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DT 26283 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26283 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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This afternoon I will be in the White Horse, Parson’s Green until about 7:00pm.  All are welcome, and you could meet up with some of your favourite setters and bloggers.

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, I will select a few of the better clues and provide hints for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

A full review of this puzzle will be published on Thursday, 8th July.


1a           Part that is holding others up on stage? (10,4)
A part in a play that is not at the top of the bill could be said to be holding others up.

13a         Film direction taken by mental case (10)
A famous Hitchcock film is followed by a route for pedestrians to get a mental case

28a         It’s impossible to guess why everybody is quiet (6,2,6)
A phrase that means It’s impossible to guess why could possibly mean that nobody is talking


2d           Continue look into projecting part that’s pointed (7)
A word meaning to continue is constructed by putting Crosswordland’s look inside a pointed projection

6d           Attendant in set runs for electronic receiver (10)
Put a young boy attending a bride at a wedding between a wireless set and R(uns) to get an electronic device that bleeps when a message is received

25d         Turned up with mother wildcat (4)
Turn UP and follow it with mother to get a wild cat

The Saturday Crossword Club will open at 10.00 am.  Membership is free and open to all. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions before that time.

Please don’t put whole or partial answers in your comment, else they may be censored!

206 comments on “DT 26283 (Hints)

  1. I found that this was a bit more of a challenge from Cephas – perhaps the heat is addling my brain! Many thanks to Cephas for the crossword.

  2. Ditto that – there were some pretty tricky clues today and it was very enjoyable. I liked 11d and even with the checking letters I stared at 28a for a while!. Not too fussed with 23a though!.
    Thanks to Cephas and hope to see some of you later up the White Horse.

  3. After an hour and a half, I am still only two thirds the way through. This is more like a tough toughie.
    Should 6d not be two words as Chambers has a dash between them ?
    It’s the heat Doctor, it’s getting to me.
    Back later if I don’t melt

    1. Uh oh – I started to read comments before printing the crossword – since I usually agree with Nubian this sounds like it is going to need fortification – another cup of tea required. Later!!!

      1. Another cup of tea should do the trick. Nubian can take a brandy if required – the sun is over the yardarm SOMEWHERE in the world!.
        I was on my second cuppa when I finished!

        1. Just printed it off – did you see that Clued Up rates it 2* for dificulty. With you and Prolixic taking time it must be harder than that.

          Just poured my drink so will get started…….

          1. Did same as you Lea, seeing there were a few comments up thought I’d see the opinion of the experts, that was an hour ago and I have still only managed 1/4 of it, back later……much later, have a good day today everyone meeting up in London, never know, may make it one time :)

            1. I’m not doing too bad – top half finished – now working on bottom half.

              If I had the energy I would drive in to London but I am out for dinner tonight and knowing my talent I would be late so am giving it a miss.

              1. Don’t know London very well, would have to come on train as my driving wouldn’t cope with that!

                1. Driving in London isn’t bad – you just have to be positive.

                  The first time I drove in to London I had to go from the west to Victoria Station which meant driving down Park Lane and around Hyde Park Corner. Terrified would describe it but how I survived and haven’t had ay problems since is that I got in behind a London taxi and followed him. Wasn’t I lucky he was going to Victoria…….

                  Taxi drivers I have told the story to since then have laughed.

                  1. reminds me of the story of a motor boat going to Ireland from Fishguard and decided to follow the ferry across, unfortunately for him, that day that ferry was going to spain for repairs, needless to say he ran out of fuel and had to be resued and no it wasn’t us!! :)

          2. I have only been using clued up for the ladt few weeks but have seen no correlation between its star rating and difficulty – no idea how it is calculated but if it is by the posted solving times it can only be less than useless as an indicator!

            1. I agree with you – solving times are useless as an indicator as Dave has said many times since there is no way anyone can solve in 2 minutes. You can however solve it in 2 minutes if you have already done it in the paper and then entered the words if you are a fadst typist. A farce really.

              I only have one left – 28a and am going for another cuppa while I think on it.

            2. Assuming the cluedup rating is based on the times registered, they all seem to start out at 2*. Now, by early afternoon, when a reasonable number of ‘realistic’ times have been registered, the rating is 5*. Which would seem more appropriate as I found this pretty tough in places.
              I really don’t see what satisfaction there can be in filling in a crossword grid on-line as fast as you can type when you have obviously solved it beforehand.

