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ST 2542

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2542

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

Back to the routine format for this report. The content of the grid is not routine – I can’t see any significant presence of those old favourite crossword grid visitors. And the clues are … you know what I’m going to say.

One other thing: The first puzzle of mine (edited by Don Manley) to appear in real print is in this week’s Church Times. For one week you can see it in their online version here. To print from this page with a complete grid image, copy/paste the heading, grid and clues to Microsoft Word or similar. Or print pages 2-4 in landscape if you want a quicker way. [I haven’t checked what happens in browsers other than Firefox – it might print fine as it is in Internet Explorer]

7 Not challenged to think, deceived about name (5-3)
SPOON-FED – N=name, in SPOOFED=deceived – I wonder whether there’s any comment here about the effect of crossword blogs on the need for solvers to find answers for themselves?
9 Lawsuit announced before shooting starts (6)
ACTION – 2 defs, one the last word of “Lights, camera, action”
10 Court document by King Edward or James, for example (6)
WRITER – WRIT = court document,ER=King Edward (as well as Queen Elizabeth) – the writer being this James
11 Immature state most people are never in (8 )
MINORITY – 2 defs – being less than the age of majority, and not being in the majority=’most people’
12 One who sits in judgment? (8,6)
ARMCHAIR CRITIC – cryptic def – another possible comment about crossword blogs!
15 Novelist, we hear, and what he was, nationally (4)
SCOT – sounds like “Scott” who was of course a Scot
17 Informal word for ‘doctor’ found in some dictionaries (5)
MEDIC – hidden word
19 Fish from either end of dinghy (4)
DORY – D(inghy) OR (dingh)Y
20 Getting on with swimming group in Hogwarts, say (8,6)
BOARDING SCHOOL – BOARDING=getting on, SCHOOL=swimming group – and Hogwarts is the boarding school in the Harry Potter books
23 Not having usual character in play, I act badly (8 )
ATYPICAL – anagram of ‘play I act’
25 Having no interest in bachelor circles (6)
BORING – B=bachelor,(O,RING)=circles
27 Go downhill, or in all directions (6)
WORSEN – OR in W,S,E,N = ‘all directions’
28 Baffle gardener, initially, with passion flower (8 )
FOXGLOVE – FOX (vb.)=baffle, G(ardener), LOVE=passion
1 Incentive for one player in London team? (4)
SPUR – 2 defs, one a back-formation from Spurs = “London team”
2 Refer to work held up as imaginative in style (6)
POETIC – CITE=refer to,OP.=opus=’work’, all reversed
3 Male originally upset married woman (4)
ADAM – M=married,ADA=woman, ditto
4 Including extra note, be a better composer (6)
WAGNER – N=note in WAGER (vb.) = “be a better”
5 Repeatedly uttered mad tirade about its extremes (8 )
ITERATED – T(irad)E in IRATED=anag of tirade
6 End of car race in which wheels spin a lot (5,5)
MONTE CARLO – 2 defs – rally destination or home of a famous casino – the wheels being those in roulette
8 Take precautionary defensive measures for part of body (7)
FOREARM – 2 defs, one as in ‘forewarned is forearmed’
13 Stagger behind, in lowest position (4,6)
ROCK BOTTOM – ROCK=stagger,BOTTOM=behind
14 The thinking man’s sculptor (5)
RODIN – who sculpted this
16 ‘Mouth quiet’ is first of tenets for him (8 )
TRAPPIST – TRAP=mouth,P=piano=quiet,1ST
18 Note two kinds of wood used in valuable container (4-3)
CASHBOX – C=(musical) note,(ASH,BOX)=”two kinds of wood”
21 Part of trade centre strategically covered? (6)
DECENT – hidden word
22 Novelist over fifty? Only just (6)
HARDLY = only just – L=50 in Hardy
24 The longest sentence in a book about someone (4)
LIFE – 2 definitions again
26 Refusal to include verse in a service (4)
NAVY = service = armed force – V=verse in NAY=refusal

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  1. Small point Peter, you’ve repeated the clue for 20a at 23a, two clues are then out of sync and the clue for 27a is missing – but at least someone has looked at your post!

    Thanks for the review. I hadn’t managed to complete this one. Clearly everyone else found it so easy that no-one asked for further help and I decided not to embarrass myself by being the only one asking!

    Might have a shot at the Church Times puzzle, it looks interesting.

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