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Cruciverbalists’ Convention

Cruciverbalists’ Convention

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Tilsit, Prolixic, Gnomethang and I will be among those present in the White Horse pub in Parson’s Green, London tomorrow, 8th May, from 11am till late. Drop in and have a drink with us if you are in town today.

Full details can be found here, just click on the picture:

White Horse, Parson's Green

8 comments on “Cruciverbalists’ Convention

  1. I must commend you on your choice of venue, and your optimistic scheduling. I live in Manama, but such is the renown of the White Horse, and its pulling power (if you forgive the double if not treble entendre – or should that be tripler entendre?) that one day a trip may be in order. The beer is London is cheaper than in many Bahriani hot spots, and is also browner, flatter and warmer. And I could bring some first class dates for dessert, after the whelks and vinegar.

    Please tender my formal apologies.

    I’ve given this 5 stars.

  2. Apologies for not not being able to attend – I owe BD a couple of pints for (unintended!) gaffs – and of course in thanks for the website. I would love to be able to put some money behind the bar for those attending – could someone provide a phone number or something? I am sure that this would be a welcome way for many of us to show our appreciation for all the hard work shown by the Blog team.

  3. Burp! Delicious!
    I should have stayed longer but had to ‘Wet the Baby’s Head’ at a friend’s.
    Damn the timing – I could have stayed all night!
    T’was a joy to meet everyone, and Tilly turned up as well which made things even better (but not for the traffic warden!)

    1. It was great to be there and meet everyone. I am only sorry I couldn’t stay longer to chat.

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