        2. Nubian – did you take your medicine?

          I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would – took ages to get 28a and first run through I put the wrong first word for 1a but soon corrected that.

  4. This is a Toughie and no mistake. Not very friendly for a Saturday! :-(
    Puzzling over 16a which appears to have a ‘e’ on the end of a common word for a strip of sand or am I completely off track? Managed about 1/2 so far but the two that have got me really stumped are 6d and 28a, even with the checking letters I just cannot see them.

    1. stuck on lots myself Barrie but I think I can help you with two of those, 16a, anagram of cut sack, with one letter missing (almost) anagram ind – jaggedly,gives you spiny plant found in desert
      6d, I would say is a young boy attendant in a wedding, coming after a word for something we listen to rathere than have the tv on with an abbreviation for runs coming last, to give you an electronic device lots of doctors use when on call in hospitals, thats very long I know but I can’t think of another way stuck on 28a myself!

      1. Thx mary, I had waves for the second half of 6d on the principle that it was only word that could come close DOH! :-) Sorry I didn’t mean 16a (I’d obscured the number with my pen!) I meant 18a with the errant ‘e’ at the end. Just the SW corner now, the keys are this elusive 28a and that bloody Caribbean rooster in 14d GRRR!

        1. Barry – 14d is an anagram of chanticleer without c (leaving Cuba) to get the definition of moving out of difficulty.

          1. Hi Lea – have been using BD for a while now – rarely manage to finish a crossword – but every little helps and your helpful hint has helped with one of the many I still have yet to solve. Despite not being very good at the crosswords – I enjoy the challenge and reading the banter in the comments.

              1. Thanks – first time I’ve been brave enough to comment. Feel quite daft sometimes reading all the hints and still not getting it. Me and my dictionary are real pals now!

  5. Bit stuck today – even electronic help has deserted me. Now left with 18a, 23a, 28a, 19d and 22d. Suspect if I could get just one, the rest may fall in !!

    1. Dave

      18a is quite straightforward – take the first word and then to it add a word for “affected by continuous pain” and you get something which can be pebbly.

      I’m going for a cuppa to think on 28a .

      1. Got 18a – not a good clue as far as I am concerned but the rest were okay.

        I liked 27a and 22d best

      2. Lea,
        <You don't spell a pebbly place like that or am I misunderstanding it

        1. It’s an adjective in Chambers with that spelling but it is also part of a place on the south coast.

      1. I am guessing 18a is ?????? as in head on the South coast? It is a bit of a stinker today!!

        1. Yes, at least I think it is, have you finished now? I still have 19d, 22d, 21d, 26a, 27a, 28a!!! doing badly today, any help anyone?

          1. For 21d think of the worlds greatest escape artist. For 27a its an anagram of a flu five giving the fumes given off by rotting materials. Any hints for 23a?

          2. 27a is an anagram Mary of a flue five and means noxious vapours – a weird word but I lkied it.

            22d you will kick yourself when you get it – a double definition – she-donkey + value

            18a – you are right

              1. oh yes see it now, silly clue :), is there such a word as 23a? and still stuck on 28a!!!

            1. yes, thanks Tilly, I did put that in, but don’t ‘see’ it , still stuck on 28a, 22d, and 27a, 27a, I know is an anagram but I cn’t make the word, oh dear, maybe a break………

    2. 23a is a weird word but you can work it out from the word play. A wrod for reason + I + a word for make notes gives arguing.

    3. 19d Do not start to pine despite great pain (7)

      You want a verb meaning to pine or mope, now remove the leading L (do not start) to leave a noun meaning great mental pain.

  6. I agree about it being a stinker, not the sort of puzzle to get one in a good mood for a weekend!! Please DT no more of these on a Saturday!!

  7. I am somewhat relieved to read the preceding comments because I’ve only just finished it – after a struggle. I don’t like 23a as a verb and isn’t a word that I would ever use. The construct of 4d is ugly and 22d threw me completely [as a female donkey is widely known as a Jenny] and, if it’s Cephas’s idea of a joke, he’s got a strange sense of humour. Enjoy the beer, boys!

