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NTSPP – 016 Comments

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 016

A Puzzle by Bufo

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Welcome to the sixteenth in our series of weekly puzzles.

Three weeks ago today, I was sitting in the White Horse, Parson’s Green with Bufo and he suddenly said “I’ll compile a puzzle for you, Dave”.  None of the usual arm-twisting or blackmail (I put that bit in for Prolixic and Gnomethang!).  Well, here is that puzzle, and a very enjoyable one it is too.

The puzzle by Bufo is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 016

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7 comments on “NTSPP – 016 Comments

  1. Well done, Bufo! A very pleasant crossword, which gave me a lot to smile about – 22a, 2d amongst them. Liked 5d. Guess that some clues might cause a few furrowed brows like the reference to the chart-topping singer and also 20d, but for me you are a 1d who is a worthy addition to the blog. Many thanks.

  2. Just a quick note to say thanks for the puzzle Bufo, plenty to smile about in there.
    Also I will be putting up a review ready for tomorrow morning. In the meantime if you are stuck you can leave a comment and we can all pitch in as normal.

  3. Nice one…..with some very elegant clues. If that was your compiling debut, Bufo, then hearty congratulations.
    I enjoyed completing this on a drizzly afternoon not too far from 19d.

  4. Thanks for the puzzle Bufo. I haven’t had a look yet, but I have printed it off to attempt while I cook the kids’ dinner.

  5. Well done Bufo! The first of many, I hope.
    I particularly liked 22a and 16d but can’t quite decide about 4d

  6. Fantastic puzzle Bufo. Many thanks for the entertainment. Favourite clues were 19a and 28a.

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