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Ken Barlow does the Toughie!

Ken Barlow does the Toughie!

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And what a mess he makes of it.  Many thanks to Jen at the Crossword Centre for pointing it out and to Colin Blackburn for solving the “mystery”.

A week ago, Coronation Street started with Ken Barlow attempting to complete a crossword.  It turned out to be Toughie 309 by MynoT (who put in an appearance at the White Horse last Saturday) and using freeze frame on the ITV player it was revealed that he was cheating by filling in random words!

You can find out the correct answers here:  Toughie 309 and read the Crossword Centre thread: Ken Barlow and the Telegraph Toughie

5 comments on “Ken Barlow does the Toughie!

  1. How on earth did I manage to miss Corrie that day, whenever it was……
    As someone pointed out on the CW Centre – a very serious blunder, as there is no way that our Ken would have a copy of anything other than The Guardian, or, in extreme circumstances The Independent.

      1. Thanks for that, BD. That’s the only Coronation Street I’ve seen since the days of Stan and Hilda Ogden. Plus it revealed that Ken is a ‘leftie’ in more than one sense……

  2. From this quarter, full credit to Mr Roache. Remembering lines AND filling in a crossword – even with random words – is a good bit of acting.

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