    1. I agree entirely with all you say Caravaggio, 4d was last to go in because I just couldn’t see the ‘helpless’ bit! one of those crosswords where you say, thank goodness that’s finished :) Hard work today

      1. I think that it’s meant to be a double-definition – a) work out value of, b) she-donkey (with a question mark to show that the second is meant to be humorous).

        1. OK that makes sense – it’s what I thought at first and then questioned myself when everyone came up with the jenny business. Should leave well enough alone.

  8. At last got 28a agree don’t like it at all :), but have never heard the word at 27a?

  9. Finally! I was stuck in SW corner but after working out 11d it all fell into place. I don’t like 18a & have never heard of 23a & neither have Collins nor has Bradford’s.

  10. Just back from a bike ride along the Canal du Midi. Carcassonne to Trebes. about 16 miles round trip. In this heat I must be mad.
    Napoleon keeps winking at me but I am determined to finish this without his help.
    19d,23a and 28a left.
    The words I can read, the meanings are completely lost on me.

    1. Nubian,
      There is another cycling event starting today. I’m noit sure which is the most famous. Last year it came through our village im l’Herault.

      1. Tour de France came through Carcassonne in the same week as the last world cup final France/Italy and Bastille Day. What a week that was!

  11. Somebody..Anybody…put me out of my misery with 28a, it’s too early for a ‘heart starter’

    1. Nubian, 28a, its hard to explain it really, other than the way Dave has above, eg if someone asked you the inexplicable reason why somone did something, you might answer with this??
      9d see Gazzas comment to me above,
      23a, is not a well used word for arguing, as Lea said a word for reason + i + a word for producing notes, i.e. as in music, when you open your mouth to **** all this gives you the word, good luck

  12. If you don’t answer in the next five minutes, I’m climbing into the bottle and not coming out till Monday, no Monday is my birthday, make it Tuesday !

    1. It’s difficult to give a better clue for 28a than BD’s already given. The reason why everybody is quiet is down to a lack of speaking.

    2. Now I know why we are often on teh same wave length – happy birthday for Monday – mine is Saturday the 10th.

      1. Thank You Lea, and the same to you. Thats the trouble with us crabs, our tenacity gets the better of us and we just can’t let it lie.
        Is 28a English ?

        1. yes, if there’s an inexplicable reason someone has done something, this is what you might say, you sure you haven’t been visiting Napoleon :)

            1. Ah ask Nubian, I have an electronic friend Nubian may have a liquid one that oils the cogs of his brain, but I may be wrong! :)

    3. Now I know why we are often on the same wave length – happy birthday for Monday – ine is Saturday the 10th. Let’s hope we get nice xwds for our days.

        1. Thanks Mary – I am sure we have our moments. Going to get something done now – enjoy the sunshine.

          Well done on your bike ride Nubian – yes I think you must be mad

          1. Mad yes but thouroughly cleansed of last nights excesses. My cycle computer told me I had lost 275 calories which means I can have an extra one tonight. Trouble is I don’t think the Memsahib will buy th

  13. Thank God! finished at last! taken me nearly an hour and was left with 28a and 21d. which I would still be gazing at if it wasn’t for this blog! Many thanks!! Off to exercise my new knee! ;(

  14. Well, call that a cryptic answer.
    Thank You All for helping, you have made an almost old man very happy.
    To say the least , if you’ll pardon the pun.

    1. Its not that we are old,or almost old in your case, its the sound of that 9, the next number up which I will be in November although refusing to acknowledge it, I think I might remain 50ish while enjoying the benefits, sounds much softer. Happy birthday for Monday. Enjoy a glass or two with the soignee lady.

      1. Thank You Sue, you are very kind. In fact all you ladies are Queens in the Kingdom of my heart. At which point my wife normally buts in and say “stop it you old fool, people will think your mad”. Isn’t that what growing mature of age allows you to be ?

  15. Although I finished in usual very quick time,there were a number of clues that took quite a while for the penny to drop – even had me thinking how am I going to review this for Thursday when I don’t know the answer, but luckily it all fell into place. i think its great that we now have to work harder to complete the Saturday puzzles – time was that they were getting so easy, there was a complete lack of challenging fun.

    1. so far in my year of cryptic crosswords sue they have all been a challenge and continue to be so :) now why didn’t I think of remaining fiftyish last month!

