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NTSPP – 013 Comments

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 013

Superficial Cuts by Radler

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Welcome to the thirteenth in our series of weekly puzzles.

Radler reaches his fourth on this site – and don’t forget he has a further puzzles on Alberich (see the main Crosswords page for a link).

The puzzle by Radler is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 013

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8 comments on “NTSPP – 013 Comments

  1. Thanks, Radler, for this puzzle. I am just printing it out now to have a go at when the Telegraph Prize is done!

  2. Haven’t managed any so far! I’ve just had a look at the “additional help” and am off to see if I can get anywhere!

    1. Mark, in case you’re still struggling, 1a, 6d & 20d are anagrams and 16a & 5d are hidden.
      Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks again Radler. After your hint My mother-in-law and I managed to get a couple and we now have most of the NW corner and some of the NE. The link in the across clues is very clever!

      1. Thanks Mark, and well done – I do feel this is one of my tougher puzzles

  3. Since it is Thursday I felt I should admit defeat and so I have been on the interactive version to get the answers!
    Thanks again to Radler!
    Favourite clues included 5a, 11a, 21a, 27a and 26a (although I needed help with it). In fact all the across clues were really clever, even if some were beyond my power to solve.

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