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NTSPP – 014 Comments

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 014

A Puzzle by Prolixic & Tilsit

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Welcome to the fourteenth in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have a timely puzzle jointly compiled by Prolixic and Tilsit.

The puzzle by Prolixic & Tilsit is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 014

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23 comments on “NTSPP – 014 Comments

  1. Nice job chaps! Needless to say, the theme became apparent very quickly indeed and was tremendously helpful in filling in some much needed cross-checkers (please don’t call me a sick puppy when I tell you my solving time was 7 minutes!). Actually, another reason for that quick time was immediate familiarity with 21a which I used – differently clued – in the FT recently, and 18d because it’s a def I noted for an answer in the puzzle I’m working on right now!

    There are lots of very good clues in here but for its smoothness and deceptive simplicity I’d say 10a tops the lot.

      1. I take comfort from the fact that it is almost the same length of time he takes to solve an Elgar puzzle – if not longer!

  2. I think it is fair to say that Tilsit deserves the main honours for the crossword. He devised the theme and I came late to the party with some wordplay ideas for the remaining clues that Tilsit polished into something printable with consummate easy; though obviously, I claim the credit for 10a!

  3. I liked all the thematic clues with their very appropriate wordings. 26a raised a smile too, and I agree with Anax that 10a was particularly good.

    Incidentally – the link to the puzzle hasn’t yet been added to the index on the Crosswords page

      1. Thanks for the nice comments and a special thanks to Prolixic for his help. It was a last-minute thing, but it came nicely together and with Mike’s help I’m really pleased.

    1. I would like to point out that there is a direct link in the sidebar under Pages / Crosswords. I leave that there for at least a week.

  4. A post prandial pleasure! Thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle and thanks to you both. 21a indeed!

    Also good to meet you last week, Prolixic.

    1. 19d I’m thinking, due to fix for wife (7)
      Take a word meaning due and replace the W(ife) with a word meaning to fix to get the definition – thinking

      22a Biblical widow describes park cleaner (6)
      A biblical widow (new to me) goes round a two-letter abbreviation for ParK (as in a tract of land, as opposed to a one-letter abbreviation for Parking) to get a cleaner with which to wipe you face.

      1. Thanks for that Dave – I had to resort to the interactive version for 22a and couldn’t understand it without your explanation.

  5. Thanks Dave, the pk got me as opposed to P (I thought of the ‘describes’.

    19d – As far as I can see the ‘I’m’ is superfluous. Grammar police perhaps.

    Fine puzzle nonetheless.

  6. Well done, gentlemen. A proper crossword in a style I can cope with. I was whizzing along (not quite at Anax pace) until the last 4 in the SW corner. 22a – I was trying to work along the lines of Naomi and P. Check Letter facility had to be employed on interactive version, but managed without having to reveal any letters.
    Splendid effort!

  7. Many thanks to Tilsit and Prolixic. I got myself stuck after putting “autumn contest” in for 11a & 12a. I realise this was stupid, but there it is!
    Anyway, realised that I hadn’t got the right answer and from there managed to get all but 22a.
    I really look forward to these! What a wonderful site this is!

  8. Managed a little over half before resorting to the interactive version for a few letter clues. Await review with interest as there are several that I simply don’t understand :-(

  9. Hi Claire
    If these are the ones you don’t understand, here’s what I thought:

    25a a word that can mean a kind of jump (eg with a rope) and something that you can use to contain (and then remove) stuff – eg building debris.

    5d Think of a word that means “demanding”, then take the crosswordland two-letter alternative for an “old flame” off the start. You’re left with a word that is used for someone who is temporarily doing someone else’s job (a stand-in).

    7d No idea! Just got it from the second half of the clue and the checked letters!

    16a A two-letter word that people a long time ago might have said when saw when they saw something. Then add another two-letters – this time the abbreviation for a type of record – but reversed. Gives a synonym for run.

    16d A phase that means to brake (eg in a car) with the first letter missing. You’re left with a phrase meaning confidential information.

  10. Thanks to Tilsit and Prolixic for an enjoyable puzzle. Must admit I would never have solved 22a, if I hadn’t read the above comments before I started.

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