      1. I have a key ring which says I am 39 Forever so I don’t change. Mind you it means that I had my son when I was 5 years old but whose counting.

      2. This month, I will reach the landmark of 40 years since I was introduced to the mysteries of the DT Cryptic. All you have to do is keep going until you are 99 and you’ll be at the same stage as me!!

  16. Convinced myself that 1a was Proscenium Arch, which took a bit of sorting out. Ironically the correct answer is what I’m doing in a play that opens this Wednesday! Quite enjoyed this puzzle, which is more like the standard we think we should have on Saturdays.

  17. I’ve read all the clues, the hints and all the comments and still have lots of blank squares! Doubt if I’ll get this finished – and after Lizwhiz’s last comment, I’m not sure I want to!

    Totally mystified by several clues, especially 28a; is there an apostrophe in the its first word?

    1. No apostrophe in the actual clue but if you were writing it down there should be – sorry – don’t think that’s very clear but hope it helps!

  18. Answered my own question … penny just dropped for 22d, which is brilliant! Similar to the female doctor recently.

  19. If I’ve guessed 28a correctly, it’s an unusual expression. I’d be more likely to use a word that means what bank clerks do as the first half of the third word.

    Still got lots of gaps, will scour the comments again later after some fun in the sun!

    1. have you got 25d Geoff, cos if you have and if i know what you’re thinking for the last word of 28a, its the wrong word but on the right lines

      1. Yes, Mary, and 21d. It’s obvious, I think: if people are silent, they aren’t ****** anything.

  20. So glad that everyone thinks that today’s puzzle is a stinker. Couldn’t have done 6d without the hint – wanted, for no logical reason, to make the last five letters of the answer “waves”. Never heard of the word 23a as a synonym for arguing but it is in Chambers. 11d took a while as I was convinced that the first five letters had to be “break” (chance) and then couldn’t think of how the word might end ….! Thought 13a was good.

    Am still giggling away at what I thought was the clue of the week in Thursday crossword 26,281 “Old lady collapsed in annexe, perhaps” (6,4) Answer: Granny flat!

    1. I agree Kath – I thought it was a lovely clue as well – best to make me smile for quite a time.

  21. What a stinker, four left to finish now but only with huge amounts of electronic help from word search and even (rarely necessary for me) anagram solver.
    I think I just need to get 15a and should then get 2d and 4d, as for 24a, “oink” doesn’t seem to fit ! Any clues welcome …….

    1. 15a First-class student (8)
      Just rearrange it to: student in the first class.

    2. 24a think of a noise that a pig makes (5 letters) take off the first (did not start) and you are left with the smallest animal of a litter.

    3. 2d one letter abbreviation for egg followed by the shortened form of the word for a senior cleric gives you something you cook in

      1. 4d, if you see something you ****** it,you also find this on a board informing you of events etc.

        1. belated thanks to all three of you – I’ve been out since early this a.m. and have only just managed to grab a quick peek to see if some kind soul had put me out of my misery, instead of which I find three angels have sorted me out .

          I go to watch the film on TV (for the umpteenth time) with a contented smile THANK YOU !!

  22. Hells bells, will somebody please put me out of my misery, I have been at this stinker for 5 hours and still can’t work out 23a or 28a.!!!! This is without doubt the worst crossword the DT have ever put out on a Saturday!!! I absolutely hate it it.

  23. I have finally worked out what 23a is, Cephus you should be put up against a wall and shot for this clue :-)

    1. Barrie really hard to explain 28a, other than the comments above, if someone was to ask you why something inexplicable had happened and you couldn’t think of a reason for it you might say this

  24. Regular visitors to the blog will know that I am a great believer in “cogitation” when stuck on one or more clues – go off and do something else for anything from 10 mins to 24 hours and your brain will have quietly worked out the answer for you. Well, according to an article on page 17 of today’s paper, Washington University in St Louis USA has done a study and what we need is 40 winks! It apparently improves the memory and helps in making links between loosely related facts. Not sure how well this would go down in the week with the people I share an office with, but perhaps someone who is struggling today would like to try the theory out and report back!

  25. After a two-day break from crosswording to return home – I came back to this. Quite hard and not very good, I thought. Found it hard to believe this was the style of the usual Saturday setter of late (Cephas, is it?). Perhaps he (or she) is currently buying Big Dave a pint for not saying it was a horror in this blog.

