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Toughie 363

Toughie No 363 by Cephas

Get out of the Kitchen!

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

As well as a trademark Geography lesson, today’s rather easy puzzle from Cephas features kitchen utensils in the wordplay.

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1a    Wave from lecturer during period around teatime, say (8)
{FLOURISH} – a wave is created by putting a L(ecturer) inside the approximate time that you might have afternoon tea

5a    Wealthy elite’s rapid transport prepared (3,3)
{JET SET} – this wealthy elite is named after the rapid transport that they use regularly

9a    Drive feudal reform that is unpleasant (8)
{DREADFUL} – abbreviations for Street (St.) and Road (Rd.) are regularly found in cryptic crosswords; the abbreviation for Drive (Dr.) is equally valid but seen a lot less often – add an anagram (reform) of FEUDAL to get a word meaning unpleasant

10a    Maintenance of stronghold mounting in advance (6)
{UPKEEP} – this form of maintenance is built up from the stronghold of a castle preceded by (in advance) a short word meaning mounted on a horse – if you thought that mounting was indicating a reversal it wouldn’t work in an across clue

11a    Quartet leaving director to sign legal document (7)
{EXECUTE} – take the Roman numerals that represent a quartet from a working director (or directors) of a company to get a term used for the action of signing a legal document

12a    Need time in Oxfordshire (7)
{WANTAGE} – a charade of to need and a long time leads to a town in Oxfordshire

13a    It is used unspectacularly for seeing (3,5,3)
{THE NAKED EYE} – a cryptic definition of what you use to see without using spectacles

16a    Good to adopt as son or daughter an older person! (11)
{GRANDMOTHER} – a charade of very good and to adopt as a child leads to the parent of the person doing the adopting

21a    Tamil be preparing dish with mould! (7)
{TIMBALE} – an anagram (preparing) of TAMIL BE gives a dish of meat, fish, etc. cooked in a cup-shaped mould

22a    Beat, half of this removed first by versifier (7)
{RHYMIST} – take a word meaning a musical beat then remove the first half of TH(IS) and add the abbreviation for first to get a versifier

23a    The general retreats inside to withdraw (6)
{RENEGE} – hidden inside, reversed (retreats), the first two words is a word meaning to withdraw or renounce

24a    Smallest bit Theo removed at very high temperature (5-3)
{WHITE-HOT} – combine the smallest bit of something with an anagram (removed) of THEO to get a very high temperature

25a    Bird’s spirit? (6)
{PECKER} – a double definition – the second one being something that you need to keep up – many years ago I was working in Washington DC when one of the staff there received a letter from the English branch of the company which ended with the common phrase using this word; I was asked what was meant as in the US it was a somewhat ruder phrase!

26a    Protesting about riding wearing sleeves? (2,2,4)
{UP IN ARMS} – a phrase that means protesting about something is a charade of riding (same usage as in 10 across) followed by how you could describe wearing sleeves


1d    Female having more unusual stuff to eat (6)
{FODDER} – combine F(emale) with a word meaning more unusual to get stuff to eat (or to input into an anagram!)

2d    Exposed leading journalist who had nothing to write at the beginning (6)
{OPENED} – a synonym for exposed is built up from a leading journalist on a newspaper preceded by nothing and a word meaning to write

3d    Unexpectedly subeditor is leaving fieldwork (7)
{REDOUBT} – an anagram (unexpectedly) of (S)UBED(I)TOR without the letters I and S (IS leaving) gives a fieldwork enclosed on all sides

4d    Press in and win narrowly (7,4)
{SQUEEZE HOME} – a double definition

6d    Sweep vessels into river (7)
{EXPANSE} – a sweep or range is built up by putting vessels used for cooking inside a river that flows mostly through Gazza’s home county of Devon

7d    Notice cut when it moved up and down (8)
{SEESAWED} – a charade of to notice and cut, as in cut some wood, gives moved up and down on a toy for two children – Chambers gives the enumeration as (8) while the ODE gives (3-5)

8d    Number one even at the highest plane (3-5)
{TOP-LEVEL} – another charade – this time number one in the charts combined with a word meaning even gives the highest plane

12d    Forecaster’s craft? (7,4)
{WEATHER SHIP} – a slightly cryptic definition of a craft engaged in meteorological work

14d    A fool giving support to communist opinions (8)
{AGITPROP} – combine A with a fool and a support to get this communist propaganda / opinions

15d    Musical choirman’s out of tune (8)
{HARMONIC} – a word meaning musical is an anagram (out of tune) of CHOIRMAN

17d    Soaked bed left trail (7)
{DRAGGLE} – start with a word meaning soaked or dishevelled and remove the letters of BED from the outside to get this uncommon word for to trail

18d    Rogers’ weight in Hertfordshire (7)
{ROYSTON} – it is at this point that, if you haven’t already guessed, this puzzle is probably by Cephas – the Rogers in question was a cowboy who feature his horse Trigger on his shows – take the possessive form of his first name and add a large weight to get a town in Hertfordshire

19d    More productive kitchen utensil husband included (6)
{RICHER} – to get this word meaning more productive take a kitchen utensil with small holes through which boiled potatoes or other soft food can be pushed and insert H (Husband included)

20d    Standing sculptures English cast aside (6)
{STATUS} – a synonym for standing or importance is found by taking sculptures and removing E (English cast aside)

I probably wasn’t the only one that found this a bit easier than today’s regular cryptic.

If you thought that Shake, Rattle and Roll was a Little Richard original you score null points (and if you thought it was Elvis you get -100 points).  Here’s the man who did it first:

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9 comments on “Toughie 363

  1. As I said elsewhere, this is a much “easier” option than today’s Cryptic. Struggled a bit with the 25a 17d combo but a conflab over email with Gnomethang sorted it out.

  2. Thanks for the review BD. Although mostly very straightforward I got 17d wrong with DRAGGED for ‘left trail’ (tying myself in knots trying to get the wordplay). Also failed on 25a as a result. Thanks crypticsue!
    No real favourites as I cant really spot a real Toughie clue.
    Thanks to Cephas.

  3. Fairly straightforward toughie today, personally I would have given it a 3* for difficulty but that may be due to a bottle of my country’s finest last night.

  4. BD,
    No question about it – the Toughie today was easier than the normal cryptic!

  5. Ditto the above comments. Much easier than the normal cryptic today but not without its moments. Many thanks to Cephas and to BD for the notes.

  6. Just recently started doing the ‘toughie’ so it was hard for me. Needed some hints. Never heard of 14d. Liked 13a and 26a

  7. Another one who thought the ‘Toughie’ and the ‘Cryptic’ had been transposed.
    Looking at the clue for 16a in isolation, could GRANDFATHER also be the answer?

    1. While I understand your point I think the setter has been very careful to use “to adopt as son or daughter” which means “to mother” rather than “to father”.

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