round) of ANOTHER, after taking away (not round) the O.

21a      Bright getting bonus, quantity yet to be ascertained (5)
PERKY – Another word for a bonus is a PERK. The usual crossword unknown quantity is either X or Y. In this case, it’s Y, giving you an adjective meaning bright.

24a      The Spanish and South African tropical fever (5)
LASSA – This nasty tropical fever is built up by LAS (Spanish for the) and an abbreviation for South Africa – SA.

26a      Pole inside grotto temporarily (5)
TOTEM – The Native American symbolic pole is hidden (inside) grotTO TEMporarily.

27a      New order from back row intended to be heard (13)
REARRANGEMENT – a word meaning ‘New order’ is made up from REAR (back) RANGE (row) and MENT (homophone of MEANT – ‘to be heard’ indicates this.

28a      Cheers to the greatest extent going round court in a diplomatic way (9)
TACTFULLY – TA   (cheers in the sense of thank you) FULLY (to the greatest extent) going round the two letter abbreviation for court CT, giving you another way of saying ‘diplomatically’.


2d Thomas rises to give a few words (5)
MOTTO – ‘Rises’ tells you to take the short form of Thomas TOM and turn it round – MOT – add TO to this and you get a word meaning a short sentence or phrase.

3d        One in the car club (6)
DRIVER – a double definition – a DRIVER is a type of golf club and also the person who drives the car. One for my friend Gnomethang, I think!

4d        The man taking Ecstasy may produce animal sound (6)
HEEHAW – The sound made by a donkey is made up of HE (the man) E (for Ecstasy) HAW (the berry produced by a hawthorn or may tree). Like many on the day, I am grateful to BD for his explanation as I couldn’t immediately see where the HAW bit came in to it!

5d        After a bit of Italian food (5)
PASTA – Everyone’s favourite Italian found is easily found by putting A after a synonym for ‘after’ – PAST.

6d        Cheated and voted twice? (6-7)
DOUBLE-CROSSED – Another double definition – you make a cross on a voting slip, or two (double) if you vote twice, and of course you can double cross someone when you cheat.

7d        Changing one’s mind about leaving (13)
DISINHERITING – One of the last ones to go in for me. I kept trying to find ‘going’ in somewhere. Of course the ‘leaving’ refers to one’s worldly goods and if you change your will, someone will not be inheriting.

9d        Heap of cattle to keep in reserve? (9)
STOCKPILE – a word meaning to keep in reserve is made up of STOCK (cattle) and PILE (or heap).

10d      Motormen with energy adjusted timer (9)
METRONOME – ‘Adjusted’ is the very strong hint that you need an anagram here. To get a sort of timer used by musicians, you need the letters of MOTORMEN plus E for energy.

13d      Signal — possible epidemic emerging (5)
BLEEP – ‘Emerging’ hints at the possibility of a hidden word here – a synonym for a short high sound can be found in the middle of ‘possiBLE EPidemic’.

14d      Said fortune-teller’s boring tool (5)
AUGER – Another word for a fortune teller or soothsayer is an AUGUR, but the clue says ‘said’ so you need the other spelling (AUGER) meaning a carpenter’s boring tool.

15d      a couple of tenors in The Big Apple are ingenious (5)
NATTY – The Big Apple is, of course, New York or N Y, put A and two T for tenors inside and you get a adjective meaning amongst other things ‘ingenious’ – a new definition for me as I was more aware of the dapper meaning.

22d      Was brown model still in existence? (6)
EXTANT – EX (was) TAN (brown) and T for that wonderful old car much loved by crossword compilers the Model T Ford, gives you an adjective meaning still surviving.

23d      Starts to kick under new goalposts, endless fun in martial art (4,2)
KUNG FU – This martial art is made up by the first letters of Kick, Under , New and Goalposts, and then FU (endless FUN)

25d      Halls used when a legal process has been curtailed (5)
ATRIA  – the plural of atrium (Roman entrance hall) is achieved by ‘curtailing- taking the last letter away from ’ a legal process or a TRIAL.

26d      Territorials’ military language in southern Asia (5)
TAMIL – The language of the people of parts of India  and Sri Lanka  is easily found by adding the abbreviation for the Territorial Army – TA    – to an abbreviation for military – MIL.

Having reviewed the puzzle, I think I now like it better than when I was solving it, can’t put my finger on why, probably ‘novice reviewer’s panic’ when I didn’t think I was going to get one or two of the solutions! My favourite clue of the day is 18a as I don’t ever remember having a maths clue before.

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  1. Thanks for the review sue. I also found it easy but pleasant to do. Hope you are nejoying the lack of predicted rain here in E kent!

    1. After getting caught and drenched yesterday afternoon, it is nice to see the sun although the garden does need it.

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