    1. As it turns out Cephas is here, although he isn’t apologizing and I personally don’t think that he should!

      1. I would imagine he is quite entertained by all the comments today – an amusing Saturday blog. Hope you are all enjoying yourselvesa and that we get to hear the report later.

  26. I often look forward to a more challenging puzzle, and the enjoyment when it is completed. Yesterday is a good example; I thought the puzzle from Giovanni was tougher than normal, but of good quality.
    This was certainly trickier than normal, I finished it, but I did not enjoy it. Some good clues, some not so good. I am with the majority on 28a…

  27. Hi everyone. I agree this was a swine today and I’m stuck on the last one 4d – any hints would be appreciated

    1. 4d Lorry-driver found a helpless maid in winding street (8)
      An American lorry-driver is an anagram (winding) of STREET around A and MAID from which a word meaning help has been removed (helpless).

  28. I’m glad that everyone is finding this hard going as I have only managed to get 3 answers!

    The only thing I can think of for 28a is the title of a 1967 hit by the Tremeloes—am I right?

      1. I give up, I’m just never going to get 28a even though I have puzzled over it all day. Just have to wait for Thursday. Thanks Cephus for absolutely nothing!!

        1. I thought it was ‘Chorus of disapproval’ for hours.M brain wouldn’t accept there were only 6 letters in the last word.
          Come on you two, it’s an everyday phrase.
          Mary gives a good tip. that’s how I got it.

        2. Finally became clear when I wondered if the first word contained an apostrophe. Where would it be? What would follow it?

    1. Its not the right answer Sarah, just imagine if someone asked you why something inexplicable had happened you might answer with this phrase, for the third word, as Geoff says if people are silent, they aren’t ****** anything, second word – oh yes it is / oh ** it isn’t , now you should get it? please say yes????????

  29. I cogitated my way around a nearby smallish nature reserve, took another look and quite easily finished the last 6 that I was beginning to hate.

    Sorry Cephas, didn’t like it much, enjoyment level very low today. Thanks for the comments, I wouldn’t have done it without you all!

  30. Well we finished.

    Much more difficult than Saturday usually is, though easier than Friday ever is.

    Had to come here to get 28a and 6d.

    Liked 22d.

    21a appears again!

  31. I guess there will be a greatly increased chance of winning a pen this week … maybe we should send them in ??

  32. Super puzzle, Cephas, thanks very much! Feel I’ve stretched my brain today and I love it! I know I’m always much later sending a comment than everyone else — that’s just my routine — so don’t enter into the arguments that go on and I’m too late to talk to anyone else or offer hints but still enjoy reading the comments. Wonderful website, thanks B.D.

  33. Just a quick note to say the wife and I managed to finish today’s without the blog……..the point being, without having had the help to understanding the clues over the last six or seven months from Dave’s site and his many helpers we would have done very little of it. S
    o a big thnaks to Dave’s site for helping us along in the right direction….

    Now to start the toughies……..


  34. I’ve had a busy day, so am only just coming on to the blog. But I did this puzzle this morning and managed to put it on to Clued Up after 1 hour 20 minutes, and despite what a number of people have commented, I didn’t find it too bad, though I did have a small amount of electronic help. I thought the clues were good and was amused by 16a and 22d. It took me a long time (and a couple of letter hints) to get 6d and I didn’t like 23a at all. Having spent many years playing 1a I got that almost at once, and that and 15a were my favourite clues. :-)

    P.S. Help! I hope putting my solution on to Clued Up after printing it out and doing it is not
    considered cheating.

    1. don’t know much about it Franny, but I think if you put it on to Clue Up now it will take a lot less than originally and it might be cheating although you personally wouldn’t mean to!!

      1. should shut up! wrong again, sorry Franny, thanks Gazza, and godnight :) hope Sarah and Geoff have got 28a now

    2. Franny, That’s not cheating because the clock starts running when you print it out. It’s what I do every day.

      1. Thanks, Gazza, I’m relieved. It would take me hours to do it on the site — and the stress with the time ticking away!

  35. all but 11d. just cannot see it. any tips?! for 28a think. *****’*/**/****** who might win the world cup…

  36. p. s I’m on a 5 hr bus from London to Leeds. 11d is my last one and approachin Leeds. have to finish before I get off!!!

    1. 11d Chance for second-rate talent (11)

      The definition is chance or likelihood. String together a prefix meaning for, a letter indicating second-rate and a synonym for talent.

    2. Remember the Carling adverts? There is a ***** that Carling is the best lager in the world.

        1. Dunno, might be. Don’t drink chemicals, prefer red wine or real ales. Could be why I got it wrong ??

  37. 28a was driving me mad; finally, with hints from this blog, I only had the first word to get and when I did, it was so obvious!

    1. Hi Claire – welcome to the blog.
      (I’m assuming you’re a different Claire from our usual Claire ?)

  38. Wow.

    What a busy day it has been!

    I have just arrived home after leaving the pub at 7;00pm – a points failure just outside Worcester was all I needed after a heavy day.

    Will try and post some photos later today – there’s a couple of Cephas to go up on the facebook site.

        1. That’s because I am not David Bailey.
          If you want to mail it to me I will try to lighten it up as I have a couple of Photoshop apps.

  39. Late blog today then Dave, hope you had great time, look forward to pics, nearly matched the record on the blog comments yesterday :)

  40. Don’t know whether to bother today, the theme is nearly all to do with the date, can’t say i know much about it :( not really a fair theme, when we can’t even get a mention of St David on March 1st!

    1. Stick at it Mary – although there is an obvious theme, the clues are on the simpler side and you don’t need a great deal of knowledge of the theme / country to solve.

      1. I have the 3 15 letter ones accross, oh well ok , thanks Prolixic I will try harder :)

        1. Mary – it is actually quite straightforward – well other than my last coiuple in the top lh corner – rest are all done. STick with it – you can do it

          1. its top r/h corner i’m stuck on Lea, you were both right easier than i would have thought but 5d, 7d & 10a are bugging me, know they should be easy, thanks for encouragement :) oh yes and 1d 2d missed them !

              1. finished but don’t quite understand 1d yet, thanks Lea & Prolixic for encouragement and sorry Dave for using wrong page!!! to anyone who thinks they can’t do this because of the theme – you can, its easier than most days :)

              2. The university is an abbreviation of the full name and the standard crossword for old

                1. Of course, thanks Lea, now what can I do with the rest of the day :) horrible, cold, wet and windy

                  1. Tennis final today – mens – good way to spend an afternoon. Windy here but sunny and warm.

      1. I hope it gets better soon, Mary. Today puzzle will please all our American fellow-bloggers and those like me who spent a number of years in the States. And, as you saw, it wasn’t too difficult.

  41. Best for a long time. Thank you Cephas. Like Ralph I was inexplicably stuck by deciding that 1a must be proscenium arch. Luckily I did not write it in. 28a was my last one in. Phrases usually easy to get – but not this one. I was looking at chorus for the first word! Only help I needed was Chambers. Never heard of 4d but easy to build up from the clue. From the comments I think that one or two may have got 18a wrong by putting an “e” on the end. Still not sure how it was made up – I thought an anagram using by and not be, but now I realise it is probably more straightforward! I too was interested by the Washington University research but I think most of us could have told them that anyway! I did about a half last night in between doses, and rattled them all off upon waking this morning. I am convinced the brain solves better when asleep. Poor clue 12a – too simple, best clue – I actually liked the joke in 22d.

  42. I think I have 3d, something where you might put your Sunday joint? I can understand the ‘egg’ bit, but not the rest. Any ideas?

    1. You’re right, Steve. After the ‘egg’ comes an abbreviation of the title of a Canon in the Anglican church. A bit like ‘Rev’ for a Minister. Short for someone you esteem.

  43. Many people enjoyed this puzzle. One “weakish” clue doesn’t make it a “terrible” crossword. If you don’t like something you are entitled to express your views, but please prefix them with words to the effect of “in my opinion”.

    1. Please accept my apologies if I have caused any offence. I didn’t just get stuck on one clue and there were some other clues that I found hard to solve (after a considerable amount of time) and hence my use of the word ‘terrible’. I didn’t mean this in the sense that the crossword was terrible, but that it was terrible to solve, as in “exceptionally bad or displeasing”.

      Other posts have referred to the crossword as ‘stinker’, ‘worst crossword’ and ‘hate it’ so I’m not sure why my comments have been picked up on.

      Also, I would have thought that anything I wrote on a blog such as this, would have been reasonably obvious that it was my opinion, hence I did not include the phrase ‘in my opinion’.

      I really enjoy reading the tips and hints on this blog and appreciate the efforts that it takes to write, but I feel disheartened at the above comment. In future I shall think carefully before posting anything.

      1. I posted this stand-alone rather than as a reply to your comment precisely because I did not want to single you out – my apologies if you thought I was.

        1. Considering that a search for the word ‘terrible’ only results in responses to comments from yourself and I, then it can only have been in response to me.

          1. Just because I couldn’t be *rsed to go back and accumulate all of the other adjectives doesn’t make it a personal attack. I was getting fed up with negative non-constructive criticism in general.

  44. Spent yesterday poring over this at Lord’s and frankly thought it to be one of the hardest Saturday puzzles for a while. I relied on some hints from another solver but got there in the end. I blame the sun, too much wine and England struggling against some good bowling from Tate. It will be in the post tomorrow. Thanks Cephas. You set a stinker!

  45. I really don’t understand why such a fantastic puzzle caused so much angst! I thought the clues were sometimes very tough but always fair and I really enjoyed the whole thing!
    Thanks to the setter (Cephus?) for a great puzzle.
    Never seen so much traffic on the blog before.

    1. Hi Pommers, I must agree with your sentiments (it’s Cephas by the way – had a beer with him yesterday!).
      I have started reviewing his puzzles on Thursdays, now alternating with crypticsue, and have, upon occasion, criticised some elements of some puzzles where I thought that there was a valid reason (in my opinion).
      I don’t ever forget that there is a real (talented) human writing these puzzles and that I am responsible for my own comments made on what is a public forum. I think that sometimes this is forgotten!

      1. Hi Gnomethang
        Talented people indeed – I certainly wouldn’t like to try it! I always try to remember that it’s the setters who supply me with hours of entertainment and if I find a puzzle too difficult that’s not their fault. My view is to accept the easier puzzles with gratitude and don’t complain about a hard one – just learn from it. That’s where the excellent reviews on this blog are so useful!
        Sorry Cephas – I’ll get it right in future!

  46. That was a great puzzle, it has expanded my mind and my vocabulary. 4d 6d & 13a were stinkers but I have not seen 18a and 23a in that form before.. Thank you:-) looking forward to next weekend’s challenge.

  47. As The Sun might put it, phew what a stinker! That said there were some very clever clues and wordplay. I struggled with 28a and 6d and it was only after coming on here I could see the thinking behind them. Once I had worked out the logic of 9a, 4 down and 22d I think they are excellent. Surely the idea of some clues is to misdirect like Jenny in 22d. 23a is a horrible word but has added to my vocabulary nonetheless. There is no such thing as a failure or a setback so long as you view it as a learning experience. Clue of the day for me was 13 across.

  48. Like many others 28a has been on my mind since Saturday evening. Still no answer despite all the clues above so had to resort to the Answerbank this evening to find that several users had also been stuck.

    Now I know the phrase I am far from convinced by the clue but apart from this the rest fell fairly easily without looking at the blog. I do not see why so many people seem to think it is harder than usual.

    Thank you Cephas for a good challenge.

  49. Worked 18 hours on Saturday and slept almost all of Sunday, so only got around to crossword on Monday.

    It’s taken me most of the evening to read all the comments!

    Got about threequarters through before referring to the blog, which I needed for 23a, 28a, and 6d. Rest then fell into place.

    Thanks to everyone for hints AND keeping me entertained!

  50. I must have a funny way of looking at clues because I had no trouble with ones that have been causing problems but I am really stuck with 2d, 7d, 10a and 15a – help please

    1. Hi Stuart – welcome to the blog.
      It’s wonderful what an effect sending a comment can have!

  51. Stuart – 7d & 10a what hints can you give me? – Still stuck.

    Assume 7d starts with L from clue across.

    1. Robert

      I didn’t realise that you were asking for help in your earlier comment.

      7d A medical man in most recent thrash (7)
      Put A Doctor’s degree inside most recent or coming after all the others to get a word meaning to thrash or flog

      10a Raise objections when not completely reserved (5)
      To raise objections is most of a word meaning reserved, modest or unassuming

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